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After doing some reading and a bit of researching all three core books, as well as the Dragon #364 article on Warforged Paragon Paths, I've decided to try my hand at crafting my own racial classes. I've done what I can to make things within reason for their level and power balance, but I'd be more than happy to have an honest, helpful critique.

New Paragon Path - Dragon Disciple
“My blood surges with the strength of my great ancestors.”

You have discovered a font of great power within yourself, untapped since the ancient days of your peoples’ lost empires. With time you learn to channel that power, manifesting more and more traits of the true dragons.

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, must possess at least one Dragonborn racial feat, patron deity Bahamut or Tiamat; 11th level

Dragon Disciple Path Features
Eyes of the Dragon (11th level): You gain Low-Light vision. If you possess the Dragonborn Senses feat, your Low-Light vision becomes Darkvision instead.
Drawing Breath (11th level): When you spend an Action Point, your Breath Weapon recharges as a Free Action if you have already used it in this encounter. If you have not used your Breath Weapon, you gain the ability to use it twice.
Claw and Fang (16th level): Your claws and teeth become razor-sharp, and your spine lengthens into a tail. These changes allow you to become increasingly proficient with unarmed strikes, granting a +2 to the attack roll, and adding damage equal to your Constitution modifier (of the same damage type as your breath weapon, minimum 1).

Dragon Disciple Exploits
Draconic Strike - Dragon Disciple Attack 11
Your enemy swings wildly, opening himself to your retribution for such audacity.
Encounter Martial
Immediate Action Melee
Target: One creature that just missed you in a melee attack
Attack: Strength vs. AC
Hit: 2d6 + Strength modifier damage, and the target is pushed 1 square.

Frightful Presence Dragon Disciple Utility 12
Channeling the force of your heritage, you release that force and it flows outward, terrifying all who oppose you.
Daily Fear
Standard Action Close burst 5
Target: Enemies in burst
Attack: Charisma + 5 vs. Will
Effect: Enemies are stunned until the end of your next turn.
Aftereffect: Enemies take a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).

Io’s Rage Dragon Disciple Attack 20
Claws, teeth, tail and weapons flailing and breath weapon roaring, you lash out at your enemies with everything you’ve got.
Daily Martial
Standard Action Close burst 1
Target: Each enemy in burst you can see.
Attack: Strength vs. AC, one attack per target.
Hit: 3d6 + Strength modifier damage + Constitution modifier damage (breath weapon damage type), and you push the target 1 square or knock the target prone.
Miss: Half damage, no push, and the target is not knocked prone.

New Epic Destiny - Dragon Ascendant
With every step and every breath, you draw closer to Io’s legacy.

As a Dragon Ascendant, you manifest the greatest traits of your ancient draconic forebears from ages past. Your shadow will darken the battlefield as you fly over your enemies, striking fear into their hearts, before your breath sears the flesh from their bones. You will become a nigh-unstoppable force, as powerful and recognized in your own right as the great wyrms of old.
Virtually any Dragonborn can become a Dragon Ascendant if they find the strength within themselves to do so; it is not a path lightly taken, but rewarding beyond imagination. Very often, a Dragon Disciple may find his path leads to this Destiny.

Winged Immortality
The Dragon Ascendant aspires to become more than he is, and every change in his form is accompanied by a growth in spirit and mind as well. As you increase in level, you take on the virtue and nobility of Bahamut’s blessed children, or the terrifying wrath of Tiamat’s favored. In either case, Io’s strength rises within you, bringing the notice of dragons in the world, accompanied by power, and with it, responsibility or tyranny.
“To The Darkened Skies Once More, And Ever Onward!”*: When you complete your final quest, you feel a tugging within yourself, as something inside struggles to be free. This sensation spreads through your entire being, physical and otherwise. Throwing your head back and releasing a deafening roar of triumph, your body erupts, suddenly growing to immense proportions. With a beating of wings that rivals a thunderstorm, you launch yourself skyward, taking your place among the greatest dragons of legend and myth.

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, must possess at least one Dragonborn racial feat, patron deity Bahamut or Tiamat; 21st level

Dragon Ascendant Features
All those chosen to the destiny of a Dragon Ascendant possess the following class features.

Taking Flight (21st level): You grow an immense pair of wings that carry you aloft, allowing flight with Clumsy maneuverability. Your flight speed is equal to ground speed, and overland flight is half-again as fast as ground speed.
Unending Breath (24th level): Once per round, roll 1d6. Your breath weapon recharges on a roll of 6.
Shrouding the Sun and Moon (30th level): Your ability to fly is perfected, and you can hover indefinitely. Your flight speed is half-again as fast as your ground speed, and your overland flight speed is double that of ground travel.

Dragon Ascendant Power
Wyrm’s Resurgence Dragon Ascendant Utility 26
The blood of the ancient ones thrums in your veins, spurring you onward, unstoppable.
Daily Healing
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Regain all of your hit points and healing surges, automatically save against all effects on you, recover all expended encounter powers, or recover all expended daily powers except this one. Once you use this power, you cannot recover it except by taking an extended rest.

*special thanks to VNV Nation's "Darkangel"
I like it. Those Warforged Paragon Paths you mentioned generally went for 1 class archtype tho (one was Leader, one was Defender).

All those + Cha modifier related to the breathweapon should really be +Con.
I will admit, this Paragon and Destiny aren't specifically geared to one role, but I don't think the Dragons themselves are either :P

Aside from the change from Charisma to Constitution, any other suggestions or ideas for improvement?
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