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So my friends and I were playing last yesterday, and a couple of us were playing Tieflings, so a question arose. what's the longevity of Tieflings? What age are they considered to be "the age to adventure" or "the coming of age?" None of use in our group could answer this question even after we scoured the PHB a couple times. Wondering if anyone else knows or can guide me.
They appear to have missed that bit of flavor for these guys (it is there for the other races). One place it may be listed is the Races book released a few months ago. That has a lot of flavor text on each major race and would probably give this kind of information. Unfortunately I do not have it.
Well they are essentially cursed humans, so I'd give them the same lifespan as human beings.
Assume a similar age for teiflings as any other race. Probably human as a base, if you want them to be similar.
Weird that they didn't mention a life span at all, but at least we know that all races hit that "ready for adventure" age at the same time now in the 18-25 range instead of 15+, or maybe 60ish, or 120... depends... though it does make it a little more odd that certain races live longer, since they hit adult at roughly the same time.

ATTENTION:  If while reading my post you find yourself thinking "Either this guy is being sarcastic, or he is an idiot," do please assume that I am an idiot. It makes reading your replies more entertaining. If, however, you find yourself hoping that I am not being even remotely serious then you are very likely correct as I find irreverence and being ridiculous to be relaxing.

I do agree that essentially they are "cursed humans," but who's to say that this bonding of devil and human didn't give them an extended life span? It would make sense considering that devils have an almost infinite life span. The bonding of the two races could possibly create the effect of an extended lifespan. I also looked through the Preview books and it doesn't mention age anywhere in them
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