Character Concept: Anime Fanboy Turned Mad Scientist

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Well...Read the tin.

Basically, this guy was originally an otaku, but due to mental modification, he gained extreme intelligence, a disregard for praticality, a want for world domination (or at least a couple nations), and a seemingly-infinite amount of resources. Well, that last part comes more with the territorry than the actual mental modification, but moving on...

Even so, he's still an anime fanboy at heart, and now that he has the knowlege, he's going to base his army around his favorite Japanamations (Otacon, eat your heart out).

So, is this a good-if-completely-bonkers idea? What should some of his sample creations be?
D20 Modern, I would say start witht he Smart hero and pick up some of the PRC's given the D20 Future suplemental book.
*pulls out 10-foot pole, and slowly edges it towards topic*

Nope. Can't do it.
4th Edition DnD isn't really the place for mad scientists... so far. In some future supplement you might be able to assemble a Techno-Controller, though.

Mutants and Masterminds is probably more your speed for d20-fueled obscuria (and I think there's even a villain in one sourcebook who has a near-identical origin).
An otaku? Seriously?

He's going to want to take over every manga publication and studio and THEN use his infinite resources to make their story ideas real with people doing cosplay in the hundreds of thousands.


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