Bane of Dragons

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I just created a character for a new campaign. here's a copy of his backstory. sorry, it's a bit long.

Barrick was born in a small mining town south of the Daggermouth Mountains. his father was a blacksmith named Grom Alderan, while his mother was a maid named Marie working in their house. after Grom's wife, Kallah, discovered that her husband was having an affair, she sent the maid away, and she found work at the local inn. for the time that she worked there Barrick was always tied to his mother's apron strings, both as protection for the boy and a safeguard against lusting taverngoers. however, this was not always true, and Barrick was often left with the innkeeper, much to the dismay of the both of them. many times the innkeeper would abuse him, leaving bruises on his face and body. By the time he turned five Marie made a choice, and left town, leaving Barrick with his father Grom as she could not take him with her.

for a while both of them were uncomfortable with the situation, and Kallah showed outright disgust at for the boy. Eventually though Barrick showed an interest in crafting weapons, and Grom taught the boy how to mold the molten metal into usable tools, weapons, and armor. but that was not what truly Piqued his interest, it was the use of the weapons. at this point he developed his own style, taking a lance his father had made but had not been picked up by the person who had ordered, something about bandits. at this point, Barrick showed exceptional strength, but decided a lance alone left him open to attack from close up, and so he learned to use a shield along with the lance, despite how hard it was to use the heavy weapon in one hand.

The peace didn't last though, as the dragon named Daggermouth by the locals descended from his roost. Normally the dragon would receive tribute from the town and they would be safe for another month. However, the payments had been getting smaller and smaller at the urging of the mayor ecause he had lost the fear of the dragon. Daggermouth hadn't liked, and before he deigned to destroy the town he lifted the mayor up in the town square and proclaimed him to be a traitor to his people, then proceeded to raze the mages college, cutting apart and burning people attempting to run away. At the time, Barrick and a few of his friends were accompanying Grom on a delivery, and so survived the blast.

Barrick and his friends, Callan Mordren, a wizard from the burned college, and Dalryn Othart, a man Barrick had introduced to swordplay ran off in search of the dragon that had slaughtered the village. but the dragon was too strong, and ended up killing Dalryn, the other boys running away as fast as possible. Since, Barrick has been wandering, making equipment for people to earn money. He longs for an adventure, a chance to use his lance again. He keeps in touch with Callan, but he has not heard from his friend in a long while and his last few letters included words such as "Cyst," and "Blight"

anyways, he's using monkey grip to heft a lance in one hand while using improved shield bash to keep people hurtin when they get too close. now, I'm not sure if I should keep this character like this, or if I should change the background a bit or what. maybe I'm insane, I don't know. what do you think?