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ArtyToo;16026210 wrote:
Unhelpful. Very few players will choose the lower stat, effectively penalizing the PC. A more balanced approach would be something like the aging rules in 3E in which there is a mechanical compensation for penalties. Please refrain from suggestions that may insult anyone's intelligence.

Apparently I'm misunderstanding your purpose with this thread, then. You're looking for a way to make a "clumsy professor" type character, with a high Int and low Reflex Defense and AC. My impression was that your purpose was purely roleplaying (this being the character development forum and all), in which case the option that you're discarding here makes perfect sense; the player actively choses a weakness for his character in order to have something to roleplay around (not that this should really be needed, but whatever). If that's not what you're going for, I think you've got the wrong forum, or you're not stating your issue very clearly here.

ArtyToo;16026210 wrote:
Unhelpful. Having a character flaw is not a source of comedy. From Hamlet to Spiderman, there have been characters with flaws that give them extra depth. Sometimes it's just a personality thing, other times its something that can be reflected in PC attributes. Imagine a memorable RPG session where the player was roleplaying his fighter's ignorance, or a barbarian's slow wits, or a half-orc's social awkwardness. You were discourteous to suggest it; I'm surprised the moderator didn't delete your post.

You are being far too dismissive of the suggestions here. "Clumsy Professor" conjures up a very specific sort of imagery; that of the bumbling sidekick. Getting snippy at other posters for taking you at your word is just bad form.

This is all ignoring, of course, that an uncoordinated character can be roleplayed no matter how high the Dex or Int score involved. They may be able to shoot the wings off a dragonfly or do quadruple integrations in their head but, if it suits the characterization, dropping their coffee on coworkers or tripping occasionally while holding conversations walking to the dungeon are easy points to work in for literally any player.

It seems like what you're actually looking for is confirmation that you're not the only one feeling that Int to Reflex doesn't make sense. You've gotten that, albeit somewhat sporadically. Dismissing any view expressed other than your own as being "unhelpful" isn't a very good way to gather a representative sample of viewpoints on this, neverminding your anti-"fanboy" diatribe that got deleted.

Can one of the mods move this back to the thread it was originally in?

I promise to avoid unnecessary (if grandly deserved) vulgarity in the future.
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