Turok 'Ogre Slayer'

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I'm trying to expand the background for my new character. Any suggestions are appreciated. Sorry if its too long to read.

Turok grew up in an isolated farming village. He was the son of a farmer, and his family had lived there for many generations. He fell in love with another farmer's daughter and asked her to marry him.

2 nights before the marriage, a band of marauding goblins led by a Troll attacked the village. Turok tried to defend his fiance, but he was untrained, and the goblins mortally wounded him. The village was destroyed, and those who were not killed were taken as slaves, Turok's fiance was one of these unfortunate souls.

A group of traveling adventurers happened upon the destroyed village, and healed Turok. He vowd to gain vengeance against the goblins, and that he would kill the Troll personally.

Turok took a scythe from his father's barn and began to follow in the wake of the goblins. He spent every possible moment training. He also rescued survivors from the towns he came across, and soon he had a small warband of mostly untrained farmers.

After 3 months of training Turok felt he had gained the strength necessary to kill the Troll. He planned and executed an assault upon the goblins, and slayed the Troll with his scythe. A shaman traveling with Turok instructed him to use the blood of the Troll to bind his scythe to him.

Turok found his fiance still alive among the goblins. She had been broken by the brutal goblins. She begged for death, and Turok gave it to her.

Now Turok is lost in the world, he has had everyhting taken from him, and now only knows how to kill. He adventures in hopes of finding a purpose for his life.