My Warlord: Tevin 'Silver' Toth

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I have wanted to play a Warlord since they were first described. So I have come up with this fella here.

Name: Tevin 'Silver' Toth
Race: Halfling

Str: 15 Con: 12
Dex: 16 Int: 12
Wis: 8 Cha: 17

Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Heal, Thievery

Feat: Sneak of the Shadow

Inspiring Presence
Inspiring Word
Combat Leader

Furious Smash
Wolf Pack tactics

Hammer and Anvil
Sneak Attack

Pin the Foe

Hide Armor, Light Shield, Scimitar

From what I have gathered so far of the two different styles of Warlord the Charisma based one is the better healer.

I'm thinking about going with a more generic background, One along the lines of started as a thief but went with warlord after seeing a warlord in action or other event that caused him to switch over.

Any thoughts?


Wow. Not gonna bother reading through all the replies so far. I will just get right to some more of the background.
I like to give backgrounds of character as told by someone who knew the person.

'author's note'
Finding one Gustulin Dolmant was a quest in and of itself. For a dwarf, Gustulin Dolmant's movements is quite outside the norm for his race. I finally caught up with him at The Blue Emerald in Perasis. Gustulin, again counter to most Dwarves, is a breadless dwarf of middle years an old companion of the person I had traveled so far to write about.

'author's note'
I changed Gustulin's responses to fit the style of writing I used. His accent and flagrant use of slang was a chore for my scribe to overcome.

Author: May I have a bit of your time Mr. Dolmant? I would like to talk with you about Tevin Toth if I may.

Gustulin Dolmant: Sure, but you must call me Gustulin and if I like you I will insist on you calling me Gust. You can call me Gustulin for now.
Silver. He hated being called Tevin, something you should know by now if you have talked to as many as you say you have.

Author: Yes. sorry, I am trying to be a bit formal for the record, point to my scribe, it's for the book. I was talking to history if you understand my meaning.



Someone else thought that a Halfling Warlord was a good idea too!

Though I haven't gone through and stated him out yet, I do have write up for back story and personality.

I like the Warlord/Rogue combo to, probably some really cool stuff you can do with that.

Dex and Charisma should work well together too, Most of your bases will be covered.

Though as a note, alot of warlord powers, at least the ones I've seen, use your Str for dmg. Perhaps using some of the brawny rogue powers would help?

Though that might be contrary to what your trying to represent the character as.

Anyway, good shot thus far, I would try and just add a couple of plot hooks that a DM could use when you do the full write up. Also, props on the Third Party writing about your character. Interesting idea there...

PS, if you want to read up on another Halfling Warlord, check out mine.

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