Human Warlock

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I was a single child born to a happy couple one of a Human and Shadar-Ki participant though my shadow fell born mother died soon after my birth, for her time was now over and her duty had been done. At the time I had no idea that one day my queen would call on me and ask me to do her bidding, and now as I stand here surrounded by the flaming ruins of my home town I know greater tasks await me.

This is a book, a journal that I will write in with every life I take, as I complete the tasks that she lays out before me.

It was on my 14th birthday the queen came to me, her image blurred, hard to see as the barrier between material plane and shadow fell kept her from messaging me clearly at first, and these dreams would continue until finally one night she came before me, and it was that night she spoke the words that changed for ever.

Seek Power, how, I care not ,be it through pact or study, seek it out and quickly, do my bidding, take the lives of those who's time has come, and you will be rewarded with fortune and glory, until the day may come where you to must go, and leave the material plane, and so can join me by my throne.

These words I cherished, and so began my search for power, and though many in the village fell concerned of me nothing could stop my thirst for knowledge, it was soon after my 15th birthday I had finally come across what I would need, and discovered the fastest path to the power I required could obtained through a Warlocks Pact, one that would take a great amount of preparation in mind and body. But how exactly I knew not, for many days and nights I prayed to the queen asking for an answer and I again did not receive a message till the night of my birthday two winters after the first message.

Kill ones farther, so that mothers duty dare not go to waste.

The queen said, and so I quickly did her bidding through poison I killed my father, who was taken away with a matter of minutes of the vials

application to his morning milk. However I soon caught a fever and had great dreams of devils and demons setting the town alight killing me. It was during this time I also had much speak with the Raven Queen who told me that my quest for power would be soon over and that I must wait but two more winters before it can be mine, killing and additional close soul each year.

It was after my Fever left me that I began to try and make people fall close to me, gaining guile and wit I learnt to bluff my way out of many things and soon had the hole town hanging on my every word, this made my task particularly easy and when the day came I had killed the two as requested, both lover and adoptive father now deep in a grave. On this day I finally made the last adjustments to the ritual I had constructed one that seemed to escape my mind when ever I wish to remember it again, my quest for power now all but complete I quickly began the ritual spending many days in a trance, hidden but three miles from where I now stand. During the ritual I fought great powers of will, and strength until finally the creature, of fire and brimstone that I had come before lent me its power so that I may do her bidding. Though I warned him, one day his time to would come.

As I left the trance once more she spoke to me, happy with progress at the age of 18 she now bestowed me with my first official task, the time of the village had come, and I must take its peoples lives.

I returned to my village greeted by saddened faces, for I appeared pale and not well, though I refer to my new appearance as being one step close to my queen, the first to ask if I felt ok was the first to fall and soon after I stood in the blazing storm of fire that I am now surrounded by.

It had been but a few years after obtaining my power when I received my task to go into the under dark, for me and the raven queen talked a lot and I had completed many of her tasks quickly and unseen, she required I go deep underground where the next target of my duty lay, and though she would say little I headed there immediately. Soon after, I was captured.


This is the A4 backstory / intro to my deranged warlock for an upcoming camapign were we start at level seven and are captured in the under dark.