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Hey there. This is my first D&D character. I would very much like you give your input on the development of this Male Human Bard's description, and personlity.

Description: (Head) He has smooth short dirty blonde hair. He keeps it clean and it is kept up most of the time. Usually brushed or combed in a fashion to make him have a straight line going across his forehead. He has almond shaped light green eyes. He has a slgiht lazy eye, which is his left eye. It is barely visilbe unless one was to look at it closely. He has rich and flawless cream colored skin color, and has a divine and handsome facial complexion. (Body) He has a toned body, much resembling a adolescent body of a human that works out every day. He has a lithe frame, which doesn’t match the broad shoulders that cause his arms to part from his chest further from normal humanoids. This offers a little more flexibility though. He has strong legs, which give him the strength to burst into a high rate of speed for a noraml amount of time. (Clothing) He wears a leather tank-top like shirt, tan in color, that hides toned chest and abs bgehind the somewhat bulky piece of clothing. He has a single black leather glove, that is cut off at the phalanges, and extends to his elbow. The vambrace-type glove is wore tightly on his left arm. He wears loose black cloth-materialed slacks, which are cuffed into the heavy leather boots at the pants leg end. They are tight at the waist, allowing him free mobility without the worry that they will slide off. A onyx colored cloak conceals the majority of the clothing underneath it. (Weapons) He has a shortbow which is designed with his family crest, which resembles cross with four long rectangles giving a three-dimensional angle on the right angles of the cross. The crest in the center of the front of the onyx colored bow. The bow is made of a rare wood called Eram, a bark from a tree that is rare around his hometown. A design that resembles a looping tribal design covers the bow, with a crimson line in the center of the path, that shows up in the bows pure black appearance. (Armor) Once he is inside his leather armor, he has a more striking appearance. It is basically a typical leather-made armor, with the smooth texture hardened to prevent certain attacks from harming his flesh. The breastplate and shoulder protectors have been stiffened further than the other parts fo the armor, but the rest is more flexible so he can use his agile prefered fighting style.

Personality: He is a joke-cracking individual that usually gets himself in trouble. He can get a grip of himself at serious times, which he considers doing once he is either trying to stay quiet, or either fighting something he knows that can destroy the entire party. He becomes quite the romatic around the ladies, however, using his singing abilities to his advantage, using both his flawless appearance and his angelic voice to make them “fall under his spell”. No, he doesn’t use the bardic music against them, but just uses typical singing skills. He likes the music style that focuses on nature. He also likes the outdoors more than the dangerous life inside a bustling city. He enjoys breaking out into song during his free time, or exploring his encampment for something to write a song about. He has been known to break out into song during combat with weaker oppoenents, such as kobolds or a single goblin, songs that say things like “We gonna cut you up to shreds, put them in a bag, and then sell them to a hag.” He only wants one thing out of life, and that is to write a song about one of his most inspirational moments that will be used for countless generations as a folksong or something similar. He wouldn’t mind becoming a famous adventurer gone songwrite, but that is just a minor dream of him, and he doesn’t care if it becomes reality or not. He is terrified of heights, and would rather combat a group of undead faster than crawl up a cliff. He will fly into a rage if two things happen. One, if a defenseless woman is harmed, or a innocent animal that is not threatening human life is hurt as well.
I say have fun. You have taken time to develope a personality, story and look. Nothing wrong there. Just don't stick to the initial description. A PC like a person needs to change over time
I personally think it's a waste of time since bard doesn't exist anymore.
I personally think it's a waste of time since bard doesn't exist anymore.

Doesn't exist yet.
English-language adjectives for temporal qualifications have apparently failed me... the closest I can think of is "won't yet have existed anymore".

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