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O.K. A friend of mine is going to be running a campaign setting entitles Gnomes. Considering he spoke to me a few days ago about his desire to allow gnomish soulknives to shape their blade into a chainsaw, you should easily understand that while the adventures won't always be humorous in nature, the world has an undercurrent of whimsy.
So the character idea I had is mostly based off of Iron Man, but with a twist. Klaus is going to be a delusional warforged warlock who thinks he is a gnome in a power suit.
The reason he gives for never leaving his powersuit is that someone could steal it, or hurt him/it.
Just the basic idea I had so far.
Comments? Suggestions? Random Thoughts?
Excuse me while i stand for a second.


A paranoid Schitzophrniac (SP?) Warforged that thinks it is a Gnome in a powersuit that it can not/will not leave is an idea worth many hours of humor in a less than serious setting. Almost beats my Cleric named Igor who has profession Manservent several different flesh grafter feats, and liked the idea of giving people ressurection on an instalment plan.
I also applaud this idea!

The only thing in my experience that even comes close to that is the elf who thought he was a dwarf. One word: Stonecunning.
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He'll of course be picking up flight and have eldritch blast for hand beams, and possibly the one that lets you see in darkness.
I mostly will probably be sticking to the personal buff type invocations as opposed to the ones that harm others.
Thats great!
How I would play that though, is that its been so long (at least to the character), that he doesn't know how to get out of the suit.
you should read the hypervelocity series of the iron man comics, there'd be some great ideas there hehe.
Wow... that's one of the funniest character ideas I've heard in a long time
This is pretty hilarious...Good idea...
This wasn't, by chance, inspired by the Dr. Doom warforged mini from Dungeons of Dread?
Nope. Just something I came up with off the top of my head
So priceless I HAVE TO TRY IT!
Thats great!
How I would play that though, is that its been so long (at least to the character), that he doesn't know how to get out of the suit.

I think that's the best way to do it.

"No, really! I'm a gnome under all of this!"

"Yeah. Sure. Why don't you open the suit and show me?"

"Uh, well, you see...I can't."

"Of course."

"No, really! I just...well...I was putting the suit on, and there was a bit of dwarven ale involved--okay, a lot involved--and, well, the release catch never got put on."

"...so you sealed yourself inside a suit, and you can't get out?"


"How have you been eating and drinking?"

"You don't want to know."
When you introduce your character make sure to have "Iron Man" playing on the stereo (or I-pod hooked up to speakers as the case may be).
Oh so hope it's ok if I steal this idea for my upcoming campaign, it is just sheer awesome hilarity.
That is the most original character concept I have ever heard! Just to reinforce teh psychosis Klaus ought to have a overzealous fascination with gemstones, collecting, carrying or perhaps used as an implement.
so of course it would follow that ALL warforged are battle suits with gnomes in them.... or at least to that character perhaps.

PC: "Hello fellow Gnome!"
Warforged: "what are you talking about?"

O that could get interesting.
Just for giggles, could make it so he doesn't understand Gnomish, but pretends to.
This brings up the question, what if he really *is* a gnome in a warforged body??? :D

It could be a minor theme of the campaign, and he may never discover the real truth...

Did the warforged creation process somehow impart a soul that already belonged to someone to the lifeless construct body?

Could some gnomish artificer have somehow accidentally gotten his soul sucked into his creation through some tragic but typically gnomish mishap, and now the two are some sort of hybridized personality that just "woke up" one day with no past?

Did a reincarnation spell go wrong, and he's forgotten who he used to be?

Hell, who says he *isn't* an actual gnome inside a hollow warforged, with wires stuck in his head to control the body?

Maybe he's on a lifelong quest to become a real boy, I mean gnome, or just to find an adamantine can opener to get himself out of the suit...

There are sooo many different ways you could go with this guy, from tragically poignant to atrociously tacky, that it's just...


:D :D


I am the Magic Man.

(Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)


I am the Lawnmower Man.



I am the Skull God.

(Koo Koo Ka Choo)


There are reasons they call me Mad...

Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess he'll probably just go Warlock 20 to keep the flavor intact.
You should. However you also need to go play the Metroid series, and watch the Ironman movie, and read the comics. For research. Its necessary.
Consider this idea stolen, AND i'm going to claim it as an original idea to my friends, oh my cool points are a'risin in nerd land.
Hurhurhurhurhur! That 's a novel idea, sire, I tip me me ridiculously oversiz'd hat t' thee!

*The Captn stands up (not very helpful, with him being a Dwarf underneath that pirate hat), tips his hat and bows stiffly.*

A round o' applause fer that man, er, warforged er gnome!

Ye ken what I be callin' warforged? Livin' diving suits! Good t' have on yer side, but a bugger when they go o'erboard. Worse e'en be captured warforged enemies, there 's no joy in makin' 'em walk the plank. And PETA 'd probably sue me if a shark 'd try t' grab a bite of a warforged...

Better to fight windmills than become a miller!

Just make sure he remembers to feed and water his "inner-Gnome"...
Toyed with this concept in 3.5. Albeit a Warforged Psion with an alternate personality. Had to keep in mind to refer to the warforged in the third person. Thought it was quite funny that in the majority people refer to conveyances as females. So "Betsy", the male warforged, got many an odd stare.
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