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Keep on the Shadowfell Introduction

The Shadar-Kai smiled softly as he watched the band of heroes make their way up King's Road. Everything was set into place, his tip to the Kobold's leader had assured an ambush just as he planned. Now all he had to do was sit back an watch.

As Bolero examined the battle a undeniable smirk was brought to his face. Here was the group of ragtag warriors he needed, the ones who had returned his spellbook to him and "saved" him from the unfortunate cave incident. In return he had protected them and train them briefly for their new lives. Yes, arranging their exodus had been a remarkable plan. He examined himself in a handheld mirror, adjusting his bolero hat to shade of his eyes.

After the adventurers had dispatched their Kobold enemies the illusionist walked out of his invisibility bubble, a broad smile on his face. "Ahh! My friends! It seems you've already taken care of those creatures... oh well, shall we stop at Winterhaven or head straight past to the Keep?" the impromptu hero offed with a grin.


Bolero smiled as he moved up to his private room, he opened his notebook and examined the fieldnotes from the day. "Okay, the Kobolds performed as planned with any luck we'll clean out the nest before our enemy notices.." the illusionist thought as he began planning for the next day.

Character Profile

Name: Myshakista "Bolero" Kinsh-Kamli
Age: Ambiguously Young
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Shadar-Kai
Occupation: Impromptu Adventurer/Disgraced Soldier
Class: Illusionist(Fey Warlock In Combat)
Personality: Oddly Upbeat for a Outlaw Shadar-Kai
Archetype: Anti-Villian
Goals: Return to Shadowfell, Usurp the Dranstain Throne, Colonize the Prime Material Plane
Motivation: Justice, Power, Domination
Methods: Trickery(rarely), Diplomacy(Often), Violence(Almost Never)
Other Info: Plot Important NPC/Paragon BBEG/"Mickey"/Expendable

The slim Shadar-Kai is deceptively youthful looking, however one good look in his eyes shows the window to a overworked soul. Fortunately the unusually bald figure wear a black bolero tilted forward on almost all occasions. He dresses himself in an unusual arrangement of clothes. Besides the hat he wears a cambric shirt, leather clothes, chainmail leggings and books of metal plate. All black as midnight, he has a pink tattoo of what appears to be a Kobold eating it's own tail on his left cheek, three silver rings piercing his left brow, a grand total of thirteen earings, purple rings, twelve in his right ear one is his left. all the color contrasting to his stark white skin and milky colored blue eyes.

History, "Cowardice" Part 1
The Fomorian laughed as he crushed the humanoid between his stubby, malformed fingers. The crazed giant was quiet happy to see that this weakness was all the Shadowfell had to offer. From within the shadows the noble warrior Myshakista signaled for a dwarven attack formation from his fellow Shadar-Kai, the foriegn technique were rather good at taking down Death Giant, a Fomorian should be no different. Should be. Myshakista burst into action a blast of inky dark energy surged into the Fomorian's cursed eye catching the creature by surprises, causing it loose it's grip on the crushed humanoid. Myshakista let his concentration on the complex illusion slip, causing the body to burst out with harmless shadow energy and down floated his prized implement a black bolero. He caught it in a roll and put it on his head before looking up at the giant, "Eck.. you get my hat sweaty, how unbecoming.." By now the giant could probably see him again, but it shouldn't have mattered because his strike team was hard at work with their cruel axes. Shouldn't have.

It was over before the young noble knew what was going on. A single spin accompanied by a otherworldly wind send his comrades flying backwards, Bolero tried to stop it, but that eye. The eye! He could feel it piercing through his body, spirit and soul, corrupting his being, leaving him with slow painful movements. He was only a second into the movement to create a shadownet to catch his comrades before they all hit the ground and the Fomorian grotesque hand wrapped itself around his body. "You.... YOU!!!" the giant bellowed madly. Myshakista wasn't paying attention though, he kept his eyes closed tight and tried to focus. The Fomorian threw the illusionist into a blackened tree. Teetering on the brink of unconsciousness the Shadar-Kai noble slowly found himself, the cries of his comrades and the sound of their bones cracking helped him focus. How bitterly fortunate for him that he managed to get a hold of himself just as the giant was crushing the last of his friends. The mad giant smiled wickedly as it turned to the last remaining Shadar-Kai, the puny illusionist Myshakista, who's own face was contorted into a mask of horror. The Fomorian seemed to be ready to finish the job then a look of wicked delight came upon it's face and it slipped away into the dark of the forest. Myshakista, too horrified to chase after it, fell to his knees. He saw the face of a few of his comrades on the ground. What was left of their bodies made him flinch, twisted forms, with puncture wounds from their cultural piercing crushed deep into their bodies. The Fomorian should have finished him off..... should have.

Explanatory and Background Paragraph

Well, there we go. The group of players have already met Bolero as previously mentioned. The problem I'm having with the character is background and how best to portray the Anti-Villain archetype. The Shadar-Kai is generally helpful to the PCs despite having shoved them into their adventuring position by creating a situation in which they were exiled from their hometown under the guise of a fisherman. His reasoning for this was the fact that the village was heading for destruction(because it's in the Noman's Land area of an Orc-Elf war.) and he needed adventurers for his cause. He however was captured by a group of Shadowfell Mercenaries and temporarily imprisoned in a nearby cavern complex, as luck would have it the Adventurers returned his spellbook to him allowing them all to escape. He disappeared again as the Adventurers finished what they had came to the area for(Dispatching a Elven Chieftain Captor). He later returned to Train the outlaws(PCs) and lead them on the road to Adventurer. He doesn't involve himself in combat unless he must, instead excusing himself to "dispatch archers" when in turn he simply turns invisible and only cuts in when a 2 PCs or the Leader is down. He exploits the system but doesn't break it and only tricks those he believe deserve to be tricked(See Kobold). And that's all I can think of at this time, I'll probably this paragraph into the above tomorrow.

Fun Fact: Bolero has a son who is a Shadar-Necrose

Alright so: Questions, Suggestions, Background help?
I like it, it's pretty creative. Will you be allowing the players various perception and insight checks against him?

Suggestion wise, since his hat is actually his nickname, working on some sort of background event to explain his attachment to it and the name would be a great add on. Perhaps something along the lines of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and some teenage event?
I like it, it's pretty creative. Will you be allowing the players various perception and insight checks against him?

Suggestion wise, since his hat is actually his nickname, working on some sort of background event to explain his attachment to it and the name would be a great add on. Perhaps something along the lines of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and some teenage event?

Only their passive insight and perception. Unless they're actively trying to figure him out. But his role in the Heroic Tier is mainly to point out challenges to the PCs that they miss(For instance I think I might need to have him initiate the Reversing the Ritual Skill Challenge). It shouldn't be recognized that he's a villian until the Pyramid of Shadows if all goes as planned. Although I kind of hope they surprise me and unwind him earlier.

Also thanks for the tip, I'll be working on his background tonight.
Your more than welcome and I can't wait to see the background.
Updated, rather erratically, the next update will include a earlier part of his childhood and link the bolero into a few things. Still open to suggestions. Also his appearance has been added if noone noticed.