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I meant the new, dead NPC.

Both you and the PC are doing better for yourselves, I hope.
Kevenal, A tiefling infernal warlock

Concept/ Background
"Muri temp et intervalia, remember to always add the lock onto the external parameters...What? No I'm not talking to myself, nevermind you, I must go back to my spells.."
-Kevenal to Garat as the travalled along the western path

The concept behind Kevenal is his maddening search for power even at the expense of his own mind and body.

Growing up in an impoverished part of the city with only his human mother; his tiefling father, a soldier in the militia was killed in a skirmish outside the city defending it from a band of raiding orcs. Originally an well intentioned child after hearing of his father's death he changed, becoming angry at the city for trying to convince him that his father's death had meant something being the service of the city, but also in that his mind had become convinced of two things; the first that his life, like his father's didn't matter and that the only way to stay alive was to gain power, like the many nobles who came back the only survivors talking of the glory that their soldiers died for.

Joining up as an apprentice to an old wizard he began learning the arcane seeing this as one of the greatest ways to obtain power. During this time he learnt of his ancestry and his latent inherent power, the power of demons. Breaking away from his mentor he turned to be a warlock making a pact with a lesser demon prince using the combination of both their blood as the source of his power.

After gaining his source of power Kevenal left the city and began wandering in search of tiefling history that might show a way of focusing his power, the lonely searching and continuous practing and reciting his spells leaving his mind in a fragile state, his body scarred from using his own energy to fuel his spells.

Journeying back to his home city he found the answer he was looking for, the way of the blood mage, using his own pain to further his power, but unable to study with his old mentor he began studying the ways secretly haunting the city's magus library for days on end.

"You are an insignificant worm, and for standing in my way you shall be one of the first I crush when I gain ultimate power"
"Sorry, I didn't catch that"
"I said...You a...oh forget it, you will die soon enough."
-Kevenal to a magical trinkets dealer in his home city

His number one goal in life is to become one of the most powerful spellcasters on the plane and every plane he can reach.

The other goal in his life is to gain enough power to rule his home city and rule those who his father died for.

The pain is good, if you feel it it means your power is stronger...No! I told you before, I am not talking to myself."
-Kevenal to Garat, after defending them from a pack of bandits

1)He has come to enjoy the pain that the power he uses causes him, he associates pain with gaining more focus and power, making him thirst for battle when he is in it.

2)He wants to gain power so that he can get his mother out of poverty, even though it has been years since he left.

3)He doesn't know that his mother had actually died only a couple of months after he left because of a disease she contracted.

"The secrets of my ancestors will show me the way to true power, your way is simply a stepping stone"
-Kevenal to Faruke when he left his apprenticeship

The only person alive that Kevenal still associates with is a wandering halfing merchant named Garat, who sells him merchandise at a cheaper price because of an incident where Kevenal saved his life and enjoys his company when they can meet up because of both their lonely lives.

The only other two people that Kevenal actually knows are his dead mother whom he still thinks alive and his estranged mentor named Faruke who now owns a magic trinket shop in his home city and still occasionally takes in apprenti to teach.

"I distinctly remember...something, it was a large place, full of people, or was it statues? It doesn't matter, it was awe- inspiring nonetheless
-Kevenal, recalling a trip into an adbandoned temple during one of his journeys

With his mind state Kevenal cannot always trust his own memory, but there are some concrete memories that he does have.
1)The memory of being given the news of his father's "honourable" death, the memory which drives him to achieve more power
2)The memory of studying with Faruke in his dusty old room amongst equally dusty and equally old tomes.
3)The memory of the pact and the memory of the pain when he made his pact
4)The memory of saving Garat's life and making one of his only friends.
5)The memory of his first kill with magic, a pack of goblins when rescuing garat.
Interesting background. I like the twist about him thinking his mother is actually still alive.

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

Thanks, I wanted to show that even though he is very power hungry and doesn't have a lot of empathy he still has some remnants of his childhood innocence even if it is slightly demented.
I'm using this to get my players to develop their characters more in my campaign.
Wheew! Its been too long since I was last here - things have really piled up. I won't try to comment on all of what was posted, only that it was all really well done - Stray, I love your pantheon, and Hamster, the Halberdier is great.
I'll be getting on to post another background a bit later.
Here is the main town that the characters are busy exploring:

The Ten-Minute Background of St. Clarice

Step 1: Background

"And now, let us bow our heads in reverence, and remember those who have given their lives to protect the liberties you enjoy. For the Saint still watches over us, even in death. Let us pray that we are worthy of her protection."
--Bishop Antoine Montaire, during a sermon on Saint's Watch.

1) St. Clarice was founded during the early years of the Hundred Years' Chaos, as refugees from the war-torn Kelsenon Empire fled to the southern provinces to avoid the armies of devils and fell monsters that ravaged the north. Originally, however, the city was named Leroux.
2) The city was founded at the shore where the Leroux river met the Argius Sea. It was also located at the edge of an immense forest. The residents of the town quickly discovered the haunted and fairy nature of the forest, which they named The Shroudmist due to the eerie mists that blanket the woods in spring. It became a center of trade with the Eladrin who lived on the other side of the Veil, though for many years it remained a village.
3) When the Armies of Darkness turned their attention to the southern lands after the fall of the Kelsenon Empire, the town of Leroux found itself besieged. The town nearly lost hope, and would have fallen but for the actions of a courageous half-elven paladin of Cyra Morwyn, Clarice DuParis. She rallied the townsfolk and beat back the devils, personally sealing a rift to the Iron Hell at the cost of her own life. The Great Church beatified Clarice, and built a church in honor of her sacrifice around her relics. For nearly a century and a half, the people of St. Clarice were strongly tied to the worship of The White Lady.
4) That changed when a horrible tragedy struck the neighboring town of Abbeville. The survivors of The Doom fled to the port town, and most settled there, bringing with them their more secular ways and their ties to the church of Syriia Amyra, the Goddess of Love. While St. Clarice is still honored today, the Great Church has lost much of the influence it previously enjoyed, and there are some who are still bitter about the growing separation of church and state.
5) Nearly twenty years ago, an ambitious dwarf managed to lay claim to a noble title and win sponsorship for the position of Sheriff. He then began a campaign to ruthlessly stamp out organized crime in the growing city. Though his methods are direct and at times a little harsh, he has largely succeeded in driving out the city's criminal element, and he has been effective in keeping the city safe from the occasional incursion of fairy monsters from The Shroudmist Forest, making St. Clarice a very safe city. He has kept in the office of Sheriff for three terms, and looks likely win his forth term, as no one has yet been able to challenge his power.

Step 2: Goals

"The Shroudmist to the south, the ruins of Abbeville to the north, pirates to the west, that crazy tower to the does such a prosperous town survive amid such dangers?"
--Visitor to St. Clarice, hanging a lampshade at the Three Keys Inn.

1) Though I don't use Points of Light per se in my game, I need a home base for the PCs that is also conveniently close to several adventure sites. St. Clarice is big enough to have important services for the PCs, and has several adventure sites within the city itself, but not large enough to sport a huge cast of high-level adventurers that could take the limelight from the PCs.
2) Since I like running city-based games and RP-heavy campaigns, I needed St. Clarice to have enough political intrigue to keep things interesting. Adventuring in the city should be just as viable as going out of the city limits, though the encounters are likely to be of different natures.

Step 3: Secrets

"You are fortunate. I am, as you have guessed, no ordinary physician. My study of necromancy has afforded me...options, which other, lesser doctors would balk at. Options of which you have become a beneficiary. No, don't look. Not yet. But rest assured, I have not needed to resort to base amputation to save your limb."
--Gerard LeVaine, to a patient.

General Campaign Spoilers ahead. Keep out!
1) While Bulrick has been effective in keeping crime under control, he hasn't managed to eliminate it entirely. A halfling smuggling ring works out of the docks and the market, unloading all manner of contraband right under the watch's nose. Bulrick has been after the smugglers for years, with not much success. Rumors also fly of a hidden cult of assassins known as The Chosen, though the watch publicly denies that such a cult of murderers could exist and attributes the deaths to guild-hired hitmen working independently from any organization. Recently, rumors of a vampiric cult of the Dark Reaper has made life difficult for the Watch, which is obligated to follow up on any lead, no matter how tenuous, at the behest of citizens descended from those who survived Abbeville.
2) The Rue Angelique, once the city's spiritual heart, has turned into a den of vice ever since the Great Church built Shroudmist Abby on the other side of the city. Prostitution, gambling, and narcotics, which were once banned under church law, have taken hold in the district once those laws were repealed. Most good citizens would not be caught dead being seen near the place, and those who still worship The White Lady claim that the red-light district would never have formed if the tenets of the Great Church were still adhered to.
3) The White Fox Society, a band of citizens dedicated to promoting the people over the laws of the government, work out of the Lyceum of Syriia Amyra. Many of the priests are members, including the High Celebrant Marcel DuParis himself. The White Fox works to oppose tyranny, which is somewhat vaguely defined. Though the group does good works for the common man, it also has a darker streak of rebelling against authority for rebellion's sake, and there are some Eladrin interests with more sinister plans for the society.
4) The Eladrin empire of Avaleron has long manipulated St. Clarice. They have secretly used the Amyran Church to encourage the breeding of half-elven bloodlines in order to create a stock of human blood that can be slowly bred back into the Eladrin lines, as a defense against an ancient curse known as The Madness. The White Fox Society is also a tool of the Eladrin nobles, who wish to keep the government of Coralton weak and pliable. Some Eladrin nobles have stepped up their activities, planting agents within the city as the first step in an eventual invasion.
5) A Vampire Lord by the name of Gerard LeVaine has infiltrated the city, under the guise of a doctor who tends to the poor. He has corrupted the local Ministry of the Raven Lord, transforming it into a cult of necromancers, and has seeded the city with his spawn, magically keeping them unaware of their undead nature. This has garnered him the reputation of a miracle worker, and he basks in the fuel to his vanity his activities have brought him. However, his plans are worse than anyone knows. He was responsible for the Doom of Abbeville, as a part of his plan to shake the faith of people in their gods. He considers the Doom a failure, as faith in Syriia Amyra remains strong, so he has decided to take a more subtle route and ruin the reputations of all the major faiths in the city by framing them for horrible atrocities (as in the case of the Raven Lord's church), showcasing the moral failings of the clergy (in the case of the Lyceum of Amyra), or shattering the symbols held dear to the faithful (as in the case of the Great Church of Cyra Morwyn).

Step 4: Contacts

"There we were, surrounded by howlers. Then the elven shafts flew, and the devil-dogs died where they stood. We wanted to thank them, but they never showed themselves...they just warned us to not leave the trail again, then vanished back into the wood."
--Traveler recounting a trip to Shroudmist Grove.

1) St. Clarice sits at the head of the Leroux River, which makes it an important point for the towns and villages further upstream. The towns of Gevaudan, Clermont, and Joyeuse regularly send traffic through St. Clarice.
2) Shroudmist Grove, an elven enclave, sits in the haunted Shroudmist Forest which lies to the south of the city. The grove is a major waypoint for the Eladrin Caravans from the feywild, and works with the Coralton Watch to protect travelers from the dangers of the forest. Both groups have a limited reach, however, and the further into the forest one travels, the less help one can expect to receive.
3) The city of Verincourt is the capital of the Southern Province, and the residents see themselves as rivals of St. Clarice. To make matters more tense, the Montaire Family of St. Clarice has long feuded with the LeVaines of Verincourt, so those from one town find they get a cold reception in the other.

Step 5: City memories

"See this? I bought it last Winterend Faire. The fairy charged me two happy memories and the color of my hair for it, but I've had such lovely dreams ever since!"
--Townsfolk commenting on a peculiar silver bauble.

Fun Facts about St. Clarice
1) One of the major events that flavors the city is the Doom That Came To Abbeville. Forty years ago, a magical plague ravaged the town of Abbeville, which used to be the major trade center in the province for overland travel. The plague was followed by an explosion of necrotic energy, which killed thousands of residents and raised most of them as the undead. The survivors fled for St. Clarice, settled in, and integrated with the culture. This lead to a shift in culture, practices, and policies over the decades. Where St. Clarice was once an important but humble fishing village under the watchful eye of the Great Church of Cyra Morwyn, it has grown into a guild-oriented trade port, where the citizens are more likely to venerate the Goddess of Love And Beauty, Syriia Amyra.
2) However, there are those who remember that St. Clarice is a holy site for the Great Church, and a yearly solemn festival to St. Clarice's sacrifice is held on the anniversary of her death fighting the devils that plagued the land during the Hundred Year's Chaos. The Saint's Watch is a holy and somber day.
3) St. Clarice also has a large amount of strange planar traffic, due to the proximity of the haunted Shroudmist Forest and the portals to the Feywild it holds. For hundreds of years the Winterend Market in mid-spring has hosted caravans of Eladrin merchants, selling wares laced with fairy magic. Wonders are for sale here, if the price is right, and you never know just what a fairy merchant will charge for their wares. Similarly, a Shadar-Kai carnival makes its way to St. Clarice every Summerend (mid fall), bringing with them the odd and exotic from the Shadowfell. This carnival is met with a mixture of curiosity and dread, for the Shadar-Kai seem to hail from the lands in the Shadowfell that correspond to Doomed Abbeville, and there have been strange goings-on at the Summerend Faire.

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Presenting another of our game's PCs...Rali Chloe Andreas!

The Ten-Minute Background of Rali Chloe Andreas, half-elf teifling warlock

Step 1: Background
1) Rali was born to a well-known and fairly wealthy band performers, who operated from the great city of Notre Dame, though her mother's side of the family maintains a small farm on the edge of St. Clarice. She has gone back and forth between the cities for most of her life.
2) During one of the Notre Dame dragon attacks, Rali was hiding in a shelter with others. To pass the time, another child, one of her cousins, told her the story of Tayce Bloodyblades. The story of the malicious boogeyman so frightened the young girl that she ran outside, convinced the wraith was out to get her. Her mother went searching for her, but was killed by a collapsing wall. Rali still feels guilty, and doesn't like letting people get too close.
3) She spent time at the family farm in St. Clarice, learning stories and songs. Back in Notre Dame, she began learning the performer's trade, as well as getting a few pointers in larceny from her Aunt Fallon. It was also about this time she began to fall for other girls.
4) When she was 17, she came back to St. Clarice. While wandering the Shroudmist Forest, she came across a beautiful, veiled fairy woman, who cajoled her with promises of power and pleasure, in return for her service. Rali doesn't remember much about the intimate encounter except joy...and the lasting magical tattoos that appeared on her body afterward that granted her several magical abilities.
5) After a "misunderstanding" regarding the daughter of Lord Mayor of St. Clarice, Rali returned to Notre Dame. Now, several years later, she has returned to find out more about her family, as odd things have been happening to her, and she figures that the fling with the Mayor's daughter has surely been forgotten about by now...

Step 2: Goals
1) Rali's player wanted to deal more with the Tayce Bloodyblades line, including dealing with the fell spirit once and for all, a plot we never got around to finishing before the previous campaign halted.
2) Rali's player would also like to integrate her character better into the group, since she was somewhat of an outsider previously.

Step 3: Secrets
1) The spirit Rali "Encountered" in the Shroudmist was, in fact, an aspect of the dead fairy goddess Jillian Maeve, The Queen of Air and Darkness, who is using her as a pawn to locate the other shards and bring them together again.
2) Recently, Rali discovered she was not a half-elf, as she had always suspected, but was instead a tiefling. The sudden appearance of horns and a tail have gotten her curious about what secrets lie in her family tree.
3) The reason she has begun demonstrating tiefling traits is because her grandparents made a pact with Verkinx Kazrael, the mad Nightmare Prince. Kazrael was a fairy god before he Fell into evil and became a devil lord, and he marked the family line to randomly produce "interesting" offspring as an amusement. Rali has traits that mix elven and infernal heritage as a result, and they manifested spontaneously, much to the mad devil's delight.
4) She is also one of the bloodlines through which the Shards of Jillian manifest, though she doesn't know it. Thus, she has a link to the other shards that The Queen of Air and Darkness wishes to exploit.

Step 4: Contacts
1) Yebin Thistledown is a strange little creature known as a gnome. He grows narcotic herbs and creates alchemical infusions, and Rali has been known to indulge in such from time to time. Plus, she likes the little guy, who is always laid back and mellow.
2) Rali's family, despite some quirks, is very protective of each other, and willing to help each other out in a pinch. In particular, Rali's Aunt Fallon (a former adventurer) taught her a few thievery tricks and acted as a mentor of sorts for her.
3) Jean-Claude Montaire is the Lord Mayor of St. Clarice. He found Rali with his daughter in a most unseemly fashion, and has come to the belief that the girl seduced his little flower (though, really, Victoria came on to Rali). Despite his personal disgust with such activities, there are no laws against homosexuality that he can really enforce (thanks to the influence of the Amyran Lyceum), so he has decided to settle for being vindictive and petty, using his power as mayor to make Rali's life just a little more miserable when he has the opportunity.

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I've gone through the thread and linked all the characters presented to the main page!

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

The Ten-Minute Background of Claude Pierrot (Tayce the Assassin)

Step 1: Background

"Well, what have we here, then?" *grin* "Oh, no. can't have you running away and bringing the Watch down here, can we?" *slice, slice* "There. That's better..."

1) The psychopath known now as Tayce was once a real piece of work by the name of Claude Pierrot. Claude was a thief and an abusive bully, leader of a small-time gang in the small town of Ellisdale.
2) His downfall came when he abused his girlfriend, a girl by the name of Dominique, once too often. She finally turned on him, and he wound up in the village stockade while she skipped town. He brooded in jail for a few months, until an opportunity to escape presented itself. He knifed one of the guards during his escape, and managed to get away before the rest of the watch could catch him.
3) Feeling powerful, he decided to get his revenge on the girl who had sold him out. He tracked her to St. Clarice. He found her (or so he thought) and assaulted her in the night. Huge mistake.
4) As it turned out, the girl he found was NOT Dominique, but Mai'ali Nightwound, the psychotic warlock, who easily bested him. Instead of killing him, she decided she had a better use for him. She performed a strange ritual on him, binding some sort of darkness spirit. This binding gave him great powers of stealth and lethal combat prowess, but Claude found himself bound to Mia'ali's will, forced to carry out her orders.
5) Now calling himself Tayce, after an old boogyman story, he does Mai'ali's bidding, striking at her enemies and generally causing mayhem. He doesn't even know how much of his old self remains, and how much is the spirit that is bound to him, but he dreams of freedom from his plight.

Step 2: Goals

"Why, hello there, *****! You know, I used to love you, but now you have to die."
--Claude, to someone he thinks is his ex-girlfriend.

1) Tayce is a recurring villain I want my players to HATE. From his personality to his ability to get close to his targets to his sick twisted smile to his penchant for slipping away from a battle whenever he's bloodied, he is meant to make the players grind their teeth whenever he's around.

Step 3: Secrets

"You can't be serious! Attack a mark when he's surrounded? I'll never kill him that way! I know where he lives. I've seen where he sleeps! It would be a simple thing to just knife him while he's in the arms of whatever harlot he's bagged for the evening! What kind of crazy are you, Mistress!?"
--Claude, to his employer, expressing his displeasure about his work conditions.

Keep Out!
1) The spirit that was bound to Claude was the actual Tayce Bloodyblades itself. The spirit hates being bound to mortal form, and longs to wreck vengeance on Mai'ali for stripping it of its freedom. It would like to get Claude killed, but Claude is at heart a coward, and flees from life-threatening danger, and these instincts have been too powerful for the spirit to far.
2) Claude is slowly becoming less human and more like the evil spirit of Tayce. The transformation is not yet complete, but it is gaining ground.
3) When Tayce gets free, he will attack the bearer of his dagger...who just so happens to be Mai'ali. Mai'ali, however, IS Dominique (see those character entries), so when Tayce is free, he'll be striking at an ally of the party for apparently no reason, giving them a chance to figure out what is going on with the girl.

Step 4: Contacts

"You got in my way again. I warned you what would happen if you did that. You must not have believed me...believe me now. Perhaps I can't kill that popinjay paladin without an audience, but you? The Mistress doesn't care what I do to you..."
--Claude, to Lady Topaz

1) Mai'ali Nightwound is both Claude's ally and his nemesis. He longs to be free from her control, the better to continue his search and vengeance on Dominique. But he secretly enjoys the power his new abilities have given him.
2) The Chosen are a group of Shadar-Kai whom Claude has worked with. He finds them creepy but alluring.
3) Audric Cwellen is Claude's current assignment. He doesn't know why Mai'ali wants him dead, and he really doesn't care. What annoys him is that he's only been ordered to attack Audric in public gatherings, which hampers his ability to do his job effectivly. He's failed to kill the paladin twice now, always because a group of adventurers interfered with his attack, and he is beginning to seriously hate them just as much as Mai'ali. He wants to make sure they all die, painfully.

Step 5: Personality traits and mannerisms

"Some smiles show cheer. Others, merely teeth."

Memories and Mannerisms
1) Claude has a horse, whispery voice. He smiles, all the time, a sort of unhinged ****eating grin that shows too much cheer. He has a habit of chuckling to himself in his horse whisper, a nasty chuckle that is instantly recognizable and detestable.
2) Claude leaves hoofprints instead of normal footprints, even though his feet are human-shaped. He doesn't know why this is, though he suspects the spirit he's bound to is responsible. Likewise, his hair has changed color from a dirty blond to a shiny silver, and his eyes have a faintly reddish glow.

design notes
Tayce is another villain from the previous campaign whom I decided to bring back in the reboot. Tayce had an interesting history, because he just wouldn't stay dead, something that infuriated the players who dealt with him. My original point with Tayce was that, given that ghosts exists and resurrection is available, just killing someone isn't a guarantee that they will cease to be a problem. I think I failed in that regard.

So why did I bring him back? Because with the reboot, I had the chance to do this villain right. Giving him an immortal spirit separate from his corporeal body is one way of doing this. Another way was to provide a way that Tayce could be dealt with once and for all, in the form of his dagger. His dagger, by the way, is an artifact, with all the notorious difficulties destroying such a thing entails. That, and I have fun roleplaying this villain.

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I've gone through the thread and linked all the characters presented to the main page!

Put simply, you ROCK. Thanks so much for that massive(-ish) undertaking.
Out of curiosity, The Stray, you mentioned that Tayce Bloodyblades was a villain from a previous edition campaign of yours... were you the one who submitted him to Quoth the Raven?
Out of curiosity, The Stray, you mentioned that Tayce Bloodyblades was a villain from a previous edition campaign of yours... were you the one who submitted him to Quoth the Raven?

Indeed I was.

Tayce has actually gone through a series of different iterations. There were actually two Tayces in my previous game...The human "Tayce," who took his name from a bogeyman legend, and the Tayce Bloodyblades fey I published in Quoth The Raven, which was the inspiration for the assassin. Chronologically, Tayce-the-Human (Claude Pierrot) showed up first, and when I wanted to flesh out the actual bogeyman legend, that was the genesis of Tayce-the-immoral-spirit-bound-to-a-dagger. Both versions of Tayce wound up in my game, though before I could do much with Tayce-the-Spirit, the game ended. Tayce-the-human, on the other hand, was the recurring villain you see posted here. I'm working on updating Tayce-the-spirit for 4th ed...I've already got his Dagger statted as an artifact on the House Rules board.

The idea for Tayce originally came from a viewing of Candyman. I liked the idea of a spirit that had to survive by perpetuating his own legend. So Tayce-the-assassin was conceived, a man using a bogyman's name to induce fear in his targets, much like someone going around calling himself "Freddy Krueger" and slashing people up would be. Tayce-the-spirit was the actual "Freddy Krueger" in this case.

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1. Wasquey was raised by his father in a nomadic clan of Dragonborn and was good friends with their clanmaster, Nalhan Moonscale.
2. He is a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, his relationship with Bahamut is one of respect for his race's draconic heritege and aknowledgement of Bahamut as his oldest ancestor. His goal is to spread justice and goodness.
3. Despite the Dragonborn heritage, Wasquey does not particularly care for magic
4. Wasquey loves socializing and striking conversations with complete strangers. If you so much as say "Good day" as you pass by he will introduce himself and ask your name. However once in conversation, Wasquey usually accidently says something off-putting or mispronounces something that causes the conversation to end abruptly.
5. Wasquey does not go by his clan's name "Moonscale" because he was betrayed by Nalhan, the clanmaster, who murdered his wife and framed him for it. He got the name "Wabbit" from a Human he met shortly after he left his clan.

"Where do you see yourself in five years"

Hopefully, Wasquey will one day quench his thirst for justice by confronting Nalhan and exposing his crime to the clan, and in the meantime he is working to protect the weak and make sure that justice is done.

"Everybody's got a million questions, everybody wants to know the score..."

During Wasquey's adventures, he usually finds himself in a party that includes a rogue. Wasquey is Rogueophobic. They're too sneaky for his taste and make him uncomfortable.
Wabbit, the human from whom Wasquey took his name, is a famous actor and playwrite that has published many works with featuring Wasquey Moonscale as a recurring minor character.

"It's not WHAT you know..."

Wabbit is a friend of Wasquey's, they travelled together for about a year and a half and parted on good terms. They ran into each other several weeks ago in Peloria and had an evening of good company but they don't keep regular contact.
Thorin is a human fighter who Wasquey assisted on a mission to route a band of terrorists and they often find eachother on a similar adventure aiding some village or local government. However Thorin hates Wasquey's goodie-two-shoes attitude and often his brutality and Wasquey's compassion clash.
Ander is a halfling who Wasquey once saved from the mouth of a visejaw crocodile and was then-on referred to as "McNugget". Presumably a nick-name inspired by a local resturaunt, but no one has yet to establish a concrete connection. Ander and Wasquey remain on friendly terms and they rely on eachother in times of need.

"Back in the day"
Wasquey remembers the wedding ceremony with his wife, Kari.
He remembers packing and moving and packing and moving with his father as the clan migrated across the country. And then with the rest of the clan, and then by himself when he left the clan.
Wasquey will never forget the moment he ran through a tunnel and into a cavern where a halfling was being munched on by a crocodile. And how he used the power of his draconic heritage to smite the croc upside the head and lend a healing hand to McNugget.
The Ten-Minute Background of Claude Pierrot (Tayce the Assassin)

Somehow all I can think of is Tongpu "Mad Perriot" from cowboy bebop session #20 'Perriot le fou'.
Somehow all I can think of is Tongpu "Mad Perriot" from cowboy bebop session #20 'Perriot le fou'.

Where did you think I got the name? ;) :D

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Astrom Pelorson (a surname given to him as a foundling), a human Cleric

Concept/ Background
"If there is anyway that I can help our city against the undead that plague us, I would do it, although finding a way to destroy them would be much more of a gift to the city"
- Astrom talking Gracian about volunteering for the pilgrimage

The concept behind this character was a turn towards the pious for me.

Raised as an foundling in the fortress city of Anadorm, serving in the temple of Pelor as an acolyte. The city of Anadorm shares the same plains as the city as the keep of Baradorm, a large keep inhabited by undead, meaning the city is frequented by raids. So the city is fortified and the priests at the temple are taught and raised to hunt out evil so they can protect their city and heal the injured.

Although the city is raided by the undead the city is still large and somewhat prosperous due to the magical traders that also frequent the city in order to trade for Anadorm's supply of platinum.

Astrom has always been a kindly young man with a strong loyalty to his faith and his city and his friends in the temple, but has also been eager to explore the outside world so has joined in the small group of priests who were trained to go on a pilgrimage to the other places of the world, each priest taking a different path. During the pilgrimage the priests must also try and find artifacts that might help in the defense or the destruction of the undead in Baradorm; the priests have charged with holding the highest good and to help all they can.

Looking out over those walls it's hard to comprehend how big that world is; the magical tradesman for instance, they must come some distant if they're willing to use magic to get here"
-Astrom talking to his fellow acolytes as a child after glimpsing over the parapets

To complete his pilgrimage and come closer to Pelor to serve him and the world and more specifically the city of Anadorm.

To explore the world and find out as much about it as he can.

"I know Pelor is good, he helps us protect us from the undead from Baradorm, but why lead us to a city that put us at this risk in the first place? I need to find out, although no-one at the temple is allowed to hear of this"
-Astrom talking to Boris one evening when asked of his pilgrimage reasons

1)One of his reasons for going on his pilgrimage is because he also has doubts about the efficacy of his priesthood and hopes that the pilgrimage will answer his questions and concrete his faith.

2)Astrom hates the undead and evil beings like demons but he also has fear of the undead from Baradorm after growing up being raided by them, so part of him doesn't want to finish his pilgrimage because then he would have to go back to the city.

3)His parents were the Archon of the temple of Pelor and a tavern maid, his mother left him on the steps of the temple for his father to claim him, however his father only had the temple claim him as a foundling like other orphans left on the steps of the local guilds and temples. Everyone is unaware of this including Astrom.

"I wonder why she's with them, she's a bodyguard, but why does she travel with magical traders, very mysterious, I hope to get to know her better."
"Definetely worth a romp in the bed."
"Shut up."
-Astrom talking to gracian about Kali when she first comes with the traders.

1)One of his friends named Gracian Pelorson, who is also on the pilgrimage, who is also his oldest friend growing up with him in the temple.

2)Boris, a foreign barkeep in Anadorm, and one of the town's militia during the raids; also one of Astrom's oldest friends who would give Gracian and Astrom free meals and drinks after they healed him and brought him back from the brink of death during a raid when they were younger

3)Kali, one bodyguard for the group of traders who visit the city. Astrom grew very close to her during one visit and although he doesn't get to see much of her because his pilgrimage and her job with the merchants, he hopes to see more of her.

They were everywhere, dead eyes, no remorse, why would Pelor let this happen to us?"
- A young astrom hiding after a raid by the undead from Baradorm

1)Looking over the ramparts when he was a young child and seeing the wide open plains and longing to explore them even though most of the city were largely confined within the walls
2)Looking over the walls when he was only a few months older and seeing the dark clouds boding and on the plains below seeing a horde of undead marching towards the city
3)Together with Gracian, working to heal Boris, performing his first feat of major healing.
4)Metting Kali for the first time as a teenager, gaining his first glimpse of a crush.
5)The feeling of happiness and sadness as he left the city walls going out on the first steps of his pilgrimage
Interesting background, and I like the fact that you entwined the history of the city as well as the character together.

What races is Astrom? I'm guessing human, but I can't tell from the background itself.

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

Yeah he is human, it says right at the top after his name.

Yeah it came from thinking why he did what he did and then how a city like that would manage to function, so ofcourse the answer is... magic :D

EDIT: Although I did get the idea of the magic traders from Deadhouse Gates

I am pretty sure my background/story will suck in contrast to many posted by others (esp The Stray; btw, I loved your Redcap history!)

NAME: Jericho Dunbar
Warforged Fighter.

Step 1:
Write five things about your character’s concept and background, five things that you think are the most essential parts of your character. You don’t have to stop at five, if you like…this is just a minimum.

1) Not originally born a Warforged. Human spirit unknowingly transferred into a construct body,
2) Parents were King and Queen, and one brother, were the family that ruled the region before darkness shrouded the world. King ruled his Empire well and was extremely well liked.
3) Removed from his road to be King, abruptly and still not exactly sure what happened.
4) Parents were both found dead, along with his brother. Dunbar's Uncle took over as King and greedily ran the empire into the dirt. Taxing the denizens to broke while he himself lives fat in the Towers. Causing other cities to become their own city-states, baronies, holdings.. each their own dismal light compared to that which was.
5) Needs to develop a reputation of that who helps others so he may occur a following to retrieve what is his.

Step 2:
List two goals for the character that you, as a player, think would be cool to see accomplished in-game.

1) As stated above, he wants his Kingdom back.. now.
2)REPUTATION. Since he was unintelligent to most things magic, he is sure it will be hard to convince people of who he is. He knows if he can create a good reputation about himself, people may not even believe of who he is.. but yet still back up his goal to reclaim his throne.

Step 3:
List two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!

1) Woke up in a court yard overlooking what looked like it was a freshly laid grave. In his hands was a shovel but before he could question why the shovel was there or why he was here, he noticed it wasn't his hands holding the shovel. They were the hands of a darkly covered, rubbery machine like hands. He was somehow put into the bodily of a warforged but he remembered every, except the past few days. He has yet to tell anyone about who he rightfully is.
2) Uncle had his family killed to take over the kingdom. Dun is not sure that this is what had happened, but by looking at the outcome, it seems pretty obvious.
3) Dun was also left for dead.. actually he had passed. If it wasn't for the luck of a passing senile Artificer who had seen the attack he would have been gone forever. The Artificer somehow placed Dun's lifeforce into a ghulra rune he had finally acquired to put into his prototype Warforge he has had for a few years before he accumlated the funding for the rune stone. Now the Artificer is secretly pulling together all of his assets and assembling an army of Warforged beings hoping soon to be able to assist the Should be King once again.

Step 4:
Describe three people that are tied to the character though blood, romance or honor. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. All can do something useful for you, if you can get the situations to line up. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.

1) friendly Armond, Captain of the Guard. Against the rule of the new King 100% Should he find out about someone claiming to be the missing Prince he would surely do what he can to find out about the rumor.
2) friendly Clay, Dwarf Cleric. Although unaware of the situation of his Comrade, they have fought side by side for a few years now and have formed a bond. He thinks Dun was only created a year prior to their meeting when they were part of a small anti-Raiding party.
3) hostile Saxton Dunbar, now King, Dun's uncle. Although Saxton is not exactly sure his nephew is still alive, let alone a warforged.. he has many scouts and assassins throughout the lands looking for anyone who resembles the Dead Prince, and keeping an hear to the streets.

If you guys can assist in flavoring up the story, text a bit I would appreciate it. I like the story and I think you can get the general idea by the information supplied, but I would like it articulated better. I'm one of those who has the idea in my head perfectly; but horrible at putting that on paper (or on the screen if you will).

If you guys will post here or message me that would be amazing. I promise cookies...
Firstly, thanks for the compliment. :D

Secondly, I like the idea you have here, of the murdered son of a king within the body of a warforged.

Don't worry if you aren't able to articulate everything well--one reason I developed this formats was for the benefit of several players in my group who have writing disorders like dyslexia and have trouble putting things down in words.. Everyone in my group is creative, but not everyone is a gifted writer.

One question...why isn't the artificer who saved Jericho and is working on this warforged army one of your contacts? I'm sure a DM would love to have that sort of hook involved in his game...

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

Firstly, thanks for the compliment. :D

Deserved. I like the idea, too!
I also have a mild case of dyslexia myself, and I think this is what really irritates me. I like the idea and I want to be able to describe it perrrrfectly, but I can't.

One question...why isn't the artificer who saved Jericho and is working on this warforged army one of your contacts? I'm sure a DM would love to have that sort of hook involved in his game...

I didn't list him as a contact, because Jericho doesn't even know he exists. Contacts to me are defined as some sort of known history with. Jericho doesn't know how he got into the body he is in, let alone that this fella is doing what he is doing. I think its a waiting game until rumors and stories or maybe through his reputation, words will be quoted or something similar to tie a potential connection to Jericho. Until that day, suspense...

He may not be listed as a contact, but he was listed in the story somewhere. DM is aware of this information.
Hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes. Threads been inactive for awhile, so it should be alright. Got a twofer for you tonight. It's sort of a package deal, truth to tell.

These aren't my characters, some friends made them for a game I was running, which sadly never got all that far. Highly frustrating, since as a DM I had no small amount of time invested in stagedressing. So I figured I may as well put them to some use fueling my new TMB-addiction. As an exercise, I'm trying to use the original player's concepts, as I understand them, and fit them into my world.

If you like terse phrasing, you'll love this. Commentary, as always, is welcome.
Hariani Osanimata, Male Eladrin Wizard 2, Unaligned
"Well, if you want it done anytime soon, I'm sure we could come to an understanding..."

1. The youngest member of the the Osanimata noble family, long renowned for their mastery over magic.
2. After completing his studies Hariani was pledged as an assistant to a noble army officer, delivering orders, keeping him buffed with cantrips, taking dictation, etc.
3. This officer, along with a few others, was assigned to ambush a drow company building an outpost in the feywild. However, someone else in the court forewarned their targets, and the drow captured or killed all the eladrin sent to attack it. This was apparently their plan all along.
4. Hariani, along with a nearby Dragondaunt Lancer, managed to escape, and wandered the underdark and a mountain pass for weeks before returning to civilzation.
5. With no way back to the feywild apparent, he has been forced to stick it out among the humans, and try to enhance his magic while there.

"We're going to need reinforcements, or at least a better plan."
Short: Return to the feywild, as he has a traitor to expose (whoever that may be), and a conservatorship waiting for him when he does.
Medium: Find a lasting hook to keep himself adventuring in human lands.
Long: Learn that magic is a means to do good, and not an end to itself. Divest himself of his superiority complex.

"That's not really an avenue for discussion at this time."

1. Known. His 'survival' of the drow attack can be attributed to panic and cowering, his training having not prepared him for such chaos.
2. Unknown. Destruction of the Osanimata heir was the objective of the betrayal, ochestrated as it was by a noble house that stood to benefit.

Relationships, 2 positive, 1 Negative.
"This friend. Refer your questions to me and we'll all do fine."
*1 Osiris Vanthraustonen, Male Eladrin, LG. The only other escapee who made it to the surface, Osiris has proved a dependable, if dense, comrade, and is all Hariani has to remind him of home. He's not afraid to play up his social status and rank in dealing with the paladin, though.
*2 Aramil . Male Mercane, Un. The curator of one of the major libraries comprising the Wizardry college, and one of the few noneladrin able to make heads or tails of it. Aramil is an inspiration to Hariani, who finds his dispassionate mastery of lore amazing. He's one of the few people in the city who knows the result of the ambush, but as usual, he's keeping it to himself.
*3 Bnephi Wispengline, Male Eladrin, E. The Wispenglines are a clan of Upstart nobles, equal to carve out their place in the high society of the Eladrin. While not responsible for betraying Hariani, Bnephi was delighted by the news.

"HE'S the one keeping these peons in line? we're doomed..."
While shrewd enough to learn as he goes, much of what Hariani knows of humans comes secondhand or from books. He has a secret fear of their capacity for evil, and this manifests in somewhat pressing inquiry of peoples motivations. He is hesitant to risk his life for goals other than his own. The fact that he is not the most charming person in the room, which he seldom is, is something he never seems to notice.
"984...hmm, how WERE the grapes that year?"
permanently bald and sporting a monacle, Hariani matches few perceptions of what an Eladrin looks like. He loathes exercise, using his fey step whenever stairs are involved, and seems vaguely insulted whenever required to answer a direct question. As befits his clan's history of magic use, he avoids elemental magic whenever possible.

Joaquin Phoenix would be my guess as a vocal approximation.
He has the enunciation and sneer that so fits the Eladrin race,
along with the unique nasal quality of having an enormous head.
Osiris Vanthraustonen, Male Eladrin Paladin 2, Lawful Good
"I bring glad tidings, let those of good heart rejoice!"
1. Born among the Eladrin to two skilled, if unexceptional, artisans, Osiris was always larger than his playmates, and became willing early on to protect them, with a forthrightness unusual for an Eladrin child.
2. His affinity towards the military came as no surprise, but what came later did: Osiris volunteered to become a Dragondaunt Lancer, which meant being initiated into the cult of Bahamut. It was an honorable calling, but suicide from a political perspective.
3. The Lancers proved a good match for him, with the average lancer being older, but less physically gifted. What's more, Osiris no longer felt betrayed by his own straightforward nature.
4. The betrayal came later, as it happened, with the unit sent to ambush a band of drow that knew they were coming.
5. One of the only survivors of the Lancers, Osiris escaped, finally reaching the surface with a junior officer, Hariani.

[color=RoyalBlue]"I sense much evil on this thing, we draw near darker foes than these."

Short: Resolve his crisis of faith, and punish the drow who started it.
Medium: Assert himself against his culture's corruption.
Long: Make a decision about the truth of the prophecy, and his role in it.
Secrets: [color=RoyalBlue]"We have a lot of ground to cover, let's keep moving..."
1. Known. While every bit the holy warrior he declares himself, Osiris is not quite as simpleminded as he lets on. He knows, for example, that Hariani's friendship isn't genuine, and that he was captured without a mark on him. As long as there is actual evil to confront, he will tolerate moral weakness in his allies, mostly without comment. His patience is impressive, but so is his memory.
2. Unknown. Osiris' arrival is spoken of in cryptic prophecy. Few alive know the legend, and fewer still understand it. More troubling, however, are implications that it's fulfillment will cost Osiris his own life.

Relationships, 2 positive, 1 Negative.
"I wonder if she knows the eternal wisdom of the Platinum Dragon... I shall make sure."
*1 Hariani Osanimata, Male Eladrin, UA. While far from perfect, either as an Eladrin or a companion, fate has resulted in their joining forces. For his part, Osiris sees the mage as a test from his god, and is determined to make sure he makes it home, so he can use his family to expose whatever traitor sent their friends to their deaths.
*2 Nelthia Pfelrissian, Female Drow, E. While proficient enough in the brutal tactics of her race, Nel feels that Drow and Eladrin should not be exchanging favors. She is slowly learning the details of the conspiracy, and might not be above an ironic alliance of her own, to see those behind it reliably slain.
*3 "kraitwine" Female Eladrin, UA. A countermeasure sent by the
traitor, this highly-trained operative has orders to slay both survivors of the drow campaign, "for the good of all things fey". The truth of the matter is of little concern to her.

"You're a dragonborn, right? Surely you must know the eternal wisdom..."
Young for an Eladrin, Osiris is a heady brew of barely-contained energy, selfrighteousness, and curiosity towards a world he's never seen before. He trusts Bahumut to guide his path, and keeps his doubts about his own abilities hidden. He's more sympathetic to humans than his associate, and can't see what's supposed to be so bad about them. Yet.
"Well, if you insist- I guess one glass won't hurt..."
Eladrin discipline not being outstanding in the best of times, Osiris has let his hair down, taking on quests filled with evil he can readily kill. He will talk about the glory of his faith to anyone who will listen, and will try to befriend any human claiming to worship Bahamut. Normal folk adjust well to him, perhaps because he seems more rugged than most 'elves'.

I couldn't resist the callback on the eternal wisdom, since it was in fact used that way by the player. Vocally, I could definitely hear Simon Pegg saying some of these.
Hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes. Threads been inactive for awhile, so it should be alright....

Mostly just puzzled by your definition of inactive, I'm sure its been one day

I haven't read your new post as of yet; I'm too pooped to poop atm; but I'll be back and notes you shall receive!!@$#
Well, elfstar your characters defintely seem to be very anime based, and I do like Osiris' character to Hariari, but I think that's what you intended, since he's quite cowardly and elitist; but what I can't figure out is why he wants to adventure; his character doesn't seem to show any signs or reasons for he'd want to go adventuring.
As for Osiris, I think he's a good character, but in the personality section I think you meant righteous, rather than selfrighteous, since he seems like he's supposed to be a good guy, as opposed to egotistical.
Actually, it IS closer to selfrighteous. He thinks he understands Bahumut's wisdom a lot better then he does, since he's naive as all hell.

Don't judge Hariani too harshly. He's grown up closer to the machinations of the noble houses, and has a hard time trusting people because of it. To his credit, he chose books instead of getting in on it himself. The genius of the situation is the symbiotic aspect: Hariani needs Osiris to protect him, while Osiris needs Hariani to use his connections to out the traitor. I guess the subtext is that between the two Eladrin, there's enough smarts to foil whatever mess they've gotten themselves into.

Out of curiosity, what Anime do you see these guys as derivative of? I think a bit of Meryl and Millie from Trigun, but the characters are much as they were presented to me, and neither player is much of an otaku.
I don't really watch anime, just the name and the way you descirbed your eldarin culture just seemed anime aspected, if it wasn't then it doesn't matter.
Blame my lack of internet access for the (brief) delay in thread activity. I should have everything back to normal shortly.

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

Step 1:


1) Teryna has been the ward and aide for a human wizard living in a tower on the edge of elven lands for most of her life and has little knowledge of how to behave.

2) She is impulsive and hyperactive and tells the oddest sorts of stories about her past adventures as a wizard's ward. She latches onto some impulses and holds them for long periods of time. She also collects the oddest collections of items, often things with no perceivable value. She usually ends up finding ways to make practical use of these strange items.

3) She is currently on a quest to find her Master's old adventuring comrades after some mercenaries tried to kill her Master. The quest was something she did on impulse...she recently remembered that she'd left the stew boiling when she left (1-3 years ago)

4) She has absolutely no sense of prejudice toward any race. She'd speak to an Eladrin exactly the same way she'd speak to an orc. She acts naive and lacks understanding of such things as racial relationships or that there's much difference between one person and any other person. At the same time if she decides that a person is "rude" she can continue to be very honestly friendly and still viciously kill them. She also has little understanding of the permanence of death, but she is still dreadfully frightened of being "eaten".

5) She has a tendency to refers to most people as "Master" or "Mistress". She tends to do things in the best interest of others whether they want her to or not. She does not call potential enemies by "Master" or "Mistress" and that's about the only clue that she'd be willing to fight you to the death or not.

Step 2:
1) She wants to know who wants her Master dead and stop them.
2) She'd really like to learn more about people, especially why they sometimes look at her as if she's something strange and dangerous after she's said something.

Step 3:
1) Teryna is a reincarnated wizard's familiar. In her previous life she was a fox. This is why she's so poorly socialized and both naive and casually vicious (at least to "rude" people) at the same time. She died saving her master's life and was reincarnated by a druid friend of his.
2) Traces of Teryna's previous vulpine nature are still a part of her soul. This is no block to a successful life as a human, but it also means that she'd be attractive to lycanthropes (especially werefoxes) and shifters and could draw on that in the future (potential druid MC for shapeshifting when it releases)

Step 4:
1) Master Vyask is Teryna's wizard master. She's been with him through much of the latter part of his life, including two years as a human (she's 17 years old physically and chronologically). Vyask cares about Teryna enough to ask a druid friend to reincarnate her and is probably worried out of his gourd now that she's gone adventuring without warning.
2) A local elven druidess (whom Vyask has long had a crush on) knows Teryna and gave her a handaxe engraved with her name and a curved elven dagger. She was Teryna's first stop for information about Vyask's old adventuring companions. She only learned later that Vyask wanted her to stay home.
3) One of Vyask's former comrades came from a neutral orcish tribe to the northern mountains, unfortunately, by the time Teryna found their village, said former companion had already "gone away" after an attack by strangers. However, Teryna arrived in time to reveal, half-accidentally, that a building tension between the orcs and some nearby dwarves was being manufactured by a hobgoblin warband looking to set up a stronghold in the area. One of the orcish hunters took a liking to Teryna and made a knife for her.
4) Likewise, her simple, straight dagger was a gift from a dwarven smith from the same situation.
5) Teryna's fourth dagger (or first in some ways) is a kris blade taken from one of the assassins that tried to kill her master.

Step 5:
1) Teryna remembers mistaking a bear for a small hill once and having an interesting time trying to get away from it.
2) She also remembers the time that Vyask put a light spell on her forehead so she could lead him to a place he could eavesdrop on the elven druidess and find out what she thought about him.
3) Teryna remembers being "away" (dead) but it is a vague sort of warm fuzzy feeling full of pretty lights and shiny things to chase and grab.
I am cross-posting several of my characters for your viewing pleasure. Sorry that I don't have the time or inclination to follow all the 10-minute steps, though if you read the below bios, most of the Q&A is pretty obvious.

(You can download PDF character sheets of each character from MediaFire simply by clicking on their character portraits.)

I will NOT be updating these characters or adding new ones (since I'm probably breaking this threads rules anyways). If you wish to see more of my characters, please check out my Character Gallery. New characters are constantly being added and it is changing and improving all the time! I also help people create new characters, find cool character portraits, and other cool things there too, so please drop by and leave a comment.

EDIT: The links for the below characters do not work anymore as I have since moved the files around. If you wish to download the characters, you need to go to my character gallery (see link above) to do so. I apologize for the inconveniance.

“I was born on the slopes of Mount Emberstare during an eclipse, when the moon turned as red as blood.”

Azriel is a hulking Dragonborn paladin of the Raven Queen, as frightening as a fast approaching avalanche; as solid, tough, and stubborn as a glacier; and as fierce as the worst blizzards of the North. He has little to no respect for those who can’t defend themselves and is prone to leave such pathetic worms to their own fate. Should such creatures survive their hardships, then it was the will of the Raven Queen and the inner strength that she unlocked in them. Azriel believes that life itself is a great test and that the world will one day face a great judgment that will bring about untold peace and prosperity—or absolute destruction. What’s more, Azriel believes himself to be an instrument of this coming judgment day and he actively works towards bringing it about while preparing the Raven Queen’s followers for its inevitable eventuality.

Azriel was hatched in a temple of the Raven Queen and raised by holy monks who believed him a blessing sent by the Raven Queen herself. Indeed, with the blood red moon overhanging his birth site and Azriel’s unusual birth defects—ice blue scales and pearly black eyes, it is no surprise that the superstitious monks believed him to be an individual chosen by Fate.

The temple monks raised Azriel with the teachings of the Raven Queen. They taught him about natural selection and how only the strong survive to further her cause. As he grew, Azriel was constantly tested—put through grueling training regimens that would mean his death should he happen to fail. Azriel’s strength and determination to succeed proved to be more than enough, however, leaving his masters to further suspect a divine spark somewhere in his being.

After surviving twenty-five harsh winters on the mountain slopes of Mount Emberstare, Azriel finally completed his trials and was ordained by the monks as a Paladin in service to the Raven Queen. He was then set loose to spread the word of his goddess, the teachings of his monk masters, and to test a new generation of strong survivors suited to serving the Ice Queen. Azriel, like his adoptive monk family, truly believes that he is fated to do many great and terrible deeds—deeds that will one day test the strength of all the world.

Created for Zillah due to a special request. This character has had the flavor of most of his abilities altered, though the mechanics are identical to existing abilities.

[deck=Baronai (2nd-level Elf Fighter)]

“My past matters not.”

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Baronai knew very little about living a common life. The only higher authority Baronai had to answer to was his family—particularly his parents, who were so busy with the administration of his birthright that they left his education and upbringing to trusted servants.

In his youth, Baronai toured the countryside from the back of a pillow-laden carriage, sipping freshly squeezed fruit juice from an ice-chilled carafe. He spent days taking lessons in the warmth and comfort of his personal chambers. When he wasn’t pursuing his own education, he diverted himself with games, music, theater, and flirtations. He attended elegant parties with properly coifed hair and manicured nails. Some would say that Baronai was blessed from birth, but he believes that the simple fact of his presence bestows a blessing upon others.

Having spent long hours working under the tutelage of a master swordsman, it was only natural that Baronai turned to the path of the adventurer after his noble family’s fall from grace. His family was ultimately destroyed by infighting and scandal. As the only truly innocent member of his family, Baronai represents the last remaining shred of his family’s former dignity, glory, and honor. In order to make up for his family’s mistakes, he has since become a bastion for goodness in the world.

[deck=Beiro (1st-level Half-Elf Warlord)]

“Stand and fight!”

Beiro is a half-elf warlord and an enthusiastic tactician. He has no aspirations to march at the head of an army; he is instead content leading a small band of friends in a quest for personal glory. Wealth is a welcome benefit of adventuring, and between adventures, he enjoys spending his time and wealth in the world’s cities. He wins friends easily, draws on a wide network of contacts to find adventuring opportunities, and can call in favors across the land.

A strong sense of compassion leads Beiro to aid those in need and alleviate their suffering in any way he can. Often he fights against evil forces that prey on the weak, whether the forces are bandits harrying caravans or Gnolls laying waste to farmsteads. He refuses to let fighting define him, however, and spends more time helping the victims of hardship than he does celebrating his successes.

[deck=Caramip (5th-level Gnome Rogue/Wizard)]

“Can you bullseye a target in mid-back flip before landing in a perfect one-armed handstand? How about escaping a heavily guarded cell while being watched by no less than four of the sheriff’s most astute guards? Perhaps you can pick any lock or any pocket without ever getting caught? …I thought not.”

Urban streets raised Caramip, a lonely orphan and street urchin. For years she earned a meager living as an expert knife thrower and acrobatic showman. Shortly after becoming an adult she ran afoul of the law and was imprisoned for a brief time to await trial. The trial never came. Caramip didn’t desire to be present for it, so she used her uncanny skills and connections on the street to make an escape. Word of her daring and resourceful escape traveled fast, but such stories tend to leave out the fact that she had lots of help from several friends who valued her skills too much to let her remain incarcerated.

Caramip is a very quite introvert who prefers not to interact with others unless interacted with first. Otherwise she has a friendly “feminine” demeanor, a good sense of humor, applies lots of dedication to her work, and gets along well in small groups. She also has a good grasp of her strengths and weaknesses and is a master of determining when a job or task may be better suited to someone else.

Although Caramip has the potential to be terribly violent, she nonetheless stands as a point of calm tranquility in the world. To her small group of friends, Caramip seems above the world’s tumult, present in their midst but clearly set apart by her very nature.

[deck=Crysis (2nd-level Tiefling Wizard)]

“Chill out for a bit.”

Crysis is a tiefling wizard torn between good and evil. She longs to fit into the human society in which she lives and would like to call herself genuinely good. At the same time, she fears that her soul is irretrievably tainted by the touch of evil—both the evil in her blood and the sinister nature of her obsession with arcane lore. She feels as if she is on a tightrope between good and evil and might eventually fall either way. Her companions recognize and trust him in the power she wields, and that trust has been enough on some days to keep her from making terrible mistakes. Her life is tormented, and though she believes she is called to a great destiny, she is not sure whether she will become a hero or a villain.

Crysis’ one desire is for power. She adventures in search of arcane lore and ancient artifacts that will increase her mastery of magic. She prays to Ioun because she sees knowledge as the key to power, but she is also drawn to the evil deity Vecna, wondering what power the god of secrets might offer her in exchange for her devotion.

[deck=Diesa (8th-level Dwarven Wizard/Ranger)]

“We north-folk are a hardy people!”

A warrior-wizard from the far North, Diesa’s brooding force of personality inspires more fear than loyalty. Unlike many of her kind, she grew up feeling apart from Dwarven society—having been raised on open tundra rather than in cramped underground caverns. She has always been a loner and is accustomed to relying only on herself.

Now that Diesa is part of an adventuring group, she is slowly learning to trust her companions, though she still shows little tolerance for their sometimes foolish behavior.

Diesa heavily favors freezing magic that can hinder her foes, allowing her or her allies to destroy or capture them by more conventional means.

[deck=Eddy (15th-level Human Warlock/Doomsayer)]

“My old age has brought me immense knowledge, my knowledge holds a great many dark secrets, and from those dark secrets I draw my power!”

Eddy long ago mastered the astrologer’s art, learning the secret names of the stars and gazing into the Far Realm beyond, gaining great power thereby. She can call upon powers that madden or terrify her enemies, manipulate chance and fate, or scour her foes with icy banes and curses drawn from beyond the night sky.

The many dark secrets she possesses long ago drove her to madness, however. As a result, she now wonders the land aimlessly with a group of wayward adventurers who take care of her so that they may better use her as a terrifying weapon of destruction. In her rare moments of lucidity, which only appears in times of great danger or suspense, Eddy shows a great deal of intelligence, wisdom, and caring for her would be companions. It is for that reason that she continues to allow herself to be manipulated, for only through her adventures can she truly find herself.

[deck=Gaia (1st-level Tiefling Rogue)]

“Tombs are my specialty.”

Gaia appears to be a beautiful young woman with long flowing hair and startlingly intense eyes. She has been blessed with smooth skin and a fine physical build. If it weren’t for the pair of horns, rows of sharp fangs, and snaking forked tongue in her mouth, Gaia would easily pass as human.

Gaia is a survivor who looks after herself first and foremost in all things. She cares little for others and tends to be very antisocial. Gaia has no tolerance for fools and is quick to abandon them to their own fates. Due to her tragic history, she has no compunctions against cheating, lying, or stealing if she can get away with it. Even so, she rarely does so out of concern for her own well being. In practice, she is quite a determined treasure hunter and tomb robber, rarely bothering to get in anyone’s way lest they go out of their way to cause her trouble.

In recent history, she has found herself staying at an inn in the small town of Winterhaven. From there she has been casing the nearby ruins of an old keep. Rumors abound of treasure therein has peaked her interest and the smell of gold draws her ever closer to yet another harrowing adventure.

[deck=Gobby (7th-level Goblin Rogue)]


A vicious little creature, Gobby is a mercenary who would happily stick his knife into someone’s back if there was gold to be had for it. He is excitable and energetic, never able to hold still for more than a moment at a time. The only thing stronger than his ferocious bloodlust and energetic drive is his greedy love of valuable shiny objects such as coins, gems, jewelry, and many magical items.

Though clearly an evil cretin, Gobby is sometimes employed by non-evil creatures that don’t wish to be directly involved in the bloody knife work that Gobby seems to love so much. Gobby will happily serve almost any master that treats him well and pays him fair—regardless of whether he is asked to serve as an assassin, bodyguard, debt collector, or generic thug. Generally, a steady supply of violence and shiny things is all Gobby needs to stay contented.

Gobby is never without his knife in hand.

[deck=Gordofan (22nd-level Human Fighter/Iron Vanguard/Demigod)]

“Stand before me and you’ll perish beneath me.”

Considered a king among the barbarian tribes of the world, Gordofan is said to be an invincible warrior. Originally hailing from a group called “the great eagle tribe,” Gordofan now roams the world as an everyman, helping out wherever he can. His triumphs long ago made him a great hero among men.

His legend began when his tribe was slaughtered by a horde of Orcs. Not even an adult at the time, Gordofan led a small band of survivors in a mission of revenge. They were killed to the man—leaving only Gordofan. The stories say Gordofan challenged the leader of the Orcs for the right to rule the horde and beat him in one on one combat, but historians often disagree with each other on the matter. What is known as fact is that Gordofan was not accepted as the horde’s new leader and was forced to flee for his life anyways.

Many years later Gordofan would unite and lead several impoverished barbarian tribes in a fierce war against the Orc horde. Still without a leader and wholly chaotic, the Orcs quickly fell to the furious onslaught and were forced out of the occupied valleys and back into their mountain homes. Gordofan is the only known individual to have been offered the position “chief of chiefs” among all the barbarian tribes—and to have turned it down without hesitation or regret.

[deck=Harmin (1st-level Dwarven Cleric of Erathis)]

“By honor of my ancestors, you shall go no further!”

Harmin is a dwarf cleric devoted to Erathis, the Great Inventor who formed civilization out of chaos and liberated the humanoid races from their barbarism. Swinging a maul engraved with the symbol of his god, Harmin stands next to his fighter companion, trusting in divine power, the chainmail he made himself, and his own natural resilience to protect him from his enemies. His dearest hope is to craft a legacy that will last through the ages, as beautiful and enduring as the finest dwarven jewelry—a legacy of peace and justice in this troubled world.

Harmin is a fighter at heart, last in a long line of noble warriors. Three generations ago, his family’s ancestral homeland was overrun by monsters and laid to waste, leaving Harmin with nothing but tales of ancient glory as his birthright. He has sworn that he will honor his ancestors one day by ridding the world of as many great and terrible monsters as possible, and that oath drives his every action. In the meantime, he serves as a constable in a small city, doing what he can to keep the peace and fend off the encroachment of outside evils.

[deck=Kallista (12th-level Tiefling Warlord/Paragon Warlock)]

“I bear this burden alone. You cannot save me.”

Kallista is a Tiefling warlock—and among the most cheerful and gregarious of her kind. The terrible powers she channels seem to leave no outward mark on her spirit or mind. She takes no delight in killing but uses lethal powers as a practical matter, to protect herself and her allies. She doesn’t often talk of the event that propelled her into a life of adventuring and a pact with dangerous beings: Without warning, a mysterious entity appeared to her and offered her power, in exchange for a favor to be named later. In what she still regards as a moment of folly, she accepted. Nightmares of her unknown future haunt her sleep, but she never speaks of them.

Due to her mysterious pact, Kallista is torn between good and evil. She longs to fit into the human society in which she lives and would like to call herself genuinely good. At the same time, she fears that her soul is irretrievably tainted by the touch of evil—both the evil in her blood and the sinister nature of her pact. She feels as if she is on a tightrope between good and evil and might eventually fall either way. Her companions recognize the good in her heart and trust her, and that trust has been enough on some days to keep her from sliding into evil. She is secretly tormented, and though she believes she is called to a great destiny, she is not sure whether she will become a hero or a villain.

Kallista prays daily to Bahamut, hoping that the dragon god will help her keep her commitment to live justly and honorably. She has no love for Bahamut’s priests and temples, but she feels a personal connection to the Platinum Dragon, which inspires her to acts of nobility and sacrifice. She leads a group of adventurers in strikes against evil forces but dreams of one day leading an army under Bahamut’s banner. In his name, she struggles to keep the violent temper and cruel streak fueled by her horrible power under tight control.

[deck=Kharzod (1st-level Dwarven Paladin of the Raven Queen)]

“Hand me my axe. It's time to introduce someone to the Queen.”

Kharzod is as mighty as he is venerable. For ages long past he has served the Raven Queen faithfully as a servant of Death. He actively hunts down cults of Orcus and destroys undead of all types across the land.

Kharzod is extremely taciturn—even for a dwarf. He is a perfectionist in all things—constantly looking to perfect his skills, no matter how trivial. Kharzod also happens to be an extremely proud warrior who suffers from delusions of grandeur. He is unwaveringly loyal to his deity and will not tolerate any insult to his Ice Queen.

Kharzod bears a large cloak of raven feathers—said to be a gift from his god to his great grandfather’s grandfather. He wears it with pride and intends to pass it down to his eldest son when his time in the living realms has come to an end.

[deck=Kobb (1st-level Kobold Paladin of Bahamut)]

“The RightsBlood may have survived the assault on my temple, but they won’t survive me!”

Kobb was taken in by a paladin of Bahamut while still a baby lizardling. Fearing incursions by neighboring Kobold clans, a temple of Bahamut launched a full out attack on their tribes in an attempt to forever exterminate the vermin from their lands. Though many other kobolds (eggs, lizardlings, male and females alike) were slaughtered mercilessly by various members of the church, one paladin didn’t have the heart to kill the young, even arguing with his brothers in arms that the young hadn’t yet learned of the vileness that so permeated the older Kobold’s hearts. As a result, the paladin took Kobb in under his protection, in order to protect him from the church’s wrath. Kobb was much too young to remember the events of his adoption.

Kobb grew up amidst the clergy at the temple of Bahamut under the paladin’s protection, never fully knowing the truth about how he came to live there. To all but his adoptive father, Kobb was a curiosity at best and an abomination at worst. Despite the unabashed feelings of his new “family,” Kobb nevertheless grew into a kind-hearted creature who lived to better the lives of those who sought aid from the temple.
One day, a hierophant as wise as he was ancient, a leader in the upper echelons of the church hierarchy, visited their humble temple and encountered little Kobb. Seeing Kobb’s unwavering dedication in the face of so much adversity (in the form of his fellows) and knowing a true believer in Bahamut when he saw one, the hierophant granted Kobb a rare honor: paladinship. Though he never asked for it, Kobb was nevertheless quite honored to be granted the ability to better help those in his care and he readily accepted the gift.

It was not to last, however. Many of the temple’s clergymen were outraged that such a lowly creature could be the recipient of such a great honor, when they themselves surely deserved it more. There was much infighting amongst the monks and priests. Ultimately, it would prove to be the cause of their downfall. Distracted by their petty squabbling the temple was completely unprepared for the attack: A massive army of kobolds from the South, enraged at the slaughter of their kin years earlier, banded several tribes together (calling themselves the RightsBlood Kobold Army) and attacked the temple in force. Caught off guard, the members of the temple were slaughtered to the last, including the wise hierophant and Kobb’s adoptive father. Kobb himself was ambushed from behind and seriously injured during the battle by an opportunistic cleric who had always despised his very existence.

Mistaken as a member of the RightsBlood, Kobb was taken to the far South by the surviving Kobolds where the most serious of his injuries were treated. When Kobb finally awoke in a desert cavern a week later, he fled, leaving many dead and confused Kobolds in his wake. Now Kobb is lost and alone in a strange land, being chased by hostile RightsBlood soldiers, and with nobody left to recognize his authority as a true paladin of Bahamut. No stranger to adversity and great challenges, Kobb has nevertheless vowed to somehow get revenge for his fallen “family” and to wipe the RightsBlood from the face of the world.

Should Kobb ever learn the truth about his violent past (as well as the treachery of his fellow priest) and the reason for the rampage of the RightsBlood army, his world as he has come to know it may well shatter—leaving him an empty vessel capable of doing great good or great evil. Should that time come, only Bahamut will be able to save his soul from self-destructing.

Created for Ace of Time due to a special request.
Here'e a few more characters for your viewing pleasure. :D


Krammer is a fierce kobold arcanist specializing in fire and ice magic. He was exiled from his clan after leading a coup de tat against their chieftain. After years of careful planning, Krammer managed to get close enough to burn his chieftain alive while he slept. Unfortunately, Krammer’s followers betrayed him shortly afterwards in an attempt to take control of the clan for themselves.

The entire coup de tat was set up by the leaders of the nearby town of Winterhaven who wanted to control the growing menace near their homes. Promises of wealth and power to the clan’s resident wizard, Krammer, was all it took to incite open rebellion. Though Krammer’s ability to take control of his clan ultimately failed, the sheer damage his civil war inflicted would ensure that his clan wouldn’t rise to be a significant threat to Winterhaven for several decades to come.

Krammer, having been betrayed by his own brethren, now continues to work closely with the town leaders as a pawn—determined to get revenge against his former brothers. Though allowed within town limits, Krammer, quite understandably, is not well liked amongst the local populace.

[deck=Lolyan (5th-level Eladrin Wizard)]

“Move or be moved.”

Lolyan is a stern, aloof young (for an Eladrin) magus who seeks out adventure in order to further his endless studies of arcane lore as it relates to warfare. Although his magic favors destructive powers of all kinds, he nonetheless stands as a point of tranquility in the world. To his small group of friends, Lolyan seems above the world’s tumult, present in their midst but clearly set apart by his nature.

Lolyan was trained from birth in the ways of magical warfare for the express purpose of leading his king’s army into battle. Before his training could be completed, however, Lolyan’s king was assassinated by an enemy agent. The king’s successor, fearing spies and saboteurs amidst his servants, exiled Lolyan and dozens of others from their homeland in the Feywild.

Having fallen in love with magical weapons of war, Lolyan strived to perfect them, and even invented his own personal constructs of war. Before long, Lolyan was making quite a living, developing magical weapons for the highest bidder.
In the evenings, while his companions set up camp and settle in to rest, Lolyan slips into a trance and, in his mind, walks among the ageless trees of the Feywild. He smiles at the impatience and impulsiveness of his allies, but they are almost as dear to him as his spellbooks and magical weapons.

[deck=Perrin (6th-level Halfling Ranger)]

“Take whatever booty you can find, but remember: the beast is mine!”

Perrin is a big game hunter who specializes in tracking down and slaying large beasts that pose a significant threat to nearby Halfling villages. He is a brave and honorable warrior who has long since proven to be quite skilled in the art of killing monsters. He is also a capable guide knowledgeable in the ways of nature and of protecting others from harm.

Perrin is an outgoing, boisterous, and affectionate youth, often getting himself dragged into other peoples’ troubles. He knows no fear and happily helps those in need, even at significant risk to his own wellbeing. Those people who work with Perrin long enough quickly learn of his kind nature and bold personality. Few have found reason to decry Perrin.

Several years ago, Perrin’s grandfather sent him to look for a distant branch of his family that had stopped responding to messages. Perrin found the whole clan had been killed, and he returned to bring the sad news to his family. From that time, he has been unable to stay in one place for long. He doesn’t know who or what killed his relatives and doesn’t dream of vengeance, but he hopes to do some good in the world that might somehow balance out the atrocity of their murders.

[deck=Prion (10th-level Human Fighter)]

“Stand against me villain!”

Prion is a brave soldier who fought honorably in no less than three major wars that threatened to destroy his homeland. Due to his valiant deeds, he has become an honorary war hero.

A brave warrior who believes in protecting his homeland, Prion is a kind and honorable gentleman who actively works to better the world wherever he can. He has a strong sense of ethics and morals, as well as a strict code of honor. Despite having the potential to one day be a great leader of men, Prion’s own modesty causes him to prefer following orders rather than giving them.

A retired veteran, Prion now travels across his homeland with other likeminded heroes looking for evil that may threaten their countrymen. Accustomed to fighting humanoid armies, the dark creatures that Prion now faces in the dark places of the world has caused him to come to the painful realization that the most dangerous threats to humanity do not necessarily work out in the open.

[deck=Pruuma (5th-level Bugbear Fighter)]

“When 300 pounds of estrogen and solid muscle tells you to get out of the way, you should listen.”

Pruuma is, for lack of a better description, an extremely dangerous and temperamental warrior. She serves as a mercenary in whatever army is willing to accept her. Unlike other bugbears, she is not one to be cowed by ogres, giants, and more powerful foes. If offered fair payment she serves them well enough, but she is intelligent enough to know when things are taking a turn for the worst. She rarely hesitates to leave a bad venture behind to its own fate, sometimes even leaving behind a deadly consequence for those who would dare cheat her.

The more barbaric, vicious humanoids being what they are (that is, lying cheating scum that could care less about the well being of their mercenaries), Pruuma has begun to find more and more work with civilized humanoids. Such groups all though stand-offish due to her heritage, often offer better benefits for a job well done.

When not working, Pruuma often travels the land looking for random brigands or monsters to kill in order to test her continually growing might. Though she has no real scruples of her own, Pruuma’s reputation is nevertheless beginning to grow as her deeds and personal tests of strength inadvertently betters the surrounding region’s livelihood more often than not.

[deck=Rhastha (6th-level Gnoll Warlord)]

“I’ll devour your heart!”

At a mere six and a half feet tall Rhastha is a runt of a Gnoll who grew up hating his tribal brothers as they would regularly torture and bully him on account of his small size. As a result, he grew to be one of the fiercest, most savage warriors of his tribe—who would one day be exiled after leading a coup de tat against his chieftain. Unfortunately, after the successful coup, Rhastha’s own followers betrayed him in an attempt to take control of the tribe for themselves. Despite being the strongest member of the tribe, even brave Rhastha could not handle twenty Gnoll marauders.

The entire coup was set up by the leaders of the nearby town of Winterhaven who wanted to control the growing menace near their homes. Promises of wealth and power to the tribe’s champion, Rhastha, was all it took to incite open rebellion. Though Rhastha’s ability to take control of his tribe ultimately failed, the sheer damage his civil war inflicted would ensure that his tribe wouldn’t rise to be a significant threat to Winterhaven for several decades to come.

Rhastha, having been betrayed by his own brethren, now continues to work closely with the town leaders as a “local troubleshooter”—a pawn determined to get revenge against his former brothers and reap the rewards promised him. Though he is allowed within town limits, Rhastha, quite understandably, is not well liked amongst the local populace.

I apologize for this background being so similar to Krammer's. The reason for it is that I made Krammer, then later on, one of my fellow players read it, loved it, and asked for permission to use the background for her Gnoll character she was making. There are some differences between the two texts, but they are relatively minor.

[deck=Syoukan (9th-level Human Cleric/Wizard of Bahamut)]

“I have located the target.”

Handsome is often heard in the same sentence as Syoukan’s name when spoken amongst the ladies. He has been blessed with smooth skin, chiseled features, high cheekbones, breathtaking green eyes, silky blonde hair, and a broad smile filled with pearly white teeth. His clothing can’t be described as anything less than regal. He is most often seen wearing an embroidered purple and white clerical vestment with a fancy green cloth cap at his head.

Syoukan is a wise and charming individual who has a great love of people, knowledge, and magic (in that order). When he sets himself onto an important task, his sheer determination is almost palpable. Many say that is why he is so good at his job. When his work gives him time, Syoukan is a very sociable person who actively uses his keen senses and guile to increase his fame and fortune amongst the local residents of his country.

Syoukan is a prominent member of the Church of Bahamut, a cleric of no small power, and an all around popular individual throughout his homeland. His popularity stems primarily from his job as a finder of lost people and items. He runs a small subsidiary of the local Finders Guild called “Syoukan Seeker Services” in which he and many volunteer followers (a number of talented bounty hunters, diviners, and inquisitives) all work together to solve kidnappings, discover the whereabouts of stolen goods, etc. Syoukan charges a nominal fee for his services, which varies based on the client in question. He always donates the proceeds to good causes such as furthering the goals of his church or personal organization.

I seemed to have lost the original copy of this character's portrait and I was forced to use a low resolution version that I happened to have. If anyone knows where this particular picture came from, please tell me so that I can put up a proper high resolution version of the pic.

[deck=Tharvonian (1st-level Human Paladin of Avandra)]

“For Avandra!”

Tharvonian is a slender looking young man, made larger by his ornate plate armor. He is a wondering paladin of Avandra, constantly seeking to spread his god’s good name by his heroic deeds. His slitted, amber eyes constantly gleam with menace. His appearance, however, is quite deceiving. In truth, he is quite hardy, with a natural kindness not in keeping with his threatening appearance. He has long straggly dark hair, which he usually keeps tied back so as to not detract his focus from whatever task may be at hand.

Tharvonian is generally as quite and calm as the morning dew. When filled with righteous anger, however, his temperament is more volatile and dangerous than a raging squall. He has no love of evil creatures and refuses to associate himself with anyone who may consistently offend his moral code. When forced to deal with such creatures, he does so harshly and without mercy. When around goodly people, however, Tharvonian prefers to remain in the background, allowing others to accomplish tasks for themselves—jumping in to help only when it is absolutely necessary. In this regard, Tharvonian modestly sees himself more as a guide than a hero.

[deck=Thorn (10th-level Warforged Wizard)]

“Bleed for me flesh-rat!”

Unlike most other Warforged, Thorn has a noticeable lack of metal and stone in his construction. He appears to be made almost entirely of wood. The masses of wooden sinew that compose most of his hide are punctuated with hundreds of protruding spikes which resemble wooden spines, giving him an extremely distinctive appearance. Whereas many Warforged are very burly and strong looking, Thorn’s build is gaunt and wiry.

Thorn is extremely arrogant, abrasive, and ostentatious. Thorn’s mind is only beginning to adapt to ideologies other than those taught by his master. Because of this, he has a severe disdain for most living creatures made of flesh and an outright hatred for any constructs physically emulating such creatures. He seldom speaks and generally doesn’t have anything nice or useful to say when he does.

Living as an arcane weapons experiment in a laboratory Thorn was closely watched all his life. He knew of nothing but what his Warforged creator had taught him. Although Thorn embraced the anti-flesh teachings of his racist master, he nevertheless hated the confines of his existence. He yearned to do and experience more.

When on an important mission for his creator, Thorn discovered a powerful ritual scroll involving teleportation magic. It was only then that he realized there was a way out. He later attempted the ritual, which failed tragically, causing him to appear in the middle of a solid mass only to be scrambled and shunted elsewhere before ending up in a temple in a far away land (disrupting several quiet worshippers in the process). The shock and trauma of the teleportation ritual shattered much of his memory and nearly destroyed him. His body was mended by the religious adepts present at the temple, but they could do little to repair his mind.

Thorn has barely tolerated his new life ever since. He remembers his teachings and beliefs, but he has no idea where they came from or why he believes in them. He no longer has any memory of his old home, his master and creator, or any of his past life. He also has no idea that his creator has already sent agents out to retrieve him before he can divulge any arcane secrets to his caretakers.

In an Eberron setting, Thorn's creator and former master is the Lord of Blades himself. Therefore, Thorn's anti-flesh beliefs are the teachings those of the Lord of Blades.

[deck=Tilion (1st-level Human Wizard)]

“Don’t think I won’t annihilate you beast!”

Tilion is a gruff and tumble wizard who likes to play rough—so much so that those who know him well will often joke that he is actually a dwarf that just happened to be born in a human’s body. Tilion heavily favors illusion magic that hinders his enemies’ ability to retaliate. The sense of control it grants him makes him feel powerful.

Tilion happens to be the last in a long line of noble wizards. Three generations ago, his family’s ancestral fortress was overrun by orcs and laid to waste, leaving Tilion with nothing but a signet ring and tales of ancient glory as his birthright. He has sworn that he will rebuild the fortress one day, and that oath drives his every action. In the meantime, his adventuring companions know they can rely on him completely, and someday he will rely on them to help him reclaim his kingdom.

[deck=Treborn (2nd-level Half-Elf Warlord)]

“Onward to victory! They cannot stand before us!”

Treborn is a half-elf warlord and an enthusiastic tactician. He has no aspirations to march at the head of an army; he is instead content leading a small band of friends in a quest for personal glory. Wealth is a welcome benefit of adventuring, and between adventures, he enjoys spending his time and wealth in the world’s cities. He wins friends easily, draws on a wide network of contacts to find adventuring opportunities, and can call in favors across the land.
Treborn is an accomplished harpsichordist and singer who often strums gentle melodies for his companions as they drift off and dream of calmer days. When it comes to music and social etiquette, Treborn is oft described as nothing less than a perfectionist. He is always striving to be better in both his mannerisms and music. Every word from his mouth is as calculated as the notes from his harpsichord.
Treborn most enjoys writing odes about his companions and this, more than anything else, is likely the reason he continues to face daring death each and every day.

[deck=Yogorin (2nd-level Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut)]

“I like the little bastards. They mean something to me. Especially Number Three! He’s a good fighter!”

As a young Dragonborn, Yogorin was disgraced for severely beating the local mayor’s son when he caught the bully attempting to **** a beautiful young woman. Choosing self-exile over trouble, he left his home, trained at a temple of Bahamut for several years until he was ordained as a paladin of justice, and then began traveling the world with high hopes and no regrets. To this day he uses his position as a paladin to earn enough money to better support his former wives and many children.

Over the years, Yogorin’s great strength won him many great successes and his reputation as a strong and honorable paladin has since become widespread. His popularity also netted him many wives and he has since sired over a dozen children. His families usually live simply, but he works hard to ensure they are always well cared for with clean shelter, hearty food, and warm clothes.

A break in normal Dragonborn tradition, Yogorin’s former wives raises his brood regardless of the child’s sex, while he is away earning enough money to support them all. Traditionally, Dragonborn wed to procreate. Although notable exceptions exist to this generality, wedlock ends as soon as the offspring from a union is three years old. If the parents have no reason to maintain proximity, one of them, usually of the same gender as the child, raises and trains that youngster in the ways of people, family, and clan. Even though Yogorin often jokes and whines about his women back at home, nothing truly matters more to him than his family and his faith.
Okay, here's Teryna's pic:

Also (not all are fantasy oriented):

Blood Rose (CoH):

1) Blood Rose is a hybrid of human and carnivorous-plant with a psuedo vampiric nature. She previously acted as the hero Rose, sidekick to the Japanese hero Centipede until both retired to scientific and familial pursuits. Her real name is Anno Yumi.

2) Blood Rose's husband was killed ten years before the Rikti Invasion by an attack squad of 5th Column agents seeking to steal her husband's suit and robotics technology and acquire her as a research subject. Her two children also went missing on that night.

3) Blood Rose is a talented botanist and genecist and continually manipulates her own DNA to achieve different results from her base coding.

4) BR's powers developed after she used an extract from a flower she'd never seen before to attempt suicide. Her transformation caused her to be thrown out of her aristocratic family onto the streets (they assumed she was a demon replacement). She was homeless until she stumbled onto the paid job of helping her future husband in his heroing.

5) BR is less a superhero and more a warrior. She has no compunction about killing if she has to, though she has broken off a pursuit in order to save a civilian in the past. She is a very brutal enemy. She has dipped much more into her predatorial nature and her families history of violence and anger since her families destruction.


1) Blood Rose wants to find her children.

2) BR wants to obliterate the people that took her family from her. Since the Council subsumed the 5th Column, she's taken to hunting them down.


1) Blood Rose is a Devouring Earth mutation that somehow kept most of her humanity both mentally and physically. She apparently came from one of the Hamidon's early experiments with sentient bacteria. She's only recently discovered this fact and has since started keeping more control of her rage in order to avoid becoming a monster like the hamidon. She is also uncertain whether she's really the original Anno Yumi, or if she's the bacteria colony that have convinced themselves that they're Anno Yumi, or some combination of the two. (she is sort of a merger, the original Anno Yumi had some genetic mental disorders that would have made her more villain than hero) The more common DE monsters refer to her as "The Undevoured"

2) BR's children (son and daughter) are alive. Her daughter is a budding plant controller and her son is a willpower tanker with a liking for axes.

3) BR is afraid she cannot die.


1) BR has a laundry list of contacts all across the American city of Paragon City, Rhode Island

2) BR's birth family are samurai with connections to the yakuza and the gangster organization known as the Tsoo and they have figured out that she's a hero. (though she's far more powerful than most of them now, 50 scrapper)


1) BR remembers her first love rebuffing her angrily and her subsequent attempted suicide. She also remembers the burning desire to stay alive that came immediately after.

2) She remembers being exiled by her own family and living as a teenager on the streets for five years

3) She remembers her early years as a hero and her romance with the hero Centipede leading to her wedding and the birth of her children

4) She remembers the night her family was scattered and the bitter months of recovery that followed.
Here are the major Evil Gods of my campaign, the Seven.

The Ten-Minute Background of The Seven Fallen Lords

Step 1: Background and concepts

1) The gods know known as The Seven Fallen Lords, (or sometimes the Seven Demon Lords or Seven Devil Lords, though this is something of a misnomer) are the primary evil deities of Erithorian religion. Which evil deities are considered part of this number changes according to culture, but the currently accepted roster of The Seven in the remnants of the Kelsenon empire are:
  • The Lord of The Nine, Asmodeus--Evil God of Strife, Deception, and Tyranny. The greatest of the Seven Fallen, ruler of the Nine Hells, once ruler of all heaven.
  • The Bane, Ba'al Nebrekon--Evil God of War and Conquest. Once the mightiest warrior, now a tyrant and bully who seeks control of all the world.
  • The Nightmare Prince, Verkinx Kazrael--Chaotic evil God of Terror, Madness, and Nightmares. Kazrael was once the patron of the fey, and creator of the Eldar races with his consort Lolth before he went insane. His madness drove the Eladrin to rise up against him, causing the split in the elven race.
  • The Queen of Sin, Lilith--Chaotic evil Goddess of Sin, Vice, and Lust. Once a patron of love and artistry, Lilith fell to a love of excess cruelty. She is the patron of the Yaun-Ti in Zehir's absence, though she is less scheming and more hedonistic in her outlook.
  • The Spider Queen, Lolth--Evil Goddess of Treachery, Spite, and Fate. She was once a Goddess of magic and destiny before her fall, but became bitter and jealous of the other gods over a perceived lack of status.
  • The Black Wizard, Lucius Vecna--Evil God of Secrets and Shadows. Originally an Exarch of the God Zehir, he murdered the Patient One and stole his power, becoming one of the Nine Heroes for a time, until he betrayed the Nine during the Hundred years' Chaos, corrupted Gruumsh, and was exiled to the Shadowed Hell.
  • The Dark Reaper, Orcus--Chaotic Evil God of Death, Slaughter, and Destruction. Once the keeper of the River of Time, The Dark Reaper fell to greed and began hording souls. He was killed by the Nine Heroes, but accidentally resurrected by The Raven Lord

There are other evil gods who are sometimes numbered along these, such as The Great Beast, Gruumsh (once one of the Nine, but went evil and was slain by Rogar MaCwellen before his ascension to godhood) and The Patient One, Zehir (who betrayed the Seven and joined the Nine, only to be slain by his Exarch Lucius Vecna).

2) The Seven created the mortal races, and were once venerated as heroes and benefactors, along with the Great Dragons and the Elemental Titans. The Seven saved the world from the great Demonic invasion at the beginning of time, but over the centuries fell to their own flaws. The Elemental Titans and the Great Dragons rose up to oppose them when their evil manifested, but the Seven won and entrapped them in the Elemental Tempest, then turned to rule the world with iron grips.

3) Eventually, the mortals who served them rose up in rebellion. Nine champions arose from the Mortal Races and fought the Seven, who had grown too distant and petty to aid each other. This great war, known as the March of the Nine, saw the Seven deposed or slain (one turned traitor and sided with the Nine). Those that survived were locked in the Seven Hells, prisons that had been constructed for the Demons but abandoned when the Demons retreated to the Abyss.

4) Since their defeat, The Seven have tried to escape. The Dark Reaper was resurrected and went on a rampage that destroyed a continent, while Zehir tried to manipulate the Nine from behind the scenes until his death at the hands of his own ambitious Exarch. Each of the Seven maintains a cult which tries to free them from their prisons.

5) During the current separation of the Gods from the World, the cults of the Seven have grown in power. They are taking advantage of the great conference of the Gods to promote their own worship as active deities and convince their cultists to free them.

Step 2: Goals

1) The Seven are the Enemies of the Nine, because every good pantheon needs at least one bad seed to work mischief. I also liked the idea of an older generation of gods overthrown by a younger, as you see in so many myth cycles. The names of the various gods have changed over the years, and now that 4th edition has arrived I can rename some of them yet again.
2) The goals of the Seven as a group are simple: get free, destroy the usurpers who took their thrones, and rule the world. Naturally, each of the Seven has different methods and preferred agents they use as tools.

Step 3: Secrets

1) The Seven are truly immortal. Destroy one of them, and their spirit can hang around to cause mischief. the Raven Lord was possessed by the Dark Reaper and encouraged to resurrect him, while Zehir organized his own assassination and possessed Vecna in order to make himself seem like a lesser threat while he organized the attempted coup of the Nine that resulted in the Hundred Years' Chaos (an attempt which ultimately failed).

2) The Seven are the third generation of gods. The Second Generation, which largely attends to the needs of running the universe rather than the needs of mortals and thus are not worshiped, have been bickering about what to do with their wayward children for eons. The Lord of Time sides with the Nine Heroes, and believes his children should remain locked in their hells until they have learned their lesson. The Lady of Life, however, sides with her children, and resents the mortals that pretend to her "little darlings" rightful place in the universe.

3) The Seven went evil because of influence from the Far Realms, influence which created the Demons in the first place and seeks to undermine all creation and return everything to primal chaos. If this evil influence could be expunged, it might be possible to redeem the Seven, but such a task would be a beyond epic undertaking.

Step 4: Contacts

1) Though the Seven have no divine allies (they see all the other "mortal" gods as usurpers and beneath notice), there are angels who side with them, believing them to be the rightful rulers of the universe. Most of the Angels who sided with the Seven were locked away with them, becoming the race of Devils.
2) Each of the Seven have their own preferred servants, though. For example, The Dark Reaper uses undead, while The Nightmare Prince is served by evil fey creatures.
3) The Seven are the sworn enemy of The Nine Heroes, and both groups of gods work to undermine the efforts of the other. While the Seven despise all gods that are not themselves, the Nine have earned their unremitting hatred.

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

(Any comments on Teryna above?)

Yeighdra Blackthorne (Wizard or Warlock, probably MC - Cleric)

Step 1:

1 - Yeighdra is the heir to a noble house. The current holder of the land is a uncle not in the direct line of succession, he made a pact with the forces of the dead to gain power.

2 - Yeighdra walks with a cane and a limp because one of her legs was crippled by undead when, as a child she was being carried away from her lands to keep her safe from her uncle.

3 - Yeighdra is a Good person, but somewhat fanatical about seeking the destruction of the undead and can forget people when that obsession takes over.

4 - She is a very driven person, rarely smiling and rarely pleasant, but she helps people when she can.

5 - Yeighdra is a bit reckless and prone to making snap decisions.


1 - revenge against her uncle

2 - obliteration of the undead


1 - Yeighdra has made an intensive study of the necromantic arts.

2 - Her Uncle is an ancient warlock from far back in the line's history who is posing as a more recent scion


1 - Her mentor, a much-more easy going wizard who often warns Yeighdra about her intense personality

2 - The former captain of her guards who is the one that escaped with her from the night her family was killed.

3 - An elven thief (rogue or other) who she stumbled on recently and has helped her and been helped in turn.

Memories (later)
Stray - I love your pantheon - very unique but following many "historical" mythological patterns.

The sheer detail built up over the course of all your posts here, and to a certain extent the style of your world reminds me of the series of books "Tales from the Malazan Book of the Fallen" One of my favorite series. (incedentally the author lives in my city :D ) Are you familiar with this series? If not I think you would enjoy them - the Malazan world actually formed from the author's GURPS game many years ago, which was formed to the point of pseudo-realism in its detail - much as your world seems to be doing (in scope anyway)

BTW - Love the Nightmare Prince
Stray - I love your pantheon - very unique but following many "historical" mythological patterns.

The sheer detail built up over the course of all your posts here, and to a certain extent the style of your world reminds me of the series of books "Tales from the Malazan Book of the Fallen" One of my favorite series. (incedentally the author lives in my city :D ) Are you familiar with this series? If not I think you would enjoy them - the Malazan world actually formed from the author's GURPS game many years ago, which was formed to the point of pseudo-realism in its detail - much as your world seems to be doing (in scope anyway)

BTW - Love the Nightmare Prince

Except that in his books, all the demons are flesh, blood and can be killed. The seven remind me more of the d'ivers god that was summoned by the nameless ones and regenerated more of themselves by killing.
Stray - I love your pantheon - very unique but following many "historical" mythological patterns.

The sheer detail built up over the course of all your posts here, and to a certain extent the style of your world reminds me of the series of books "Tales from the Malazan Book of the Fallen" One of my favorite series. (incedentally the author lives in my city :D ) Are you familiar with this series? If not I think you would enjoy them - the Malazan world actually formed from the author's GURPS game many years ago, which was formed to the point of pseudo-realism in its detail - much as your world seems to be doing (in scope anyway)

BTW - Love the Nightmare Prince

The Nightmare Prince was one who got the most detail in our previous games, so naturally he became one of the most compelling of the Seven...and he's a blast to play with.

I'm not familiar with this series, but I think I'll pick it up when I get a chance. Sounds interesting, and I might get a few new ideas.

Remember that this world was built up in fits and starts over the course of about 10 years now, so some detail is bound to show through. Also, I've had the chance to retcon and refine things over the years as new ideas occurred to me and new game ideas were presented. Also, I have a degree in English, a few classes of world mythology study, and a love of Neil Gaiman to help me along, so I'm glad to have my work appreciated. Thanks for commenting!

Any other parts of the world you'd like me to expound on for my next few posts? I don't have that many major NPCs left to detail (Victoria Montaire, and a couple more PCs are next on my agenda, but after that I'm going to be digging into minor characters and world background).

Except that in his books, all the demons are flesh, blood and can be killed. The seven remind me more of the d'ivers god that was summoned by the nameless ones and regenerated more of themselves by killing.

The history of the Seven is long, tragic, and rather complicated, but I'm curious to hear more about these di'vers gods. What makes them similar to the Seven other than the regeneration bit?

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

The history of the Seven is long, tragic, and rather complicated, but I'm curious to hear more about these di'vers gods. What makes them similar to the Seven other than the regeneration bit?

Well it's been a while since I read the book with them in it, but like the seven, I think there was seven of this god aswell, but like them he was locked up, although unlike these gods he isn't truly immortal, since he is eventually killed before he can rengerate after he was released by the cult.
Like Gabryl said, I don't know if you've ever read the book but basically he's a god of shapeshifter, but is several different bodies with a single mind, like a hive of bees; and the creature is never fully desribed but think of a hug reptillian dog.
But as far as I recall the god was locked away using different warrens of magic (like necromancy, evocation, etc) by the elder gods before they vanished.
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