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The Ten-Minute Background of Damien The Risen, Deva Invoker and Former Exarch

Step 1:

1) Damien was never born. Created as a warrior combining the strengths of orcs and men, he was raised under the care of an orc tribe that served as the guardians of The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow, a terrible school of necromancy. He was trained in the clerical ways of The Reaper, and turned into a weapon of dark powers.

2) But love redeemed him. He fell in with an adventuring group operating out of the small town of St. Clarice, and fell for an elven priestess of the Goddess of Life, Minora. When she fell in battle, he turned against everything his training and his god demanded he do, and took great pains to have her raised from the dead. His dark god, angered at this violation of his tenants, stripped him of his powers, and would have stripped him of his life as well, if another had not intervened.

3) The Grim Man, Lord of the Dead, snatched Damien from the Reaper's bony grasp, and offered the cleric a chance for life, provided he serve him and forswear his former evils. This Damien did, and he went on to have many adventures with the adventuring band. These adventures lead to his death on several occasions, but he always managed to find a way back to the mortal world, until finally he was offered the ultimate prize: true immortality as his god's right-hand servant, if only he would prove his absolute loyalty by undertaking a harrowing journey into the heart of the Abyss itself. He undertook this trial, and learned many valuable lessons while acting as The Grim Man's emissary. He returned to the mortal plane, truly undying, and continued his adventures.

4) And then his world ended. Deep within the Halls of Nightmare, a threat had been growing, and two worlds were poised to smash together. The Region of Dreams grew too close to the waking world through the influence of The Nightmare Prince, and the danger threatened all of reality. Damien and his companions entered the Halls of Nightmare, and faced the Nightmare Prince, but their struggle was in vain. Damien awoke in the Ghostlands, killed again, as his world collapsed around him.

5) But all was not lost. He found himself tossed to a parallel world, granted a rare second chance to avert the calamity by the Lord of All Time himself. He found himself reincarnated in The Shadowfell, given a new form but stripped of his mightiest powers. He also encountered this world's version of his god, The Raven Lord, who, interested in this gypsy of a strange and distant world, tasked him with proving himself worthy of regaining his title of Exarch. This has sent him on a collision course with members of a band of adventures, strangely like the people he once knew, and yet subtly different...

Step 2:

Short: Damian's immediate goal is to get acquainted with the new world that he's found himself in, getting to know old friends and acquaintances from a new perspective.

Long: Damien's ultimate goal is to work his way back to godhood, as his tastes of divinity have left him starving for more.

Player: My goal is for Damian to get involved in as many godly intrigues as possible.

Step 3:

1) Damien doesn't remember everything about his past, but he knows that he is in another world not unlike his own. He also feels that he shouldn't reveal this information.

2) Damian knows he has been referred to as "The Neverborn," and that this figures into some prophecy about a figure who would "master death," but he knows no more than tantalizing hints about what this destiny may have in store for him.

Damian has a shard of The First Child within him. He was created originally not as a warrior, but to try and fulfill the Neverborn prophecy. This prophecy indicates that the Final Secret of Creation, which was kept by The First Child up until his death, would be revealed by one of his descendants. The First Child died without any direct descendants, however. Placing a piece of The First Child's soul in a mortal host was thought to be a path to obtaining this legendary Final Secret, but the experiment was initially judged a failure.

The Raven Lord of this world is less neutral and more evil than the Grim Man of his past association. This revelation may prove a bitter blow for the reincarnated champion.

Step 4:

1) Damian doesn't know anyone on this plane, not really. He sees familiar faces on many strangers. Only the Ravens sent by his god provide him with any sort of comfort.

2) That said, he has bonded with a cleric of the Raven Lord named Tamasin. He feels the cleric is somewhat naive and too blind in her faith, but he's working at slowly showing her the truth.

3) Damian has met a doppelganger, a dragonborn bearing his own name but with completely inverted ethics, and has vowed to destroy him.

Step 5:

mannerisms, description, personality
1) Height: 6’2” Weight: 250 Lbs. Damian’s right eye is a smoke colored orb, his left is a glowing blue pool of soul essence. Damian’s skin is black like a moonless midnight, with red undertones that show when light touches him. The red is roughly the color of a scab. Damien is bald. He has a stomach length goatee kept braided and tied.

2) Damian loves life, he loves good food, strong drink, and knowing he has good friends. With recent events the friend situation is being re-evaluated. Damien when not working is something of a hedonist. One of his biggest weaknesses is pretty women. If the situation allows for it he very much will mix business and pleasure. The better portion of the time business is pleasure. Damien will fight to the death (or something kinda like undeath) for the things he believes in. Damien is slowly learning how to run away when appropriate.

3) Damian probably doesn't like you.

design notes
Damien is one of our PCs. In point of fact, this character is meant to be his old one, translated into 4e. Damien had a long, interesting career of adventuring, which culminated in him being invested with direct divine powers. This was why Invoker appealed to the player. Originally, Damien was a half-orc, but when his player saw the Deva race, he immediately went "This is how I picture this whole thing working!" He was sold on the background of the race, especially the reincarnation aspect. It works because in the previous campaign Damian dies and was brought back more times than Jean Grey. We used to joke he'd come back in 1d10 days before he gained the ability to do just that.

Damian's player tried to create another version of the character previously, but though he created the character as a dark, twisted spellcaster he wasn't truly satisfied, and he later had to leave the game due to RL issues. The Invoker preview was what brought him back and spurred him to find a justification for his character coming from the previous campaign to this one.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
You're welcome :D

I've actually been asked to write up backgrounds for at least one other character in the group, and this is the exact method I will be using. I might take some of my other, older characters from other campaigns and write them up this way for all to see.

Please do. It's nice to get more repeat posters here!
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
Italics denote quote from level 30 Chali

Chali, The Lost Avenger of Sephanine
"When I first started this journey I was an agent of my god. Now I am that, and much more..."

Step 1
"I am the end of darkness, the destroyer of light. I am the shade of your destruction." - Oath of Enmity
Beliefs, Personality and Quirks
1) Chali doesn't know she's a drow. Her monastery included Elves, Eladrin and Drow but they were all refered to as Elves, so she sees each of those races as one race.
2) Chali believes those who are too good will kill themselves with selflessness and those that're too evil will end up destroying their friends. Therefore she seeks balance between these two 'ideals'.
3) Chali thinks anyone who doesn't worship either Corellon, Sephanine or Lolth is completely deluding themselves, as she views these three as the only gods worthy of worship.
4) Chali scoffs at all attempts to claim Lolth betrayed Corellon or her god.
5) Chali soon grows to see her allies a family in a near maternal way.
Step 2
"I wanted to know what happened to my people... now, that's the one thing I want to forget."
1) Chali longs to return to her monastery.
2) Chali conversely has always wanted to witness the rest of the world.
3) [Player] I want Chali to save at least one of her allies from death.
Step 3
"I kept it secret for so long, but a least now I know it was not my fault..."
1) Chali killed a Eladrin friend out of anger, but made it look like an accident. This secret fuels her rage at anyone suggesting Drow are inherently evil.
2) Chali's monastery was attack by illithids, and destroyed. That's why she doesn't remember anything since her last patrol session she's shut the aberrant horrors out of her conscious mind.
Step 4
"Sariel... I wish she could of had a life of her own... and poor Lucan. And, damn that Soveliss, we could have helped eachother, but... I suppose what has passed has passed."
Enemies and Allies
1) Soveliss was once a Eladrin ally of Chali, but he also escaped from the monastery. He's knows, although Chali doesn't know he knows, that Chali killed one of her friends at a young age and since learning about the modern situation of elves, believes Chali is inherently evil.
2) Lucan is an Elf peer of Chali, but unlike her was not let go of by the Mind Flayers. Lucan is being held as a thrall by the Mind Flayers that attacked the monastery.
3) Sariel the ghost of the friend Chali killed as a child, however she's near divinely gifted with forgiveness and was brought into her present state not by malice, but by Chali's guilt. She seeks to bring a final ease to Chali's dark secret.
Step 5
"My mortal life was richer than most of my kind, and far shorter as well. But... I still have a few things to do."
1) First and foremost Chali remembers killing Sariel in a fit of rage when she was little. She remembers it was over Sariel stealing her favorite doll, she attacked the girl and my happenstance the fall was rough enough to crack her skull and cause her to bleed to death.
2) Chali remembers her investiture of divine power. She saw the three gods of elven kind and Sephanine stepped out and touched her soul investing her with divine power. This isn't -actually- what happened but her experience.
3) Chali briefly remembers being in love for a short time with a young initiate, but she didn't pursue her passion because of the age difference. She wants to experience love again, but not have to hold it back
Aw, man. Chali's story's got to be one of the most tragic, and well-written backgrounds I've ever read. Kudos.
Aw, man. Chali's story's got to be one of the most tragic, and well-written backgrounds I've ever read. Kudos.

Well thank you. I do my best to make character others will enjoy in game. Getting someone to enjoy them out of game is rather pleasant. :D
The Ten-Minute Background of Notre Dame

Step 1: "Welcome to the White City, Adventurers! Please, enjoy your stay. Now, while your taxes are being assessed, let me inform you of the few minor rules and laws you will be expected to obey while in town..."
--Notre Dame gate guard, standard greeting for adventuring parties.

1) Notre Dame is the religious and spiritual heart of Coralton, and the second largest city in the country. It was an independent city-state during The Hundred Years Chaos, but was incorporated into the Republic shortly after the Army of Darkness was banished.

2) It began as a fortress garrison, guarding pioneers heading across The Gash Bridge. Originally located on the North Rim, the garrison was forced to relocate across the bridge after the fall of The Kelsenon Empire and the invasion of The Army of Darkness.

3) It grew into a strong power after the Hundred Years Chaos ended, and established itself as a major overland trading route, as going around The Gash is a long, dangerous affair. It was incorporated into Coralton during the First Trade War, after successfully fending off an invasion from Calyeron.

4) Aside from it's military might, it is known as the Spiritual Heart of Coralton. The Holy Cathedral Of Our Nine Heroes, the seat of the Great Church of Cyra Morwyn, relocated here after the destruction of Argius, the capital of Kelsenon. This makes Notre Dame the headquarters of the Great Church itself.

5) Nearly a quarter of a century ago, a black dragon attacked the city during the 150th anniversary of Coralton's founding. Once every seven years since, on Summerend, the dragon has returned, raining death and destruction on the city. No motive for these attacks have been discerned, but the dragon keeps appearing, claiming more lives and property, and then vanishing by sundown.

Step 2: "Such a majestic vista...ruined by such squalor. Really, we should just clear these undesirables out of here. We would be so much better without these unwashed masses." --A noble, commenting on The Gash and the poor who live in The Dragon's Wake

1) Notre Dame is a city of adventure that I plan on showing off later in the campaign. it's the home of several adventurers, so I felt like expanding on it.

2) Notre Dame also touches on some reoccurring themes in my game, namely that power tends to corrupt.

Step 3: "Ack! The horns! Run, Henri, run! The dragon approaches!"

1) The Dragon. Don't know this secret yet.

2) Some wonder at the longevity of Monique DuParis, who has been involved and active in Church affairs for well over two centuries. She is known to be over two-hundred and fifty years old, and has yet to show signs of The Madness, the terrible curse that claims the minds of the oldest eladrin. The truth is that she has managed to avoid succumbing to the madness by paying a terrible price--she is a Baelnorn, a form of eladrin lich. She suffers constant pain from being within the grounds of the Great Cathedral, but she has accepted that as the price she pays for her immortality. Her sister would be horrified if she found out, but Lady Elaine is suffering her own burden. Because though Lady Elaine tries to hide it, she is becoming lost to the Madness, slowly but surely. And she's terrified of what might happen if she finally loses control.

3) Despite the presence of Coralton's military and the influence of the Great Church, Notre Dame's city council is greedy and corrupt. They heavily tax the people to line their own pockets, and the city guard often functions as personal enforcers for certain nobles. This is due to the influence of the Dragon Claws, the city's powerful thieves guild. The military doesn't much care, because the Dragon Claws do not provoke them and having the nobles corrupt in self-serving keeps them from being rebellious and entertaining thoughts of declaring Notre Dame independent of Coralton's rule.

Step 4: "Mournhollow. That stain is spreading more every day. We must root the necromancers out and destroy them before they kill us all." --Idle chatter in The Ravenblade Tavern

1) The neighboring city of Cliffport, across the Gash, is one of Notre Dame's major trading partners. It is also one of the city's major rivals. It's a case of smiling to the face while plotting to stab in the back. On both sides--Notre Dame isn't above making noises about possible annexation.

2) Coral Town, the capital of Coralton and the largest port city in the region, is another major trade partner. Notre Dame gets along much better with it than Cliffport, mostly because Coralton's army is camped out inside its walls. Some hardliners have done some saber-rattling about kicking out the army and returning to independence, but these voices grow fewer in number with every passing year.

3) The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow is a fortress located somewhere in The Gash. It serves as a training ground for necromancers dedicated to The Dark Reaper. The Great Church has hunted for the exact location for years, but they have never been able to find it. Undead attacks are a regular occurrence as the amoral necromancers unleash their "experiments" on the city. Many believe the dragon Blackfire is under their thrall.

Step 5: "Greetings, Your Eminence. I am humbled to be in your presence. I bring news from the south." --A courier, to Supreme Matriarch Monique DuParis.

Important NPCs
1) The Daughters of The Dawn, a pair of Eladrin twins, are the most powerful spiritual leaders in Coralton. Her Eminence Monique DuParis is the Supreme Matriarch of The Great Church, while her sister, Lady Elaine DuParis, is the Grand Champion of the Knights of the Holy Temple, the Great Church's paladin order. Together they have overseen the Great Church for over two hundred years.

2) Antoine Deveraux is a charming and charismatic half-elf courtier, who keeps his finger on the pulse of the nobility of Notre Dame. He is witty, handsome...and utterly ruthless if crossed. His enemies seem to just "vanish," when they aren't found at the bottom of the Gash.

3) No one has had more of an impact on the city than Blackfire, the enraged black dragon that haunts the city. Every seven years for the last two and a half decades Blackfire has descended on Notre Dame, destroying great swaths of the city for no apparent reason. Many suspect the dragon is somehow under the control of the necromancers of Mournhollow and is actually a dracolich. Several adventuring teams have tried to find the dragon's lair and destroy her, but they have never returned.

Step 6: "You may, perhaps, be correct, sir. *slick* But know that, as you die, a dragon's fangs, not its claws, are its most dangerous feature." --A Dragon Fangs assassin to a target.

Interesting Facts
1) The Gash Bridge was one of the most impressive accomplishments of the Kelsenon Empire, spanning a full mile across The Great Gash. It was damaged by the Army of Darkness, but repaired with help of dwarves fleeing Keregorn after the appearance of The Great Beast.

2) The Bastille is a prison located three day's journey from Notre Dame. It was built on an earthmote and developed to be the most secure prison in three countries. It was built to house the worst mass criminals in Coralton, criminals who are a danger to the population at large but who cannot be killed, either because of immortality pacts, suspicious circumstances surrounding their incarceration, or political connections. Every inmate of this prison is evil, mad, or dangerous to some degree.

3) The Dragon Claws, the city's long-lived criminal underground, has recently been thrown into turmoil. A splinter group calling itself the Dragon Fangs has split off from the main body, and the two factions are struggling for dominance in the shadows. The Dragon Claws are a more conservative and greedy group, while the Dragon Fangs are more violent and take larger risks.

Design Notes
Notre Dame is a big city, and in the previous campaign I was doing a lot of design work for it in preparation for the adventures the party would get into there. However, the camapaign ended before they arrived there. *sigh*. So, in the interest of not letting things go to waste, I kept most of it and dusted it off for this new campaign. I expect many of their Paragon-tier adventures will take place using Notre Dame as a base, the way St. Clarice is their base now.

I chose Notre Dame because it was mentioned in my campaign hand out and a number of my players decided to use it as their home city. I like using player input, so I expanded on it. It's a fair bit more detailed than my original notes, which just noted "city on the edge of a canyon attacked by a dragon every seven years."
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
Krisiun Direwald

A Male, Human/Dhampyr, Pursuing Avenger
Motto: "Your time in this world has expired. Kelemvor awaits your arrival"

If you think it is possible to outrun his Great Sword...fine. You'll just be struck down by his friend the crossbow :D


It was 22 years ago in a town called [generic ville] The moon was full and no cloud to be seen. For several weeks there had been vampire sightings in the area resulting the mayor to initiate a curfew. In the dark empty streets was a woman on her way home filling the air with soft clicks with each step on the cobblestones beneath her. A shade was following her from the rooftops and jumped down on her. The woman cried out in pain as the fangs of this stranger penetrated her neck as he held her in a tight embrace. Her screams had alerted a nearby patrol of guards and they came rushing to her aid. Their swords wounding the vampire until it stopped feeding and ran away. The guards didn’t pursue the vile creature of the night, but instead turned their intention the woman. She had collapsed, but was still breathing and thus they quickly carried her to the local temple.

The heavy doors flung open as the guards placed the woman on the alter while another went to call for the priest. Shortly a wiry man in the robes of Pelor walked up to them and examined the woman. Her wounds healed, but she had lost a lot of blood. Everyone sighed in relief that this citizen in the vampire haunted town was safe. Not many were so fortunate. But not all was well as soon as the priest expressed his worries about the child inside the woman’s womb. The woman had lost a lot of blood and there was a chance that there might’ve been a casualty that night after all. Only time could tell.

Several weeks passed by and the pregnant woman and her child were healthy. She had told her husband about the horrific attack and decided not to tell their newborn son about it. Unfortunately fate had something else in mind for the mother. Slowly she started to change and showed traits of a vampire. The villagers were afraid this woman had become one of the monsters that haunt their town and took her life by force.

Shocked by events the father had to raise his son by himself. It took time to convince the villagers that he and his offspring were no vampires, nor in league with those beasts. Eventually it all turned back to “normal” and years went by. Krisiun grew up like any other child. Happy, uncaring and unknowing of the past surrounding his birth. His father Joran tried to give his son all the love he could even though images of past troubled him every time his eyes glanced upon Krisiun.

When Krisiun was seven years of age the vampiric heritage started to manifest over time within him. His skin started to become pale, but it was brushed off as lack of sun. Then he started to show extra strength at times which Joran explained by youthful strength and that the boy was taking after him. But the old man knew better and got more worried and troubled each passing day. Eventually the transformation seemed to has reached its pinnacle, but even though Krisiun had certain vampire abilities he had not become one of them. Joran took his son to see the old priest of Pelor for a consult. After careful consideration and experimentation the priest was baffled. The young boy was not harmed by Pelors blessings nor did the boy seem to be any harm to others. Still he feared that what was not yet present could still turn up some day. Those worries spread among town and parents kept their children away from Krisiun. Quickly the Direwald’s had become social outcasts. Were it not for the priest’s support the community would’ve dealt with them just like they did in the past.

The news spread and reached a monastery hidden deep within the nearby mountains. A small congregation of two individuals set out to meet with the Direwald’s. There they sat in the living room. A female elf wearing long white robes with golden outlining accompanied by a slender man with wolf features dressed in a black robe and silver outlining came to speak with Joran about his son. They were from an order pledged to the god Kelemvor and had taken oaths to deal with those that to not abide to the balance of death. Undead, vampires and more were vile monstrosities that had to be dealt with. At first Joran was afraid that they had come to take his sons life, but soon it became clear that they wanted to harbor Krisiun. The order wanted to raise the child in their monastery not mentioning their other motives. Joran was eventually convinced and made the difficult decision of sending his son to the monastery. Krisiun didn’t understand why he had to leave his father as he was carried away by the wolf featured man in black and his companion the elf lady.

A ten day had passed by before the travelers reached the monastery of the Order of the Dead Covenant. They walked through wide stoned hallways and arches until they entered a large open area. Krisiun was introduced to an old dragonborn called Donaar. He was an old dragonborn priest and head of the order. He dismissed the others and tried to explain everything to the little boy. It took Krisiun a lot of time to adjust, but eventually he started to socialize a bit more with the other initiates of the order. Years of extensive training went by and one day he was presented with a choice. Become a priest of Kelemvor or pick up arms and become Kelemvor’s Avenger. The little boy took up the sword and his training took him in another direction.

Since the day Krisiun started the training with weapons he also learned more about the order’s teachings. He was opposed to it at first, but when his vampiric bloodlust started to develop more so did his hunger for battle. Krisiun was scared by his heritage as it got stronger within him and combined with puberty he was a victim of his own inner struggles. Trying to find out who or what he was and what his place in the world is. As time went by he learned to control his cursed heritage to some degree and decided to hunt vampires. Unfortunately…by this time Krisiun had already felled a handful of individuals within the monastery to satiate his thirst for blood. One of the victims was some he had grown close to. A girl half elf named Birel who was on her way to become a great priestess of Kelemvor.

No one should suffer these kind of inflictions and those blights of undead creatures needed to be wiped from the face of Toril. His personal views started to get in sync with the teachings of the order. Krisiun had become a powerful member within the Order of the Dead Covenant. It was time for his final test and went to a village accompanied by two senior members. There they followed up about some rumors concerning zombies plaguing the farms. He went to investigate and took care of the issue. In the mean time a few more relatively simple missions has come his way to build up experience. Now he has been sent into the world to fulfill Kelemvor’s will.

An old grey haired Joran opened the door and stood eye to eye with a mysterious individual. He recognized the robes and asked the figure to enter and have a seat. The man expected to see wolf features on the face, but when the hood dropped down he saw his son. Krisiun had gotten paler, his ears bit more pointy, long black hair in a tied neat tail, black pale orbs with splashes of red around piercing black pupils staring back at Joran. They had a lot to talk about which brought back painful memories. Krisiun has closure and understands that his father did not abandon him, but also learned about his mother’s fate. He vowed to cleanse the world of undead and those that try to cheat death. By doing so he would hope to find the one who cursed him and was the cause of all this pain. Wandering the world attached only by his desire to kill those who do not comply with Kelemvor’s will.

5 things of his past

1. His mother was bitten by a vampire while carrying Krisiun in her womb. She almost died from blood loss, but the guards came to her rescue and took her to a priest of Pelor. She survived, but a few months after giving birth she turned and was hunted and killed by the townsfolk
2. Raised solely by his father he had a regular upbringing till his seventh year. That is when his heritage started to manifest to some degree. Priest of Pelor examined him. Shortly after Krisiun was sent to a monastery in the hills.
3. He remembers the harsh and intense training at the monastery
4. He remembers the feeling of falling in love with the half elf Birel and also his sadness when sucking her dry when overcome by his bloodlust. His shame and also the hatred towards his heritage.

2 goals for him

1.Cleanse the world of undead and those that unbalance life/death and threaten the dead. Oppose necromancers, vampires, zombies etc while upholding Kelemvor’s Will.
2.Find the vampire that cursed him and brought so much pain to his family.

Describe at least 3 people connected to him

1.Janor Direwald is his father. Will offer advice, help when possible. Partially out of guilt of sending his son to the monastery.
2.Dragonborn Donaar as leader of the Order of the Dead Covenant.
3.A certain Vampire that cursed him and for which he wants revenge

Describe at least 2 secrets

1. When the order took care of the threat around [Generic Ville] several vampires fled in the direction of Cormyr


1. Socially reserved. still trying to figure out who he exactly is
2. Grim with a fascination for death. Dark, morbid and gallows humor.
3. Skeptical when it comes to trusting others.
4. Thoughtful towards those he has come to trust
5. Dutiful and will do what must be done to succeed.
6. He is fierce, driven and unshakable
7. Has long black hair worn in a tail, slightly pointy ears, pale skin, black pale orbs with splashes of red around piercing black pupils
8. Carves little wooden sculptures when having nothing else to do
9. Symbol of Kelemvor tattooed on his left arm
10. Stares in distance when deep in thought
11. Talks in short direct questions, answers or makes a grim joke. Always keeping his companions guessing for his true motives and thoughts

Next PC's to finish up

7. Clifford Cragg
Human Archer ranger. A sniper

8. Jelleneth the Radiant
Female Eladrin
Wrathful Invoker of Correlon. Creator of Eladrin who fought many wars against Gruumsh.
Paragon path: Flame of Hope
Motto: Know this...I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!

9. Jablech Balek
Male Tiefling Valorous Bard

10. Kelnozz
Drow Avenging Paladin of Torm
Motto: You should thank me for giving you an honorable death...

11. Thordeth the Scorned from the Firedagger clan
Duergar Scourge Warlock – Infernal Pact
Motto: He who lurks below will drink of your pain

12. Diesa
Female Dwarf Guardian Druid Follower of Sylvanus
Motto: Nature, take the life she gave!
Updated Notre Dame. There's still some blanks to be filled in, though.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray

Clifford "Mastiff" Cragg with Ghel the shadow Mastiff
Archer Beastmaster

Motto: Backing away is not a sign of weakness. Let your prey get confident while setting a trap.


Race: human
Sex: male
Age: adult (24)
Height: average (less than 5' 10")
Build: athletic
Skin: pale olive
Eyes: one green/ one grey
Hairs: blonde, short and curly
Beard: shaven
Alignment: unaligned
Nature: Argumentative, Perfectionist, Calm
Traits: flips a golden coin between his knuckles.


It all started over two decades ago in the northern cold regions of Toril. A region where there was only one walled city and several scattered human tribe settlements. Traveling hunters, groups of nomads were common sight. Once every year all tribes and traveling troupes gathered in the city for the biggest festival there is. During this time all tribe leaders would gather and take part of the tribal council meetings in which politics were discussed.

Disputes and conflicts reign free feeding distrust and greed among the tribe leaders and others who seek power. Over 50 years ago there was a man who attempted to gather all tribes under one banner, but he was killed for these attempts in fear that he would get to powerful. Power has changed often since then.

Within these conditions a young boy was born within one of the many settlements. He was raised by his mother Perline until he was old enough to participate in the hunts. The boy, Clifford, accompanied his father into the forests in order to learn the trade of a hunter. Caleb used a strict and disciplined hand with the boy and demanded perfection. It became clear why this was important, because even forgetting one aspect of the hunt could mean the escape of prey. Under the ever watching eyes of his father Clifford spend hours every day practicing with his bows so that one day he could hunt his prey alone. Eventually that day came and he hunted alone from time to time.

Upon returning to the settlement after one of those lonesome hunts he found strangers running amok. Tents and buildings were put ablaze and thus Clifford stayed at bay observing from cover. The grunts talked big and mighty allowing him to overhear parts of their bolstering statements. Apparently these men had come to take care of the tribe leader. When they left the settlement Clifford ran inside buildings to find no survivors. Even his parents had been stabbed and left to burn.

He vowed vengeance and went to seek the one who did this. Clifford traveled the cold regions and joined a group of mercenaries. He hoped that this group would perhaps know more or perhaps unknowingly assist him in his revenge. The mercenaries soon learned about the talents with his bow as well as his tracking skills. Still they could teach him a few new tricks to polish his rough edges a bit more. Clifford often traveled ahead of the group so that he could scout ahead and take out targets that might cause trouble. This made the job for the others a lot easier and they respected Clifford.

With each job the mercenaries took upon themselves, the deeper they got involved into the scheming, distrustful, backstabbing world of tribe politics. One day they were hired to take out a high ranking member of a tribe. This turned out to be a trap from which the mercenaries barely escaped, but Clifford was in a lot of trouble at that time. He had taken position upon a roof and had a clear shot at his target. Before he could release an arrow an assassin appeared on the roof. With the crossbow Clifford managed to block the incoming katar and quickly jabbed the arrow in his leg. After a short struggle the chase begin. Running down the stairs and out the settlement into the wild where Clifford felt more at home. He laid down an ambush and managed to take care of the assassin, but not without paying a hefty price. His body was aching and poisoned. After searching the corpse of his opponent Clifford learned what kind of poison it was and took the vials with him.

Stumbling around the forest he found several herbs and started to treat his wounds. In heavy pain and a hot fever Clifford started a small fire and crashed against a tall tree. At times he awoke wondering if he’d survive. A shadow mastiff showed itself, but that he waved away as a mere illusion caused by his fever. The mastiff came closer and growled baring his fangs, but he smelled no fear from the wounded Clifford. He sniffed and knew his prey was wounded, but also tainted. But something about Clifford intrigued the mastiff and thus he stayed close by to observe occasionally bringing some hares. Clifford’s fever went down and as soon as that happened he skinned the hares with his dagger and prepared them. He was starved, but offered some to the mastiff as a sign of gratitude. In the days that passed a bond grew between the two of them and they have hunted together in the forest for food. Clifford had even named his new friend “Ghel”.

The day arrived that Clifford was feeling well enough to travel once more. During his stay in the forest he had thought about what to do. It isn’t safe for him in this region. Assassins were being sent after him, his mercenary colleague’s hadn’t come looking for him and could be in league with the one wanting him dead. He still didn’t know who had ordered the burning of his home. Clifford decided to leave the region for the time being and one day return to take care of the corruption in these lands. Perhaps one day uniting the tribes. It made no sense to stay in the area with so many that wanted him gone. He started to walk and the mastiff followed him. At the edges Clifford stopped to say farewell, but the mastiff kept walking with him…

5 things of his past

1. His father was strict and taught Clifford to strive for perfection. Getting hit with Calebs big strong hands whenever he made a mistake.
2. The evening tranquil bonfires when the borealis appeared in the skye.
3. Going to the Merchant city once a year for a big festival with sweet cotton candy
4. The angst, hate and disillusionment when seeing his tribe getting burned to the ground and finding his parents dead.
5. Meeting his new friend Ghel who has been very trustworthy.

2 goals

1. Get stronger and more experienced to attempt uniting all tribes in his home land and removing the corruption.
2. Finding out who ordered the downfall of his tribe and get revenge

at least 3 connections

1. 4 Mercenaries, his former group. They did not betray him even though he thinks so. They respect his skill and assumed he died during the trap since they haven’t heard from him since. They will aid him to some degree and otherwise a few coins will do the trick.
The mercenaries are 3 humans (1 female) and 1 tiefling.
2. The one who killed Clifford’s tribe and sees him as a liability. Clifford is seen as someone who holds no threat to obtaining the wanted power, but a threat to his life.
3. A female bounty hunter has heard of a bowman with better skills then her. She wants to meet him and put it to the test. (competition/romance possibilities)


1. There is someone, or an organization, in his home land attempting to take power by killing tribe leaders. These are not your every day assassinations that occurred.
2. [DM]The one who ordered the destruction of Clifford’s tribe is a changeling from a neighboring region. He wants to take control so that others can come and are free of searching for hidden artifacts buried underneath several settlements.
I've been lurking on this thread for a while, and I'm happy to say that this has become a source of inspiration for me. Do you mind if I use a modified version of the TMB template for my own campaign? It's really helpful for me to read as a DM. Much easier to read :D
I've been lurking on this thread for a while, and I'm happy to say that this has become a source of inspiration for me. Do you mind if I use a modified version of the TMB template for my own campaign? It's really helpful for me to read as a DM. Much easier to read :D

That is, in fact, why I posted the TMB in the first place--to be helpful for other players and DMs. Go right ahead.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
I just want to take the time to thank you, all of you, for adding to the richness of the thread with your characters. It's always a pleasure seeing a new, interesting concepts popping up here.

That said, time to post another character from my large collection of NPCs. He's not a D&D character--I use him in more modern-day settings. In fact, this write up is for his appearance in a Shadowrun game one of my players is thinking of running.


The Ten-Minute Background of Jack Melinko, The Jester

Picture by DMAC!

Step 1: "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Theater of The Real! The Sideshow of The Sinister, where the freaks all run the show!"

1) Jack was raised in Seattle. His parents weren't very far up the corporate rung, so he and his sister found themselves playing in the Sprawl more often than not. Jack always had a feeling he was different from those around him, more connected to the world than his peers.

2) When he was a teen, he helped found a gang calling itself the West Redmond Jorkerz. Unlike the more serious streetgangs he and his friends were more bored middleclass kids experimenting with drugs and Better-Than-Life chips than violent thugs.

3) all that changed one day. His gang had gotten a hold of some BTLs along with some premium hallucinogens. But the BTLs were bad, and when slotted they overloaded. Jack found his brain getting fried while high on hallucinogens, and found himself shoved out of his body. His mind was catapulted into the Astral Plane as his latent power Awakened. His friends were not so lucky...their BTLs just burned out their minds. When he found his way back to himself, having become aware of a vast reality of potential at his fingertips, he found his hideout crowded with drooling chipheads and Lone Star officers, who proceeded to arrest them all.

4) Jack spent the next few years in jail. His growing awareness of his magical potential did not make him many friends, and when he mouthed off to a troll (calling him uglier on the inside, something he'd seen with his astral perceptions), the troll took issue. He carved a smile into Jack's face with a shiv.

5) Jack made it back outside, though. But he found that, while in jail, his family had fallen apart. His father had lost his position with the corporation (something Jack suspects was motivated by his arrest), his sister had been kidnapped and "reprogrammed" with cyber implants and personafix chips into someone's joydoll (and he still has yet to find the bastards who did it), and he was unable to get a legal job with his criminal past. To help his family out, he took on jobs for the Russian Vory mob, using his new magical powers for crime. after a few such milk runs, he feels that he's ready to take on more dangerous assignments. It's time to step up his game.

Step 2: "I dislike them. Doesn't mean I won't work for them. One has to eat, you know."

Short: Currently, Jack is learning the rules of Shadowrunning. He's had a bit of experience, but he's only been at this a little while. He's working on gaining street cred, as well as putting the hurt on those who wrecked his sister's life.

Long: Jester feels responsible for the hardships his family, especially his sister, have suffered since his original arrest. He wants to dig them out of the hole they're in, like finding a good income for his parents and reprogramming for his sister.

Step 3: "Huh. Didn't see that coming. It seemed like a good idea at the time, though."

1) Jack thinks that his sister was only being uses as a joygirl. What he doesn't know is that the man who captured her also had other uses in mind for her...and that programing was already installed when Jack extracted her.

2) Jack doesn't remember the details, but during his awakening he remembers angering a great beast spirit who came to chat with him. Since that time, beast spirits have had it in for him. Jack isn't sure what the whole flop was about, but he thinks it may have to do with his choice of The Trickster as a personal mentor.

3) For the GM

Step 4: "With friends like these, I never lack for enemies."

1) Not all the Jokerz got fried on the BTLs. When Jack was arrested, one of the other members took over. Calling himself Rictus, the new leader turned the gang more violent and aggressive. Jester doesn't particularly like what Rictus has done with the group, but he doesn't have much say. He keeps in touch with Rictus, because the gang leader knows useful things.

2) Jester relies on a Street Doc calling himself The Candyman for all his "partyfavors." He has preferred client status.

3) Jack's sister, Cassandra, was kidnapped, and then forcefully implanted with personality chips to turn her into someone's personal "pleasure doll" while he was in prison. She didn't handle the fallout well when Jack rescued her, and has spiraled into careless hedonism, something Jack would like to pull her out of. She currently works as a stripper nearby.

4) Jester was introduced to a fixer through his dealings with the Vory. Jester isn't sure what to make of Tiny, the giant troll, yet.

5) Recently, Jester heard that Kruger, the Troll who tore up his face, was released from lockup. Jester has been keeping a watch out, in case the troll decides to finish the job.

Step 5: "Oh, these? Someone didn't like my face. They decided to give me a happier one."

Description, Quirks, Mannerisms
1)Jack dresses quite theatrically in an ensemble that mixes goth and gansta styles. He wears a blue-tinted leather trenchcoat festooned with buttons, buckles, and patches, many with anarchy or drug-culture themes (especially prominent is a round anarchy button on his lapel which can fire a stream of caustic acid). The coat also contains a bewildering variety of makeshift tools and gadgets. He is scarred in a horrible fashion: he bears two rips through his cheeks, one at each corner of his mouth, giving him a ghastly permanent smile.

2) Jester carries a wide variety of tools, gimmicks, and bric-a-brac in his coat. Some of it is useful, but most of it is there because he enjoys the look on someone's face when he can supply them with, say, an Allan wrench when they grumble about not having one. He likes having a gadget for all occasions...along with his drug paraphernalia.

3) Jester tends to be laid back most times, though there are certain topics which can get him ranting. In truth he has a slow, hypnotic quality in the way he speaks and can make people nod their heads in agreement before they realize he's spent the last half hour talking about absolute gibberish.

Design notes
I am unashamed to say that I like The Joker. A lot. But the Jester actually has a long, very twisted background, and was developed over at least a decade from my original notes on the character.

In the beginning, when I first got into D&D, I wanted to tell stories, and I had an image form in my mind of a wizard who was scarred at a young age. I was inspired by descriptions of Comprachicos, nasty pieces of work who would travel around renaissance Spain kidnapping poor children and deforming them so they could perform in front of royalty, in Victor Hugo's "The Man Who Laughs." The image of a man with a permanent grin carved into his face was a powerful one for me. I gave him a name I ripped from the Insane Clown Posse, and away I went.

That version of The Jester never actually showed up in game, of course. I didn't do much with the character for a long while, but eventually I dusted him off. I liked the idea of a wizard with a scarred face, but the birth of this version of the character came from a writing project I did my senior year of high school. We had been tasked to create a collaborative story using characters each of us created. I made a gang leader calling himself The Jester (and using the Melinko name) who had a skull tattooed on his face. The story actually got a good grade, so I had that character floating around in my head fro a while.

At some point they combined when I was making villains for a Mutants & Masterminds game I ran. he was the leader of one of the gangs in the city that the PCs faced. He only appeared a few times, though. He wasn't a regular until I actually looked at him and developed him better. I brainstormed with a friend of mine on backstory, because I didn't want him to come off as a complete Joker rip off. She suggested that he be more of the smart Riddler-type of character...and it all clicked. He just pulled himself together at that.

This version is translated from that version into the Shadowrun universe, and made into a player character. If this game actually gets off the ground, I'd love to see where it goes.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
That would be a cool picture of a gnome rogue. Instead of the bells he'll just have magical orbs hanging at his hat. Orbs the he can throw with their own effects. A gas orb to create a smoke screen, another container some sort illusion etc etc. Would also give the gnome some style.

Pock "The Joker" Giblyrock
kingpin of the Forgotten Realms :D

rogue mc bard.
That would be a cool picture of a gnome rogue. Instead of the bells he'll just have magical orbs hanging at his hat. Orbs the he can throw with their own effects. A gas orb to create a smoke screen, another container some sort illusion etc etc. Would also give the gnome some style.

Pock "The Joker" Giblyrock
kingpin of the Forgotten Realms :D

rogue mc bard.

I like the cut of your jib!
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
The following 2 are basically 1 biography. The half-orc isn't very talkative (yet) and just smashes and doesn't show a lot of personality in the game yet. So it basically comes from the Halfling


Mel Ur Genilly
Halfling Cleric of Chauntea


As with most Halflings Mel has traveled a lot and seen more of the Forgotten Realms then most other people have. This is not so odd since Halflings rarely settle down for long periods of time and have no real place to call their own. His parents Corrin and Tryn always looked after Mel when moving from one water settlement to a marsh settlement to another one close to bigger cities. Mel is a friendly guy who can make friends easily and is socially comfortable in any situation.

A male Halfling Cleric of Chauntea. He’s always busy amassing reputation and social contacts. As a roaming cleric Mel spends most of his time trying to collect rare magical objects and tomes as well as rare collection of books. He has a very deep fear for spiders which arises out of nowhere at times sometimes even when simply casting a spell. Not to mention the manifestation of his fear when there truly is a spider. Often his fear comes in the shape of illusions which only Mel himself can see. This fear originates from a time in which he stumbled into the Underdark to collect a set of books.

When he managed to escape the realm of Drow he was slightly paranoid wondering if they were following him. One day in a field he noticed someone chasing mechanized objects. It was a half orc named Skarbez. Partially out of pity as well as an opportunity to obtain a guard the Halfling bargained with several tinker gnomes. Since that day the half orc and Mel have been traveling companions.


1. Always traveling and listening to his grandfather’s stories around the camp fire. Hoping to one day see the marvels he did.
2. Coming into the Underdark and learning what a fearsome place it truly is
3. Meeting a lot of different individuals from different races
4. Finding an old book that depicted the teachings of chauntea. This fascinated him to the point of wanting to become a cleric of Chauntea.
5. His passion for reading and gaining insight in other people’s minds.


1. Learn to deal, or even overcome his fear of spiders entirely.
2. Spread the teachings of Chauntea

Social Connections

1- His parents Corrin and Tryn
2- Skarbez the half orc has become his new friend instead of a slave/servant
3- A lot of people have connections with Mel due to his travels.


1. The book taken from the Drow contains a hazardous ritual and the drow want it back. But Mel has already sold it.
2. [dm]find a way to weave drow connection for Paragon Tier.


The fear Mel has described is used on critical fumbles. He is then overcome by his fear and gives CA to the opponent. This occurred once so far when going through the kobold hall. He wanted to hit a kobold with his mace and instead ended up cowering in a corner. Was funny hehe
The other half of this dynamic duo...


Skarbez Sharmorfang
Half orc Barbarian

He is thinking about eventually multiclassing with Warlord.


Has lived a long time in the Sharmorfang tribe where he was "tolerated"
among the full blooded orcs. He was a son of a full orc and a human woman. Eventually, when his father died, his clan sold Skarbez as a slave. The only reason he wasn’t killed outright was due to the respect the tribe has for his deceased father.

Eventually, via slave trade, he ended up in a gnome community where he was confronted by many vague inventions and experiments done by the gnomes. He was bought to whack down rogue inventions. Many rattling gears, trinkets and the dangerous unpredictable inventions gave Skarbez a tic. Whenever he hears rattling of some sort his eyes start twitching and an automatic reaction to grab for his weapon while looking around for danger and to whack it to a pulp.

One day Skarbez was doing his tasks, which was whacking mechanized inventions which were being field tested, when a Halfling Cleric roamed by on one of his travels. He felt a form of pity towards Skarbez and decided to use some of his wealth to buy him from the gnomes. Skarbez is now the bodyguard of Mel Ur Genilly experiencing many adventures and true battles for him to enjoy and regain honor.

Thanks to his new employer Skarbez has found hope in living a free life and battles which can bring him honor. One day returning to his tribe with a well respected name and perhaps even become the leader and show a new way of life for all orcs. He has not been brought up among humans and his common speech is very poor. Skarbez lives according to the way of the orcs and his thoughts are often his own.

[DM Note]Imagine him and the rogue working together in a party rofl. Rattling locks and him going insane over it hehe.


1. Greenish grey skin, long fangs in the corner of his mouth, scars here and there as well as tattoo’s in his face. He’s someone who does not fear battle and charges in, but is willing to listen to tactics…unless he is enraged. Withdrawn and to himself, but through actions shows loyalty to those who earn it.
2. Kicked out of the Sharmorfang tribe after his parents died and could no longer “protect” him from the others. They sold Skarbez on on a slave market to get rid of him. Only the honor and respect the orcs have for his deceased father is the reason they did not kill him outright. After various owners he ended up in a gnome settlement.
3. He remembers the smell of nature when out hunting
4. Several encounters with drow that were after Mel which he considered “fun”


1. Find back honor and make a name for himself. Once day returning back to his tribe and be accepted. He might become the new leader of his tribe and show them a new way of life
2. Kill the ones that forced him to leave the tribe and live such a disgraceful life

Social Connections

1. Mel who he sees as a friend
2. Rurg One Eye the orc that wanted to get rid of Skarbez
3. As a child he “loved” an orc named Jurrg but hasn’t seen her in a long time.
[dm] Jurrg is the orc adept in the Sons of Gruumsh adventure

Thordeth the Scorned
Duergar Infernal Warlock
Motto: He who lurks below will drink of your pain

I'm going to put effort into this one so it'll take some time to get him up and running properly :D

1. Biography
Intro to Duergar
The duergar, also called gray dwarves, were once a settlement of shield dwarves in the dwarven kingdom of Shanatar. The shield dwarves that eventually became the duergar lived in certain strongholds that fell under attack of mind flayers, or illithids, and were captured. During their captivity, which lasted for generations, the illithids performed many cruel and unusual experiments on the dwarves. Eventually, the dwarves rose up against their captors and gained their freedom from the mind flayers. Believing Moradin abandoned them in their long captivity, duergar turned to evil dwarven deities (like Ladaguer and Deep Duerra) and infernal powers, strengthening their stock by breeding with devils and seeking power in dark rituals. When the evil dwarven deities perished in war with the Moradinsaman, the duergar took Asmodeus as their favored deity. Now the duergar inhabit volcanic areas of the Underdark and have been left as cruel and evil as their former captors and quite withdrawn from their experiences.

Their long association with devils and infernal magic has left them strongly resistant to illusions, fire and poison. Nearly all duergar have long, stiff spines concealed within their beards (for males) or hair (for females) that carry a burning venom. They can pluck and hurl these quills like daggers. In public, duergar wear drab clothing designed to help them blend into their environment. In private, they may add subdued jewelry and well-wrought metal bracers, armbands or torcs. They share the love of their surface cousins for mining and metalcraft, and excel at artifice.

Thordeth’s Initiation
In the decade after obtaining their freedom the Duergar created their own settlements spread across the entirety of the Underdark. Even though they mainly keep to themselves there are still merchants who participate in (slave) trade with other species living nearby.

Thordeth grew up in these harsh environments as the 2nd generation of escapees from the Ilithids. Unfortunately the duergar are still under regular attacks from their oppressors for they would very much like their thralls and experimental subjects back. The fierce warriors among the duergar rarely stand a chance against the mind intruding prowess that they face. Therefore the Firedagger clan has been called into existence. A clan of duergar that form infernal pacts with demons to obtain the needed power to defend themselves.

Both the parents of Thordeth had fallen to these dreadful abominations and thus he decided to aid the cause. When reaching the required age he joined the Firedagger clan and learned all the theory he could. He learned that the clan was looking for a Fire Dagger somewhere in the world which would give a warlock immense powers. A power so great that it would surely wipe out the ilithid threat once and for all. Then the time came for him to go through the ritual in order to become a warlock himself.

Thordeth was wearing ceremonial robes accompanied by three other duergar. They entered a square room with white walls and the floor stained dark. Inscribed on the floor is a circle with a white inner ring and center. The power names written in gold and silver. A Triangle constructed on the floor, with an incense burner at each point. The air is thick with incense. The room is very dark, illuminated by torches on the far wall. There is a sense of frenzy being held back. Together the duergar howl before proceeding in a low guttural chanting. A small tornado appears in the centre triangle slowly making way for a stern looking duke riding on a giant crocodile. Though the mask with heavy lidded eyes came a soft yet penetrating and booming voice which filled the room: I am the Third Daemon, a Mighty Prince. I declare things Past and to Come, and to discover all things Hid or Lost.. My name is Vassago.

The initiation went smooth yet there were some unexpected effects. To conclude the bargain Vassago demanded that Thordeth would sacrifice his left arm. After seeing the devotion of the duergar he returned the insubstantial form of his past arm. Vassago proceeded to conclude the infernal pact and that Thordeth would soon meet the one who will teach him the ways.

After a long night of celebration he went to bed followed by an awakening that surprised him. His stomach was hurting and twisting and it ripped open causing him to bleed before the wound partially burned itself until it had closed. An Infernal Fleshmouth had appeared there where used to be Thordeth’s stomach. The deformed lips started to move and a voice spoke: “I am your tutor, I speak on behalf of Vassago…you’d better listen. You must feed me so that I shall not feed on your body. You must stay strong for there will be a lot of hardships ahead. Or minds are one so I shall not speak when we travel, but when your lips are sealed you can speak through me”

Thordeth consulted with the others and they were baffled by this turn of events. He decided to do as the Infernal Mouth told him and soon was able to successfully use the basic warlock skills. Several weeks passed and Thordeth became a strong warlock and the mouth spoke to him often. It told him to leave his home and travel to the surface world. The secret to defeat the ilithid does not lie within this volcano, but in the wide world. It came as a choque, but everyone of the Firedagger clan accepted that this is something which the Daemon of prophecy wants. Thordeth vowed that he would do anything needed to find what it is that will defeat their enemies once and for all so that the duergar can finally become truly free.

2. The Past

3. Goals

4. Social Connections

1.Balgor a warlock he studied with in his younger years
2.Katark an older warlock who is jealous that Vassago has chosen someone else to find the Fire Dagger and defeat the Ilithids
3. His uncle Portak took him in after the death of his parents. This duergar is a slave merchant.

5. Secrets

Designer Notes

Follower of Asmodeus
The Duergar are still in conflict with the Ilithids (mind flayers) who want their thralls back. Using pacts with demons will give them power to defeat their opponents
-Thordeth pays with his left arm and gains an insubstantial arm back. Also a “infernal flesh mouth” imbedded in his stomach. Needs to be fed and teaches the path of warlocks, also tells Thordeth what to do/where to go from time to time.
-Thordeth is send out into the world above the Underdark to find specific objects and means to terminate the Ilithids once and for all, but also to further Asmodeus’s own goals of which Thordeth does not know
-Thordeth is perceived as (chaotic) evil to surface dwellers, but unaligned/good to his own kind. He needs to help his people and is willing to thread over corpses to do so.

Teachings Asmodeus
-Seek power over others, that you might rule with strength as the Lord of Hell does
-Repay evil with evil. If others are kind to you exploit their weakness for your own gain.
-Show neither pity nor mercy to those who are caught underfoot as you climb your way to power. The weak do not deserve compassion.

Race: duergar
Sex: male
Age: adult (43)
Height: very tall (4' 11")
Build: thin
Skin: greenish gray
Eyes: silver
Hairs: bald
Beard: pointed goaty
Alignment: (chaotic) evil
Nature: Graceless, Hot-tempered, Fearless
Traits: Avoids physical contact
Wow. Falstyr, you're prolific!
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
1 gem among the several...well...pieces of generic crap that are my PC's :P
I'll use the character I'll be playing soon in my DM's new campaign

Ahrimal, 1st level Tiefling Avenger of The Raven Queen (Unaligned)


1)Ahrimal is an orphan, and knows nothing of his parents.

2)As an infant, Ahrimal was left on the doorstep of Gregore DuKarde, A cleric of The Raven Queen

3)Ahrimal is a member of The Ashen Wing, a little known sect within the church of the Raven Queen dedicated to policing other members of the church for heretics.

4)Though he seldom admits it, Ahrimal has some difficulty accepting that he is a tiefling, and trouble reconciling the dark deeds of his ancestors.

5)While not a zealous fanatic, Ahrimal is wholly dedicated to his patron deity, and is holds deep pride in his faith.


1)To prove himself in the service of The Raven Queen

2)To reconcile his mixed feeling toward his heritage, possibly by finding his parents and proving to anyone he can that not all Tieflings are untrustworthy.


1)Gregore DuKarde (Cleric of The Raven Queen). Gregore is the Patron of Ahrimal's Ashen Wing Cell, and thus, his mentor. In a more personal sense, Gregore raised Ahrimal from infancy, and as such, he views the cleric as a father.

2)Laina Redmoore (Avenger of The Raven Queen). Laina was trained alongside Ahrimal under Gregore's tutelage. Though they have since split ways as acitve adventurers, they maintain close contact whenever possible and she is is closest friend.


1)While he will not admit it for several reasons and hasn't entirely acknowledged it, Ahrimal is actually in love with Laina. He supresses these feelings mainly because he wants to focus on his duties, but also because he fears these feelings are unrequited.

2)Gregore is not all that he seems. Unbeknownst to Ahrimal or Laina, The Ashen Wing is not a sect of church of the Raven Queen. In fact, outside of Ahrimal or Laina, it does not exist at all. The truth is that Gregore himself is an exile from the church, and is, in fact, a cultist of Orcus. He seeks to manipulate both the fledgling avengers into murdering several important members of the Raven Queen's faithful, so that the Cult of Orcus may flourish.

3)Ahrimal's parents are dead, slain by Gregore. His mother was actually a human Paladin of Bahamut, and his father a tiefling wizard descended directly from Bael Turath nobility. At one time, his mother and father were adventuring companions of Gregore when he was still a devout cleric of his faith. When they expressed concern over his fall into darkness, Gregore murder them both and took Ahrimal as his own.
I like this.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
Daedrie No'Dahti,

Razorclaw Shifter, 12th level Protector shaman/Disciple of the world Tree

Might have written a bit much on some things. ^^;


1)Daedrie is a woodland person. Born and raised there with her small family, She knew little else of the world when she started. She found refuge in the woods when she was being chased, the spirits of the forest were the first ones to talk to her. To her it feels more like home, just like a city person comes home to his place of birth. (forest)

2)She wants power. She wants the power to defeat those who mean her harm. She wants the power stand up for herself. She is willing to bond with others and do things that don't necessarily impact her directly. She's careful not become what she wants to defend herself against though. (Power and the temptations, consequences and possibilities it brings.)
3)She has bit of an independent streak. She hates being helpless,, unable to act, being dependant on others. She intends live on her own strength, or at least do her part in a group effort. (independence, self-reliance, distaste for weakness)

4) Daedrie is a shaman. Even though others might comment on how her selfreliance clashes with her powers depending on shamans, daedrie sees this in a different light. She's proud of her craft. Shamans require power of their own in order to be able to talk to and channel spirits.

The powers she has gained through hard work, barter and determination, are not in her opinion “letting the spirits do all the work” but the results of her hard work. Just like any Wizard or Cleric needs personal strength in order to be someone of note, so does she call on forces outside of a commoner's ken.
Having it referenced as “letting the spirits do all the work” is sure to anger the Shifter and she's been forced to leave more than one town because of it. (pride and sense of satisfaction in profession)

5)Daedrie acted as the role of advisor and ritualist in her small tribe when she was still with them. She did most of the important rituals after her mentor had vanished. When she started adventuring, she found it hard to abandon the traditions even though she could no longer perform them adequately. She kept amassing rituals of note and power and hoped to return to her tribe one day to bestow her knowledge. (Role of Medicine woman in her tribe, fondness of rituals and traditions)

6)After having her tribe raided and enslaved, while she was powerless to stop them, Daedrie made a vow to grow in power and no longer to be forced to just watch if something like that happened again.

7) Being able to talk to beings no one else except her mentor could see most of the time, left her estranged from most of her family up until the attack on her tribe.


1)Daedrie wants power, and her goal right now is amassing it and looking for examples of power demonstration. She wants to be able wield the power gains and will gain in a fashion she, her tribe and spirit allies can be proud of.
2)I'd like it if Daedrie could grow as a character in the campaign, but not have it centric.
Daedrie has chose for power but she has chosen a cause to champion yet.
You know, develop friends etc. Also I believe that The epic destiny of Demigod would be a suitable one for her. While she has made her pacts and friendships with the spirits, she is not one of them and never will be, so she seeks her own path instead of joining as a part of the Primal Spirit.


1)When she was young, she started hearing spirits. She was tempted to power by a spirit of bloodlust and carnage, the first one to notice her talent. After several enticing promises and demonstrations of power, she made a few human sacrifices to it, in hopes that it would honor its bargain. It did, partially. After the initial rush of power died down, she wanted more.
The spirit claimed that she could have more if she sacrificed one of her own people, not of a race she cared little about.

There was one bully and troublemaker no one liked. With the use of some sleep medicine she was able to kill him. The village assume the troublemaker had ran away.
After her initial rush of power over this, she realized what she had done. With the help of the old local shaman, she was able to defeat the spirit. But her mentor nor her tribe ever found out.

2)Player only: A small tribe of Razorclaw shifters and a village of humans were living in a shaky truce for a few decades. In the human village superstition ran rampant about the freaks in the forest. When several children disappeared over time the village despaired, when the corpse of the son of the retired war hero turned up, help was needed from the local lord.
A cleric was able to find that a shifter from the nearby village had killed the children. A fighting force was raised and sent to the village to demand for the killer to be turned over.
The shifters reacted badly to the invading force, no matter the reason and the situation escalated.
Most shifters were killed or dragged away to work in the mines where common criminals were sentenced to.
Daedrie is unaware that her temptation to power through evil caused the destruction of her tribe.
3)The spirit of bloodlust that enticed Daedrie into the murder wants revenge on her for abandoning and defeating him.



1)Evara: Daedrie's aunt, she was one of the survivors of the attack. Though she was taken captive, she has managed to escape. With the destruction of the tribe, she feels she no longer has a home and now travels the road in search of adventure as a ranger. Daedrie and she have met a few times and the meetings were fond, each of them prefers to walk their path alone.
2)Emilio Millerson: A wealthy human travelling merchant. Though initially wary of the grinning scarred man, Daedrie quickly opened up to his wit and humor. Daedrie has done several deals with him and has worked for him as a caravan and bodyguard. Their friendship has grown over the years. Running into Emilio and his caravan has provided Daedrie the opportunity to buy from his select stock of magical trade goods, when she least counted on it.
3)Commander Richard Oakheart. After a succesful campaign under his King, he was able to retire early as a decorated war hero and start a family. The murder of his son and his innate sense of justice made him look for vengeance. Though initially sated by the destruction of the tribe, his lust for retribution flared up again after a short while. He now travels the lands for opportunities to kill Shifters or atleast to cause others to mistrust them, all the while actually looking for one shifter in particular named, Daedrie.
He is unaware that he is being influenced by Kezrah. Though he is now thoroughly beyond redemption in the evil he commits on innocent shifters.
4)Kezrah, Spirit of bloodlust and carnage. Seems to have taken lessons in vengeance too. It's pride got a dent after being chased away by a young shifter. He has found a human who seeks to get revenge on her for some reason and that suits him all to well.
Though he was forced to prod the human back into action after the destruction of the village, lately his pet human has surprised Kazreh in the determination he is showing and the bloodlust he displays when seeing a shifter.
The fact that Kezrah was the reason the shifter killed this humans' son, amuses the spirit to no end.


1)Daedrie remembers waking up to the smell of herbs and fresh fish, the feel of a raw wet tongue over her face and a giant panther standing over her bed. A lot of screaming and panic later , The spirit introduced herself later as her sacred ancestor and tribal protector spirit.

2)Her first encounter with Emilio, is vivid in her memory. It was the first peaceful encounter with a non-shifter after the raid. After a few jokes and Emilio's laughable attempts at starting a fire and fishing, Daedrie opened up to the man and listened to his stories. She remembers that from hearing the stories, she realised that there was a whole other world out of the forest and the terrified villagers her tribe had been forced to deal with.

3)Helplessness. The thing that scares Daedrie the most. Most of the painful memories are tied to that feeling. The thing that sticks out the most though was the memory of lying sick in bed, unable to even stand up and unable to do anything about the raid that was happening nearby, while she was hidden in her mentor's house.


1)Her ritual books contain a lot of rituals her tribe didn't know, ones she picked up on the way. Does keep them the same way her tribe did though. Straight branches with the story of the ritual inscribed by small scratchings, wooden wheels with figures depicting the movement of power and hides telling of which spirits should be called upon depending on the phase of the moon.
2)Her spirit companion is the former tribal protector spirit. It watches over her like a protective mother and extends this protection to others if Daedrie asks it. Daedrie has a feeling the spirit has a feeling of guilt over the attack on the village, even after all this time.
3)She's wary of strangers and is on her guard in small villages, though funnily she opens up a bit in the city as people there tend to be friendlier since they have more experiences with other races, compared to villagers and farmers, atleast in her opinion. (She hasn't had any big trouble in cities yet since she's usually out adventuring.)

Design notes:


Seeing as I have been playing too many pacistic healers lately in lots of rpg's, I wanted to go for a power hungry one. I modified the personality and backstory, so that her personality didn't scream "Evil!" and would be playable in a normal Good/Neutral party.

I thought it would be a nice change of pace for the 'power' goal if the character would focus on it for once, instead of the player (level up, pick powers etc).

Kelnozz Fo’Thrun

Drow Protecting Paladin of Torm
Motto: "My blade will serve those who can not defend themselves"

People who live on the surface don’t know what takes place underneath them. They do not think that there is a whole other world under their feet. And the occasional shaking of the ground is seen as nothing more then mere earthquakes. Truth is that there is a the Underdark. A different world where various races live and fight one another. These conflicts sometimes result in the shaking of the ground above.

One of the races living down below is called Drow. A treacherous race with various castes of society. Individuals treating each other harsh with a lot of scheming and backstabbing to gain power or wealth themselves. You always had to look over your shoulder and second guess everyone’s motives. It isn’t odd that there are often wars between houses.

In the House of Fo’Thrun lived a young boy named Kelnozz. He was the son of a high ranking official within that House. With such a rank comes great risk, because everyone below you wants to climb the ladder of success over your corpse. Even his parents said they were disgraced by Kelnozz ever since they learned that he wasn’t accepting the life of a treacherous Drow. Of course he valued strength and the independence, but didn’t feel right about using it to destroy others. Also spending most of his time making sure he could stay alive for another day without getting poisoned was slowly fatiguing him. Kelnozz was tired of this life and didn’t have a lot of friends due to his different opinion on their culture.

One day the House of Fo’Thrun got in a way with another drow house. It escalated pretty high up and a lot of individuals died. Kelnozz used this hectic situation to his advantage and decided to leave his house and community. When everyone was away to battle he snuck out of the house and carefully got away. He could hear the sounds of weapons and voices screaming in the distance as he entered the tunnel system.

Kelnozz thought he was free and smiled as he walked through the tunnels at a rapid pace. But his luck was soon turning for the worst. A mindflayer appeared and penetrated the mind of the drow. It was an easy captive for the mindflayer and decided to take Kelnozz to his settlement. A thrall to infiltrate the drow society and ruin it from within would be a great use of this young drow. On their way to the surface a handful of paladins appeared. They were going to the surface as well after having investigated a Grimlock issue. A short battle ensued which ended in the mindflayer laying dead on the ground. The young drow was worried, confused and didn’t knew what to do. The paladin discussed among one another and eventually one stepped forth. He wanted to know what Kelnozz was doing here and listened to his story. The big man offered to take Kelnozz in as his squire in service of Torm.

The young drow was now enlisted as a squire and traveled with the men of Torm around the region. He learned that they uphold similar ideals to what Kelnozz had been raised with. Yet he embraced the difference in that these paladin used those teachings to help instead of destroy. When they returned to the home base of these paladin he felt it time to request to become a paladin of Torm himself. Kelnozz got accepted and trained further within the academy. He did admirably and after his graduation a drow appeared in front of him. Kelnozz looked very surprised since he didn’t expect to see one of his kind on the surface world. This drow introduced himself as Grezto and explained that he was leading a group of paladin consisting only of Drow. These would infiltrate the Underdark and communities as spies. He asked if Kelnozz would be interested in joining his branch, but was declined. Kelnozz was glad to be out of his society and didn’t want to return. Not for the time being at least.

At this time Kelnozz is send around the world with other paladin to do good where ever possible. From time to time fighting prejudice and showing that not all Drow are evil backstabbing bastards. Still he prefers to let his actions speak louder then his words.


1. Spend his younger years growing up in the Underdark. A treacherous environment
2. Left his community by using the fog of war. He got temporarily captured by a mindflayer and then rescued by several Paladin of Torm. One of them took him in as a squire.
3. He had a lot of laughs and learned a lot from Brydon the Paladin who had taken him in.
4. Kelnozz trained at the Academy of Torm and became a respected paladin himself. Now he travels around doing good and helping the weak whenever possible.
5. The first time he got confronted by racial discrimination against Drow was unpleasant, but he can understand it and will show through his actions that not all drow are bad. He has hard a difficult life, but will not dwell on the past. The future is what matters.


1. Defend the weak against evil forces that threaten them.
2. See more of the world and the beauty it holds

Personal Relationships

1. Druzz Fo’Thrun is the father of Kelnozz and high ranking member within the house. He thinks that his son has died during the war with another house. He doesn’t really care that is son is gone.
2. Brydon is the paladin of Torm that took Kelnozz in as a squire. He doesn’t regret his choice and finds the drow amusing. Re-learning Kelnozz how to socialize resulted in many funny situations for Brydon. He’s come to see the drow as something like a son.
3. Grezto is a drow paladin of Torm. He leads the branch within the Academy which mainly consists of drow. These paladin try to disguise and infiltrate drow communities and try to destroy them from within. Or at least try to keep their issues within acceptable boundaries.


1. Kelnozz knows about drow paladin of Torm that infiltrate underdark communities of drow. These paladin observe and manipulate the drow communities from within.
3. [DM] find a secret to connect this PC with Paragon tier which includes the Underdark and possible the City of the Spiderqueen adventure module.


Race: drow
Sex: male
Age: adult (73)
Height: short (5' 6")
Build: slender
Skin: black
Eyes: lavender
Hairs: white, long and straight, loose
Beard: shaven
Alignment: unaligned
Nature: Perceptive, Independent, Fearless
Traits: Strong opinions on culture
Because the timing with the previous post couldn't be better in terms of contrast:

Aethryn L'Wani
Male Drow Bladesinger (Bard with Swordmage multiclass)
Motto: "The world is mine; everyone else just lives in it."

Background Concept:
1) He is the nephew of a lesser House Matriarch.
2) His mother refused the priesthood and instead studied the old ways of arcane combat and became a Bladesinger much to the displeasure of her elders.
3) He is on the shorter end of the spectrum at only 5'4" and has perfect the "low blow" on those who mock his height. His skin is obsidian black and his eyes are more of a burgundy color compared to the stark scarlet color more common amongst the Drow. He is handsome by human standards but average for his people. He bears dueling scars on his left cheek: two short horizontal lines of blue-black at the curve along left the cheekbone.
4) Among surface dwellers he never uses the term Drow in relation to himself, instead he jokingly uses the term, "light-disinclined elf," as a way to disarm other wise violent stereotypes.
5) He deeply believes in the concept of taking care of ones things - his equipment is meticulously cared for and he strictly enforces environmentally friendly practices when possible.
6) He's a terrible liar by Drow standards.
7) He views Bane in the sort of rosy glow normally reserved for older siblings but only offers worship to Lolth.
8) He has a soft spot for Halflings.
9) Has a tendency to refer to people with the possessive form of speech and blames it on translation error if anyone questions him about it.

1) Get as many people as possible to openly acknowledge fealty to him.
2) Stop people from making a mess of his world.
Mine: "[T]he pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in terrible, highly improbable accidents that cannot be connected to me."

Known: He regards "lesser races," as slightly above canines in terms of existing without proper supervision.
Unknown: The reason the Matriarch gave him permission to go on his learning tour of the the surface was because she had his mother killed shortly prior to his leaving and framed him for it.

Other people:
Friendly: Lincoln the Smith (Human Artificer) - the person Aethryn first encountered on surface was luckily an artificer who was more interested in examining items of Underdark make than killing him because he was a Drow. Lincoln has a n inquisitive mind and spends most of his days tinkering with magical enchantments. He struck it lucky extremely early in his adventuring career when he and his comrades came upon an extremely wounded dragon, a dead dragon, and the horde they were fighting over. Between the two corpses and the horde they had enough wealth to never work again. Lincoln used his wealth to back other adventurers who bring him new and interesting items to study and reverse engineer. This puts him at the center of a rather large network of very capable people. Lincoln resembles a rather disheveled Lloyd Bridges.

Friendly: The Lady Aribeth, Knight of Crosswatch. Aribeth of the line of Farl is a knight in title only. Her family progenitor, Farl, was granted a small manor-keep overlooking the intersection of two minor trade rivers on the outskirts of the kingdom. She is commonly acknowledged as the most intelligent person to hold the position as the norm of the family was to be a simple-minded warrior. Indeed, her mother died while hunting wild boar when Aribeth was only 13 at which point she took control of the family holdings. Aribeth has shown a flair for managing her lands that has astounded royal accountants and has seen a marked increase in her family's wealth. Physically, Aribeth is now a stunningly attractive woman of 17 with raven black hair and eyes a color reminiscent of magma. She stands at 5'5" but has a strength somewhat out of proportion with her slender frame. This, combined with her odd eye color, have led to rumors on the nature of her father as her mother was never actually married. The few remaining manor staff that were present during the time frame for her conception are extremely tight-lipped on the matter, even to her. Unknown to many (i.e. everyone except whoever the DM wants to know) Aribeth is a capable sorceress having come into her power in a burst of flames while dealing with the loss of her mother (she blamed it on a loose wall sconce in her quarters). Aribeth met Aethryn when he stopped at the manor hoping to exchange entertainment for food after the merchant trawler he had hitched a ride with was no longer going his way at the crossing. Aribeth found his company and conversation engaging and fantastic especially compared to the local peasantry she dealt with normally. This has led to Crosswatch being high on the places Aethyrn visits between adventures as he found her to be the most charming person he's dealt with on the surface. They have a standing tally of chess games with a current even split: Aribeth is more intelligent in strategy but Aethyrn is more cunning (Hmm, maybe she should get her own 10 minute character).

Enemy: Triad - The sociopath former leader of the criminal element in the city where Aethryn and his companions had one of there early adventures. They were responsible for ousting Triad from power and his entire inner circle being apprehended by the Watch. Aethyrn secretly brokered a deal between the city Lord and the remaining, and much more mentally stable, criminal leadership in which they could perform a certain level of crime per year as long as they paid taxes. Triad re-established himself in a new city and is currently trying to locate Aethyrn whom he personally blames due to a rather clever Vicious Mockery.

1) His first sunset (He continues to miss sunrise by sleeping through it). The colors were beyond his wildest comprehension.
2) When he first heard the conjoined philosophy of Bane and Erathis and everything just clicked with his personal philosophy of taking care of ones things (which he learned from his mother and all members of his House though in relations to equipment).
3) His first thunderstorm which scared him half to death until someone explained what was going on. Now he enjoys long strolls in the rain which remind him both that he is not home anymore and let him use the contrast to remember home.

Basically for a while I wanted to make a non-good Drow character that had a reason to not be killed outright for being evil. I blended together a few concepts on ownership and responsibility (Terry Pratchett's Discworld - witches, Star Trek - Tremaine, D&D - Bane) and got a Drow who sees his companions and the area in which he adventures as his. Because they are his he's responsible for looking out for them and not letting them come to harm. He isn't altruistic but will act at no gain if it optimizes the working of something he sees as his (which is pretty much anywhere he stays for more than two days or anyone he interacts with on a regular basis). My city, my wizard, my companion, don't mess with it because it is mine, is the trend.
Loads of text

I suggest using the [ sblock] [/ sblock] to hide most of the text.
And to divide the"Other People" section up in alinea's, that would certainly make it easier on the eyes to read.
Maul Ironflame Hexmer

Info:We started at level 20. Maul was born into the Ironflame Clan, he later created the Hexmer Clan.
Step 1. "We are the Hexmer Clan, we are the true Warlock Knights!"
1. Maul was born into the Ironflame Clan a sect of Warlocks who make residence in Zhentil Keep.
2.Maul like all in the Ironflame clan became a Warlock through a pact with the ice devil, Ashubanapal.
3.The Warlock Knights of Vasaa have been trying to take Zhentil keep from the Ironflame clan for a decade, so he holds a place of disgust for any Warlock knight of vasaa.
4.He is most comfortable in the cold, the keep was always cold.
5.After the death of his mentor at the hands of a Warlock Knight, Maul set out for new knowledge and power. In the hopes of destroying the Warlock Knights.

Step 2. "And they will fall by my hammer."
1.Maul will do everything in his power to destroy the Warlock Knights of vasaa.
2. Become a demigod and start the Hexmer Clan.

Step 3. "What do you mean shes a guy?"
1.Maul has a weak stomach for alcohol, a fact he doesn't want known.
2.His mentor and his driving force is actually a lie, his mentor was martyr for the Ironflame clan. The leaders where making peace with the Warlock knights until his 'murder'. Mauls mentor was part of a group inside the clan that did not want peace cause as long as the clan fought they had control over the fund which they used to further their dealings with devils for new power.

Step 4. "Fred and I walked into a bar..."
1. Maul has a close friendship with a Warforged. He called himself Fuller. Maul just called him Tree hugger. Fuller was a Earthstrength Warden.
2.Maul frequently hired a Drow named Xhen. Xhen is the kind of person that will work cause he has nothing more fun to do. Maul never really trusted him but Xhen never gave him any reason to doubt his loyalty though.
3.Hjilk. A half-orc Warlock knight. Maul while on one of his ventures into Vasaa ran into a platoon of knights on patrol. He ravaged all but one, Hjilk, He was a general leading the patrol, after a great fight with Maul Hjilk retreated to a knight stronghold. Hjilk was put in charge of eradicating the Hexmer clan.

Step 5. "Back in my day...!"
1.Mauls fondest memory is that of his first successful spell, he froze his mentor to the ground.
2.Mauls first love Alizebeth a half dwarf. He met her while staying in the most untasteful city of Mulmaster. She was being sold in slavery. Maul bought her from the slave trader. She was glad to be free from Mulmaster. he brought her back to Zhentil Keep where she stays to this day.
3.He is still haunted by the thought of his masters death, it wakes him at night sometimes.

Done in 9mins 42secs XD
The Ten-Minute Background of Shroudmist Grove

Step 1:

1) South of St. Clarice is a haunted forest. It exists along a very thin area of The Veil between The World and The Feywild. Monsters from the Feywild slip through into the world with alarming frequency.

2) Eighty years ago, a small band of Eladrin came through the Shroudmist Gate. They met with a band of elves who helped them brave the dangers of the woods. One of them, a druid by the name of Leanna Moonsong, decided to remain with the elves. She established a small trading post with the elves not far from the Gate, and dedicated it to protecting those who would travel through the Veil between the worlds.

3) Over the years, the grove has expanded. Many foundlings from many different races have been taken in. A great many races are represented in the Grove--elves, eladrin, orcs, shifters, some of the goblinoid races, and a smattering of gnomes and changelings who've escaped from the purges in the Feywild.

4) The grove is an important stopping point between the Feywild and The World. This makes it a target for those who would sever those ties. A bugbear tribe in the Shroudmist has taken an unhealthy interest in the Grove


Step 2:

Step 3:


2) Lady Leanna was once an eladrin noble who was banished to the World, along with several other eladrin, to strengthen the White Fox Society in Coralton. She isn't a very active member, however. She monitors the Grove for the Society and sends off occasional reports, but she is more concerned with providing for the rag-tag family she has acquired than furthering the ideals of a bunch of rabblerousers. She also suspects that the society is up to something sinister behind the "Let people live free" rhetoric.

3) [
Our Lady Wynowill has an intense, personal dislike of Leanna. They have quietly loathed each other for decades, because Leanna suspects she may be behind Lord Landril's illness. Our Lady Wynowill had decided that the Shroudmist Grove has outlived its usefulness. She secretly sends funds, manpower, and magical aid to a bugbear tribe that has attacked the grove on several occasions, and she is also making overtures to The Piper. Recently, she made a deal with Corren Coris, the high warden of the Grove. Her forces are poised to attack--all she's waiting for is the right moment to crush the Grove as the first step to conquering St. Clarice.

Step 4:

Important NPCs
1) Lady Leanna Moonsong is the nominal leader of the Grove. She is a druid who venerates Mynora Elonna, an oddity among Eladrin. She is considered by many to be caring, stately, and regal. There are rumors that she was once a noble in the Court of Stars, though she rarely speaks of the life she led before founding the Grove.

2) Corren Coris is the Warden of the Grove. He's in charge of arranging the patrols that guard the forest, which means he is in a position of some power. He's also bitter at life after losing a friend to a tragic mistake when he was younger. Despite his title, he's actually a ranger.

3) Groag Goblinkicker is an odd duck. He's one of the strongest fighters in the Grove itself, and he's fought his way out of more than one ambush.

4) Devon Lucan is a warden of the grove who has seen and done many things. He has trained under Leanna herself, and has taken on some of her contemplative nature.

5) The Piper is a demonic monster, a satyr warped by its exposure to the Halls of Nightmare. It has gathered a band of evil fey monsters under its banner, and has taken a personal interest in destroying the Grove.

Step 5:

Neighboring Settlements
1) St. Clarice is the closest major town on The World side of the grove. it's a major trade port for Coralton, and hosts an annual Winterend Faire where Eladrin merchants come to trade.

2) Minas Mesidii is the closest settlement to the grove on the Feywild side of The Veil. It stands just a few miles beyond the Shroudmist Gate, a permanent fey passage that opens every spring around the vernal equinox. During this time, caravans from the eladrin city come through the portal and trade with The World. The Shroudmist Gate is the most well known fey passage in the forest, but far from the only one.

3) The Halls of Nightmare are a series of strange tunnels recently uncovered by an Eladrin archeology team near Shroudmist Grove. After they were discovered, the forest changed. The mist, which had only appeared during the spring for centuries, has lingered year-round since the discovery of the Halls. Worse yet, terrible fey monsters have appeared in the Shroudmist, warped and changed by their exposure to its fell energies. It has been all that the Grove can do to keep the trails safe--they don't have the manpower to send a patrol to the Halls. Especially now that a monster calling itself The Piper has started using the place as a staging ground for its attacks against the Grove. These attacks have been getting more vicious, and if something isn't done soon the whole grove may fall...

Step 6:

56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
Stray...Remember this one? ;)
Had to do a bit of photoshopping to get a different face and also add the make-up hehe


Pock "Kingpin" Giblyrock
Aerialist Rogue MC Cunning Bard

1. Biography

2. Past

3. Goals

1.[short] Find shiny things and stay a live
2.[long]Become a Kingpin of the underworld

4. Social Connections

5. Secrets

6. Personalia

Race: Gnome
Sex: Male
Age: adult (46)
Height: average (3’-6")
Build: sturdy
Skin: tanned, but dyed
Eyes: green
Hairs: copper red
Alignment: unaligned
Nature: Resourceful, clever, inventive
Traits: Uses (grim) humor to hide his real thoughts

7. Designer Notes
-Pock fled to the real world out of fear what awaits him in the feywild. The Fomorians
-has traveled a fair bit and enjoys pulling grim pranks and tricks on people. He eventually learned that there was money to be made which could be used to get a lot of shiny things. But some shiny things are not for sale and thus he steals them.
-doing so has made others aware of his presence and recognize his skill. Pock is very able with throwing knives. His long dark coat is weighted down by the many he carries. The coat never wavers on the wind or moves behind when Pock runs. Inside the coat are various “protected” pockets which contain various poisons and other tricky contents which he can use to dip his knives in. There are also silver knives for certain were creatures and many more no one knows about it. You never know what the next trick will be that he pulls out of his coat.
-He loves playing his silver flute. It also allows Pock to utilize magic that can put enemies/animals to sleep and many other effects.
-Unlike most gnomes Pock is a rather harsh type that doesn’t avoid conflicts. He deflects it with humor and thus putting his adversary on the wrong foot. Getting even when they least expect it.
-Pock is resourceful, clever and inventive with a love for music, poetry and finding shiny things.
-In the underground world he lives in Pock has learned that it is better to stay at the top of the food chain and thus he wants to become a Kingpin some day. This is considerate dangerously rude among gnomes, but then again he has always felt a desire for more attention then is healthy.
-Has a belt with small pouches in which he keeps various little balls. Some are smoke bombs, some alchemist fire and many more different types and effects.
Garrick the Liar

Step 1: Concept and Background

1) Garrick, born Garrick Blackhammer, is a dwarf hedge knight who comes from a remote dwarf village high in a mountain range somewhere on Gereth’s lower continent.

2) Growing up the son of a poor “horseshoes and hobnails” blacksmith he was obsessed with stories of adventurers and knights, great deeds and magic. He decided he would become an adventuring knight, no matter what he had to do. He was consequently laughed out of his village.

3) Bitter at the reaction his father and village had to his dreams, he vowed not to return to his village until he had become a successful adventurer and knight. He took up adventuring but found it to be a lot less glamorous than he had initially thought.

4) From the cave lair of a dragon, he stole a suit of blue and gold magic armour from the body of a dead adventurer, he also took the most impressive looking sword he thought he could wield from the dragon’s treasure hoard. Painting his old shield blue and gold to match his new armour, he set off again, adventuring far and wide to places where nobody knew him, claiming to be a knight and the last scion of an ancient, noble, but long forgotten, line of dwarfs.

5) He is an ardent follower of Adisa, and to a lesser extent (and sometimes somewhat grudgingly) Bodai Luoqi. As a fighter and a knight he has given a nod and a prayer to Murugan, the god of war, in the past. (Though whether he has or he just says he has, is anyone’s guess.)

Step 2: Goals

1) Garrick wishes to become a knight, having songs and stories written about him. His aim is to become a famous and respected adventurer, and if he could attain an actual knighthood along the way that would be perfect.

2) He would like to return home at some point, partially to prove those who doubted him wrong, but also because he misses his village and his family. But he refuses to return before he has fulfilled his vow.

Step 3: Secrets

1) While in foreign lands, and around people that do not know him from his early days, he claims to be a knight and the last scion of an ancient, noble, but long forgotten, line of dwarfs. This is of course a lie, and his most guarded secret. He is still under the child-like impression that it is the armour and titles that make a knight, rather than one’s honour and deeds.

2) He doesn’t realise that his fame is indeed spreading, though this is working against him too. The dragon he stole his equipment from is watching over him, amused by the little liar but angry that Garrick had the gall to steal from him. While he has actually come to wish Garrick well on his quest, he will not stand for such a slight. He is waiting, biding his time until he believes Garrick is ready, intending to give the dwarf a fair fight, but determined to have the theft of his treasure avenged.

Step 4: NPC's

1) Audrick Blackhammer, a blacksmith, Garrick’s estranged father. Audrick never intended to have his only son leave home, he assumed Garrick’s dreams of being an adventurer were simply a phase that he would grow out of. He didn’t intend to hurt Garrick and would do anything to restore their relationship and have his son back.

2) Riswynn, Garrick’s little sister. He hasn’t seen her in a long, long time, and he misses her dearly.

3) The Dragon! (Name forthcoming.)

Step 5: Memories

1) Garrick remembers his childhood, apprenticing in his father’s smithy and reading tales of knights and dragons and adventure in what spare time he had.

2) He remembers the anger, and the hurt he felt when his father, along with the rest of the village, laughed at him when he decided on becoming a knight. The vow he made never to return until he had accomplished his goal.

3) He remembers leaving his little sister behind, and the sadness he felt at not knowing when he would see her again. He thinks about her often.

4) He remembers the fear he had on approaching the dragon’s lair, thinking how foolish he was being just to prove a point, and believing he was about to die at the hand of a dragon (with nobody around to tell his story).

5) He also remembers laughing, almost hysterically, with relief when he entered the lair and found it to be empty, sans draconis, devoid of dragon! He looked about at the treasure and riches, thanked his gods, and made his escape fully fitted with the trappings of a real knight. His mind racing with a story he would invent to tell his tale.



(Model is 02135: King Norin Sliverbeard from Reaper Miniatures)

**Gereth is the main continent in my group's homebrew world, the gods mentioned are homebrew also.
Geargod Leonin, Lvl 1 Gnoll Bard (Unaligned)


1) Geargod is an orphan, and was raised by a young eladrin on the Moonshae Isles.

2) He was raised as a pet, and taught songs and stories to entertain his young master, by the lord of the estate (a previous adventurer).

3) When his master realized the true nature of Geargod (when he was no longer a pup or a novelty) he attempted to put "him to sleep" before his savage nature became too apparent.

4) In a twist of fate Geargod saved his master's life from the creature the lord had summoned to kill him. Afterward, the lord returned his favor by nearly killing the young Geargod. He spared his life, so long as the Gnoll promised never to return to the Isle of his childhood.

5) Geargod swore revenge and has decided to adventure and help/entertain as many folk until he is ready to be reunited with his younger master.


1) To grow strong enough as a champion of good to either prove his worth to the eladrin lord, or to grow strong enough to force the issue.

2) To "record" or cover as many songs of the Realms as possible through his "Ghost Sound" Racial power.


1) The Leonin family of the Moonshae Isles

2) A female gnome bard who he travels and performs with.


1) Geargod's songs actually come from across the planes and include works from our dimension. Hits from the 50's through the 90's frequently slip into his song choice and surprise other bards, used to singing more contemporary works.

2) Geargod was originally named Spot. His favorite game was to fetch his young master's javelin and return it. He became so attached to the spear he wields it to this day.

3) He stole his name from a sermon he heard on the god Erathis. He knows little about religion.
Nimal Deerstalker
Female Chaotic Evil Elven Ranger

Step 1: Concept

1. Nimal is a creature of the wild. She has dreadlocked hair, filled with feathers and beads made from bone and wood. She wears cloths made from animal skins and simply woven plant fibres. Her long pointy ears have numerous bone piecings. A line of ritual scarification marks underlines her solid black eyes. Her teeth are filed down like sharks teeth, as is the way of her tribe. Despite the ritual disfigurements, she possesses an eerie and savage beauty, like a big cat.

2. Nimal is outcast from her people as a Kinslayer after having killed her cousin in a brawl over spoils from a raid on a human settlement.

3. Nimal makes her living as a subsistence hunter and guide to human travellers who wish to enter the Lashar forest and the ancient ruined cities found within.

4. Since leaving her community, lashar has developed both a drinking and gambling habit. This combined with a complete naivety about the way money functions lead to her wasting nearly all the money she earns.

5. Nimal is hated by her own people because of her involvement with the humans of the lands beyond the sacred forest of Lashar. Nimal ofcause hates them just as much because they attack her on sight now. None of this means that Nimal like the humans whom she works for. She hates them every bit as much, but without the support structure of her tribe, she cannot replace things she cannot make for her self. Since she is still young, there are many things she can't make.

Step 2: Goals

1. Become 'rich' and live in luxury with many slaves and many concubines.

2. It would be cool to have Nimal discover the truth about the ancient cities of her home land.

Step 3: Secrets

1. Nimal occationally leads those she guides to their death at the hands of her own people, hoping that both sides will suffer and that she can pick the corpses clean of goods later.

2. Nimal is in truth the direct decendant of the last queen of the lashar elves and the rightful heir to the fallen kingdom that surrounds once existed within the forest before the fall of magic.

Step 4: Friends and Enemies

1. Rallman the gambler is perhapes Nimal's best friend. As a consummate card shark Rallman finds Nimal to be an easy mark. This combined with the fact she is pleasing on the eye(in a slightly odd way, if you can ignore the teeth and the slight smell) and willing to kill any who would accuse him of cheating before they even finish speaking means that he is willing to let her play at his table most nights. He also has been known to pay for her bed, food and even equipment while she is in town, realising that while she lives, he will have a constant easy revenue stream.

2. Madam Silvia Lightfinger is the owner of the bleakriver bordello. She considers Nimal to be 'one of her girls' after a short stint the elf did in the immediate aftermath of her joining human society. Silvia does what she can to keep the dangerous and temperamental elf out of trouble, though again it is out of self interest as she wish to have the elf return to working in the bordello. The profits to be made from a eerily beautiful savage princess on staff are hard to imagain and Silvia Lightfinger has a very active imagination.

3. Paradoxially Nimal's greatest enemy may be her greatest friend in the long run. She has repeatedly clashed with the town marshell of bleakriver, who knows full well that she is bad news, but believes Nimal may be able to turn away from her life of petty crime and become a valued scout for the Alastia army.

Step 5: memories

1. Nimal's earliest memory is watching her families' pet cockatrices hunting giant centipeds in amongst the roots of the tree in which their hut was built.

2. Nimal's last good memory of home was her initation into adulthood by the cult of kaln the huntress. Her first taste of human flesh and pomegranates, both of which were taboo for any but hunters to eat.

3.Entering exile after murdering her cousin, his blood on her mouth still from where she had bitten of his ear during their fight and her knife still in her bloody hands.
Wow, Zombieneighbours. Hopefully you don't take this as a bad thing, but your Nimal's history is very close to that of my warden Necal'li. Great minds think alike, I guess.

That said, I really like what you've done here. Breaking stereotypes is always good (in my opinion, anyway), and you have blown the idea of peace-loving, dainty, high-minded elves out of the water. If it were me, I probably would have talked more about how Nimal felt about being exiled (if she thought it was fair, if she still feels any type of attachment to her people, etc...), but by not doing that you really cemented Nimal's hard-hearted indifference for me (hopefully that's what you were going for). Very interesting.

And by the way MatthewSwift: I think your character concept is awesome - though raising a gnoll as a pet definitely doesn't seem like the smartest move on the eladrin's part. I can see a lot of cool role-playing resulting from Geargod's backstory.
This is my original 4E character. I tend to go a little bit overboard with details, and here I did so especially in the "Five Facts" section. As someone earlier suggested, I filled out the TMB backwards, so it might be easier to read it that way. Alright, here you go...

Kiah Suntalon
Female Fighter Level 4 (specializing in heavy flail)

Step One: Five Facts

1.) Her home village of Sandsview is in the mountains bordering an expansive desert, built into rocky cliffs where rocs commonly live. The town is a mix of humans, halflings, and half-orcs as well as smaller numbers of goliaths and dwarves from the larger mountains slightly farther away from the desert. The people of Sandsview must cross the desert to trade, and thus are very familiar with the desert, and have also tamed some of the rocs in order to make transport across the desert easier. These rocs are a large part of the culture of Sandsview, and many of the people there venerate an almost unheard-of god of rocs and flight. Her father was one of the many traders who employed rocs as mounts to cross the desert, while her mother was the captain of the town guard.

2.) Sandsview was raided by orcs when she was twenty-three. The first raid took half the town and both her parents. She assumed the position of guard captain in her mother’s absence, and – though horrendously inexperienced in leadership – managed to keep the orcs at bay for another month and a half. However, the town was eventually overrun. The fortunate escaped on the backs of their rocs while the rest, Kiah included, were captured as slaves.

3.) Kiah did not take easily to slavery and eventually tried to kill her orc master, who had forced her to fight in the gladiatorial fighting pits common in the orc outposts. Enraged, he sold her to a friend in a mountain settlement renowned for its harsh work. However, with the help of an abolitionist organization, Kiah managed to escape and has since moved northwards, adventuring to support herself.

4.) Kiah is short – 5’2” – a fact that leads many to underestimate her. She is stocky and muscular, with skin so dark that it is almost black and close-cropped black hair. When her first master bought her, he branded his seal into her upper left arm. As soon as she escaped, she took a hot iron and burned over the mark until it was completely unintelligible, leaving a square patch of shiny lighter skin.

5.) Kiah is impulsive, though she tries not to be, and impatient. She is resilient and generally stubborn – but will back down and give in if a long argument is getting nowhere or is making matters worse – a tactic learned from her days as a slave. She is uneducated in a formal sense. Her brief time as a guard captain gave her the ability to take control of a situation if need be, but she tries to avoid taking on a leadership role when possible. She isn’t a chatterbox, but what she ends up saying is sometimes (often) better left unsaid, as she has no idea what tact is. She has no respect for cowards or traitors. She is not “lawful” (she doesn’t like lots of organization or discipline) but she does believe that all individuals should adhere to the basics of fair play and justice. She doesn’t like or trust the wealthy, and instead has a strong connection to the natural world and greatly respects those with primal powers. She has little faith in the gods because they seemed to abandon her when she was a slave, except for Kord, who she believes allowed her to survive the fighting pits. She is exceptionally proud.

Step Two: Goals

1.) Kiah knows that her father is dead, having seen his body after the first serious orc raid. However, her mother was not among the dead, and Kiah would like to determine her ultimate fate.

2.) On a large scale, Kiah would like to do whatever she can to put a stop to slavery. Currently she sends money to Merric and Vela (see acquaintances) to help the Broken Chain, but it may not be long before she joins the organization herself. She really enjoys adventuring, so a very active involvement in the society may not be possible, but as she goes up in levels, her ability to contribute significantly financially will increase.

Step Three: Secrets (known and unknown)

1.) Very soon after she started fighting in the pits, Kiah was forced to fight her brother. He had always been a very free spirit, but his time in slavery had broken him completely. Had he won, he would have killed her. As it was, Kiah eventually disarmed and subdued him, but refused to finish him off. He was executed right there on the field in front of her eyes, and Kiah was badly beaten for her disobedience. She still blames herself for his death.

2.) Kiah’s mother – Anari – like Kiah herself, was a talented warrior. After the first raid on Sandsview, she was captured by orcs and sold as a slave to a powerful tiefling warlock as a bodyguard. This evil warlock forced Anari to swear fealty to herself and to the powerful devil with which she had formed her infernal pact. She also extracted the names of all of those whom Anari cared for, promising that if Anari ever tried to rebel against either her or her master, those whom Anari had named would suffer. This warlock is in possession of a powerful magic item with which she can spy on whomever she pleases (stolen from the palantir of Tolkien), and recently has become interested in her slave’s daughter…

Step Four: Acquaintances

1.) Halflings Merric Roundbarrel and wife Vela. Members of a small but widespread society – the Broken Chain – dedicated to the freeing of slaves and the destruction of slavery wherever it is found. Responsible for Kiah’s escape from her orc masters. She is very grateful to them and remained nearby to try to help in their mission for a while, until her presence became a liability after one too many orcs recognized her. She regards them almost as family and often writes them and sends them some of the money earned from her exploits. There is no one else she is so tender with.

2.) Kadrick Steeleye, dwarven ex-adventurer who settled in the town of Sandsview. Gave Kiah all the formal weapons training she has, and taught her how to use the heavy flail. She found his pale skin and northern accent strange and interesting, but was enamored by his dedication to his craft and dwarven sense of justice. He taught her to revere the gods (a belief that changed drastically after her time in slavery). He had trained many of the adolescents of Sandsview that came before her, but none that came after – he said that after instructing her, any other student would be boring, and followed the mountains back north after a generous farewell dinner given by the town.

3.) Malgroth Yurzik, Kiah’s “master” for more than three years. Part of an orc caravan that traveled around the desert, raiding small towns and selling their loot at various orc outposts. Gladiatorial contests were held at some of these outposts, and it was Malgroth that forced Kiah into them after recognizing how fierce a fighter she was. He reserves a special space in his heart for his hatred of Kiah; her defiance and indomitable nature led to frequent clashes between them, and as a result he made sure she was beaten often and harshly. Despite her many shows of disrespect, he didn’t sell her because of the money she was making him in the fighting pits – until she made an attempt on his life. He has learned of her escape from the orc he sold her to, and is outraged, convinced that if she’d been under his firm hand, she never would have gotten away.

Step Five: Memories

1.) Riding on the back of a roc across the desert with her father after begging him to let her travel with him.

2.) The winged badge she received as she joined the town guard at age 18, over-confident and eager to help against rumored orc raiders.

3.) The roar of a hundred orc spectators as she was thrown into the fighting pit for the first time. you think she's too cliched? Does she draw too much attention to herself? I know I kind of rattled on (okay, really rattled on) - would it have been much better to sketch out only the basics and let her grow more organically?

Kiah's my original fourth edition character. Any comments would be appreciated.
This is my original 4E character. I tend to go a little bit overboard with details, and here I did so especially in the "Five Facts" section. As someone earlier suggested, I filled out the TMB backwards, so it might be easier to read it that way. Alright, here you go... you think she's too cliched? Does she draw too much attention to herself? I know I kind of rattled on (okay, really rattled on) - would it have been much better to sketch out only the basics and let her grow more organically?

Kiah's my original fourth edition character. Any comments would be appreciated.

The point of the TMB is to get a background that a DM can read in an organized form. The Five Facts list can be five sentences or five paragraphs, as long as they move from topic to topic. Some people (such as myself) get involved in the writing process for fun, and would ramble on for pages merrily telling stories about our characters if we had the interest and the inspiration.

Your character will grow organically no matter how much work you put in to a background. As you let your character grow, you might find her not fitting as well into the background as you previously expected--this is only natural. It seem you have a very clear grasp of the character as she is when you start playing, her, which is helpful to know where you eventually want to end up.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray
I know it's been a while since I've written one of these, but I figured I'd start up again. This time, I'm making a series of NPCs for the campaign I've started. The campaign centers around a party of characters who get conscripted into a bizzare collection of planes called the Mazes, in which resides the "blood sport" known only as the Games. The Games are run by ten massively powerful beings known as the Masters. Each of the Masters is in charge of one Maze, which is shaped and modeled after the Master's personality and interests. The players have to survive the challenges the Masters lay for them and figure out the secrets of the Games if they ever wish to escape.

Master Irann

Background and Character Information
1. Master Irann stands at 5' 4'' and weighs about 130 lb. She is dressed in flowing robes of brown and green. The robes also have many decorations from natural sources, such as animal pelts, horns, teeth and feathers. On her shoulders however, are a pair of small trees seem to grow. She also wears an exquisitely carved darkwood mask in the shape of a bird's head. She speaks in a gentle and motherly tone, but that tone can quickly shift to protective anger if she is crossed.

2. Master Irann's Maze appears to be like a small version of the Feywild. Here the natural world dominates all, with forests of massive trees the size of real-world sequoias and larger, pristine and glistening oceans and rivers, mountains of purple stone and white snow, and deserts and plains that seem to roll on forever. There appear to be no permanent player settlements throughout the whole thing, merely camps that never packed up and moved on. Players can find refuge in places like these, or they might find other players lying in wait to ambush them.

3. Master Irann's challenges all have something to do with nature or the wild. Players in her domain may be asked to hunt for unique and powerful beasts, or they may be the prey forced to run and hide from relentless and cunning fey hunters. They may be asked to tend to and heal sacred groves that have been damaged, or animals that have been injured, or prevent such incidents from happening.

4. Rangers and characters who use the primal power source have a special place in Master Irann's heart. They are often the best equipped to survive her challenges, and she often leaves rewards for such characters to find in the form of beneficial magic items or a little extra help in a particularly difficult challenge.

5. Master Irann, like many of the other Masters, has difficulty remembering her time before she became a Master. She knows that she's an elf, though like all Masters she hides everything about herself beneath her robes and mask, and she knows that she had some connection with nature, since that's what her Maze came to represent. She knows that she was kidnapped and conscripted into the Games a long time ago, and that she became a Master when one of the other Masters stepped down. The only other memory she has of her past is that she had a sister, and she loved her very much before she joined the Games.

1. Master Irann's main goal is to challenge players that enter her Maze. She provides extra help to players who respect or revere the power of nature, and she punishes overly destructive players.

2. A goal that Master Irann has been working on for a while has been recovering the lost memories of her past. She feels that without them, she is without an identity, and thus she probes elf and eladrin players for potential connections or to trigger buried memories.

1. Master Irann's sister, Hana, has been searching for her sister ever since she dissapeared, and is now a shaman. Hana has just been swept away into the Games, and is now a player. If Hana and Irann recognize each other, then it may bring some of Irann's buried memories back.

2. Like all Masters, Master Irann is not invincible, and there are certain circumstances, she may be injured or even killed. If she is lured into the realm of Master Blackmoor or Master Antum, whose Mazes have strong focuses on death and destruction, her powers would weaken, and her immortality would be lost. However, she has an ace in the hole that other Masters don't. She can give up her Masterhood, just like her predecessor did, becoming a normal person once again.

3. It's said that somewhere in Master Irann's Maze, there is a great cave that contains inscriptions revealing clues as to the origins of the Games and the Masters. The carvings depict that the Mazes have changed many times in the past, with the last change being the growth and creation of the trees that represend Master Irann's rule.

1. Master Irann has a strong dislike of her nearest neighbor, Master Antum. She believes that his obsessive love of war, destruction and fire is inherently wicked, and that if left unchecked, he would burn all the Mazes and kill all the other Masters just because he could. Master Antum, for his part, regards Master Irann as a weak-willed treehugger sitting on a pile of firewood that she's selfishly keeping for herself.

2. A Master that Master Irann has a friendship with is Master Rangrim. Like Master Irann, Master Rangrim was a player who ascended to Masterhood, though he achieved his power by killing his predecessor in his own Maze. Master Rangrim is still trying to decide what kind of Master he wants to be, so he often turns to Master Irann for advice, since she is one of the most accepting Masters.

3. One of Master Irann's most bitter enemies is Master Blackmoor, the ruler of the oldest Maze. The sadistic challenges he sets for players in his domain and the fact that he keeps company with devils and undead renders him an antithesis to everything Master Irann stands for. Master Blackmoor thinks that Master Irann is a foolish and weak girl. He covets her realm, like he covets all the other realms, but is afraid to make a move on anyone, since upsetting the balance of power between the Masters would cause great risks to him.

1. Master Irann's oldest memories are of her childhood, living in the forest with her mother and sister. Her mother instilled both girls with a deep appreciation of nature, and that has stuck with Master Irann, though many other details of this time have been forgotten.

2. A fond memory of Master Irann is the day she obtained Masterhood. She had been surprised when the Master of the Maze she'd been travelling in appeared before her, and explained that he wanted to die. She was confused as to why he was telling her all of this, but then he showed her, removing his mask and placing it on her face. Immediately the mask shifted and warped into the form it is today, and her clothes became the robes of a Master. As the old Master, now revealed to be an eladrin wizard of extremely advanced age, breathed his last, a smile came to his face, and nature suddenly ran rampant in Master Irann's new domain.

3. Master Irann's introduction to the other Masters was an interestingly awkward affair. She was already familiar with most of them since she had been a player in their Mazes. Some of them welcomed her with open arms, while others, particularly Masters Blackmoor and Antum, objected that a young elf girl who had no knowledge of true power be given such a gift. But they were in the minority, so Master Irann was recognized as a true Master.

Design Notes
Each of the Masters has rivalries and alliances with other Masters, and while all of them are technically antagonists to the PCs, some are better or worse than others. Irann is meant to be one of the most approachable, especially since one of the PCs (Hana) has a connection with her.
Shifter Paladin of Dol Dorn

Step 1
Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character. These can be a concept overview, a list of important life events, a physical description, a personality profile...whatever you need to get an image in your mind. 5 is just a minimum...more elements are encouraged!

Dislikes the Silver Flame because of personal history with it's followers and their involvement in making him an orphan.
Raised in Monastery in Breland by Warrior Monks of Dol Dorn.
Overtly Pious
Loose Cannon
Named Ash because when the Monks found him in front of their monastery, he was still covered in the ashes of his village.

Step 2
List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game.

Character: Find the remainders of his family
Player: Stumble upon a silver flame purge, and possibly interfere or help with one.

Step 3
List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!

Member of the 6 and 8 heresy that believes that 6 and 8 orginally refered to the gods of civilzation (8) and the wilderness (6) and that the gods used to peacfully coexisted. He believes that some event/decision in the past forced the gods to turn on each other forming the current Soverign host and dark six. He beilves if the source of the diffrence could be found that the pantheon could be reunited. As part of this he has a much softer view on the dark six than most followers of Dol Dorn.

Ash belives his parents were innocent victoms killed as part of a silverflame crusade targeting Lycanthropes in Draom. This is not entirely true, His parents were helping the Lycanthrope underground in Droam. their involvment was uncovered, and they were eliminated by the silver flame specifically rather than being casulties of a larger purge. His parents fled into Breland after sending Ash's three older brothers into hiding. They left Ash at the monastery hoping to be able to return to claim him, they never returned

Step 4
Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.

Father Benjamin Bradley, A mentor to Ash, and another member of the 6 and 8 heresy. He occasionally provides Ash with Tips and missions for the church, and has been a spiritual guide to ash whenever he is in need.

Moonspeaker Shea, A survivor of the village Ash's family was from. She knew Ash's family and has tried to help Ash discover his shifter roots and his surviving relatives, neitheir of which have been succesful to this point.

Sir Eld Paladin of the silver flame, Ash and Eld met up when they were both investigating a series of undead attacks near fort Light on border between thrane and breland. They decided to work together towards a common goal, but the differences in their styles quickly put them at odds. Their strained partnership ended in a fight between them as Ash caught Eld toutureing a Vampire spawn they had captured. Before the battle between paladins could be decided the undead escaped and ash and eld gave chase. In the end the Vampire eluded them and warned the Karnathi necromancer responsible for the attacks. The necromancer escaped and is still at large.
There's been a lot of activity and cool concepts since I posted last, but all I can bring myself to comment on is the Stray's awesome character portrait of Jack.

Was it a commission from somewhere, did a friend do it, or what? Simply put, I love the art style.
There's been a lot of activity and cool concepts since I posted last, but all I can bring myself to comment on is the Stray's awesome character portrait of Jack.

Was it a commission from somewhere, did a friend do it, or what? Simply put, I love the art style.

The Jester pic was a commission, for a Mutants & Masterminds character with the same look and concept. The artist, Darren Calvert, has a whole thread of art he's done on the M&M Forum. He also did work for the books and several of the PDF supplements, and I'm really pleased at how he turned out. I love this picture so much that I use it as my avatar on other sites.
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What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
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I'm not really sure if this is the right spot for this, but might as well try posting anyway :p

Cursed Fang of the Chaotic Order

Step 1
  • When he was born, a bright star suddenly vanished from the sky
  • Raised by Drow (was supposed to be a sacrifice to Lolth, but she commanded her followers to raise him as one of their own)
  • Is called Nharish by his friends
  • Ran away from home because he hated the Drow way of life
  • Stumbled upon a sacred grove, and lived with druids for awhile
  • Came to a village and got recruited into the military of the kingdom that ruled over the village
  • Appalling as a recruit, got kicked out of the regiment soon enough
  • Head librarian and chief magistrate of the kingdom tutored him in the ways of magic
  • Was supposed to be assigned head librarian and chief magistrate in place of his old mentor, but refused the position
  • Dwarf appearance yet skin tone is drow-ish
  • Has a pair of giant spiders as pets (twins named Eikeren and Aikeren)
  • Sometimes uses "Sapphire Ling Wingstaff" as an alias (and often he adds the title "Wandering Scholar of the Heavens" as well)
  • Got the nickname "Ling" from the druids who couldn't really say his name, so called him "Sapling" instead
  • His favorite gemstone is a sapphire
  • He never goes anywhere without his staff... and at least one book (just for reading)
  • He loves all sorts of books, and will sometimes be stuck for days at ancient libraries... or stores that sell magical stuff
  • He actually considered apprenticeship as a scribe, at least to earn his keep while passing the time
  • He loves his poisons (maybe it's from what he learned from living with Drow, aside from effective lying and all)

Step 2
  • Short term goal (character): Learn how to be able to fend off attacks in spite of his tough yet weak body
  • Long term goal (character): To be able to master not just the four elements but magic itself as a whole
  • Player goal: Aside from eventually him reaching Archmage status, I'd like to see him facing off -- and eventually coming to terms with -- his great grandmother

Step 3
  • His great grandmother is one of the grand high priestesses of Lolth, and one of the reasons he randomly encounters drow from time to time
  • Even though it seemed like she was angry with him because he ran away, Lolth herself has plans for the young dwarven mage, which is why she allowed him to live for so long

Step 4
  • Tarvfan -- an eldarin singing fighter (so he sometimes gets mistaken for a bard) who, for all his manliness, sometimes goes gaga for... the muscle-bound fighter across the bar room. He's been a reliable friend and travel companion otherwise, so let's keep it at that for now
  • Dgwendolyn and Djwendolyn -- a curious female pair who keep an eye on Ling; Djwen appears to be an angel, while Dgwen seems like a succubus, yet they look exactly alike, as if they were twins. They followed him in secret as he left the grove so many years ago...
  • Kordin Marvolen -- a drow spellsword (who uses techniques that are similar to those that were employed by the eldarin swordmages), he used to head the raids on both Ling's village and the druid alcove where the dwarf first took refuge in, who was exiled on penalty of death for failing to kill the intended target. He now tries to kill Ling in the hopes of regaining the favor of his matriarch and ending his exile.

Step 5
  • He still remembers the time he was visited by Oghma in a dream, who told him to see if it was possible for one to be able to perfect himself in both arcana and close combat in a way that, as Oghma himself said, "most people would consider downright outrageous if not impossible". How he'd do that well, that's the question that's been on Ling's mind even after he learned how to fight using his toughness rather than his strength
  • Ling recalls those times he endured the humiliations of being a half-drow -- and a half-dwarf to boot -- and when he wakes up sweating cold from those nightmares, he sometimes still has to shake off the pain and numbness from his many scars from barbed whips and daggers of long ago
  • Ling remembers the smell of dusty old tomes and the ancient library he was supposed to become head librarian of... and he finds himself craving to return to those books, only for him to shake off the thoughts and telling himself "Not yet."

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If you're crossing the street and see a city bus barreling straight toward you with 'GIVE ME YOUR WALLET!' painted across its windshield, you probably won't be reaching for your wallet.
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This is what I believe is the spirit of D&D 4E, and my deal breaker for D&D Next: equal opportunities, with distinct specializations, in areas where conflict happens the most often, without having to worry about heavy micromanagement or system mastery. What I hope to be my most useful contributions to the D&D Community: DM Idea: Collaborative Mapping, Classless 4E (homebrew system, that hopefully helps in D&D Next development), Gamma World 7E random character generator (by yours truly), and the Concept of Perfect Imbalance (for D&D Next and other TRPGs in development) Pre-3E D&D should be recognized for what they were: simulation wargames where people could tell stories with The Best Answer to "Why 4E?" Fun vs. Engaging
The Ten-Minute Background of Tsai Wu Yang, August Minster of the Heavens, Hobgoblin Cosmic Sorcerer

Background: "All are beneath the Ten Thousand Wonders. Their complex motions guide our actions. Everything is as it should be under Heaven."

1) This one was born and grew up in scholarly settings, where a good education was considered essential to one's future success. This one developed an affinity for and understanding of the workings of The Ten Thousand Wonders that lie above us, and the cycles and workings thereof. Proficiency with magic followed shortly thereafter.

2) This one remembers the glorious call to arms of The Rising Sun Empire, and enlisted as an officer in the army of the Ten Thousand Fangs. Our goal was noble--to bring our enlightened culture to the barbarians who dwelled in squalor and ignorance, unable to achieve enlightenment and release themselves from the Great Wheel of Rebirth. This one participated in many glorious campaigns. Our leader, General Nobunaga, said so.

3) However, this one was not so certain that our campaigns were entirely glorious. The battles with the empire of Khem and Arkhosia seemed to this one to focus more on the pacification and subjugation of the native people than the teaching of our enlightened culture and ways. Those so captured were not taught, only used, and that bothered this one.

4) As an officer of some small measure, this one decided to act. This one sent a strongly worded missive to General Nobunaga, decrying the brutality empolyed against those we were meant to educate, and calling for an investigation into certain abuses this one had observed among the other officers of the army, undertaken for their own enrichment rather than the profit of the lesser people we had come to save from themselves. This one hoped to open discourse and encourage reform. What this one recieved were Red Fist assassins in the night. One message was sent, and another was recieved, loud and clear. There would be no change from within.

5) So this one took his leave of his post, shamed by his dishonor at doing so but convinced that it was the proper response. The Emperor must be informed of the excesses of this one's comrades, and hopefully General Nobunaga will be recalled and a less corrupt general will replace him. But this one only has the clothes on his back, his ritual implements, and a few coins, and must now dwell among uncivilized barbarians. This one will make the best of his circumstances, and do his utmost to use these circumstances to his advantage. Heaven alone sees all.


1) This one seeks to make the best of his unfortunate circumstances, and use them to deepen his understanding of The Ways of Heaven. Surivial is primary for the moment.

2) This one does not wish to remain in exile forever. This one would very much like to ensure that a message reaches the Most August Emperor, informing him of the excesses and brutality the Army of the Ten Thousand Fangs wages in his holy name, and entreat him to effect such changes as are necessary to return the army to its true goal of showing the best our civilization has to offer to the barbarians, rather than the worst.


1) This one is certain that General Nobunaga has, by now, learned of his survival, and is seeking him vigorously to silence this one before he can inform the Emperor of his failings. This one believes he will have another unfortuante encounter with the Red Fist, and seeks to avoid such a meeting.

2) This one is not aware that his missive never reached the General, only traveling to his immediate superior Li Fang Mai, who, unwilling to let information of his corruption become known, decided to silence his critic. It is unknown whether the Army of the Ten Thousand Fangs is truly as brutal and corrupt as it is painted, and how far the brutality actually extends.

3) Reserved for the DM.


1) This one, sadly, has made few friends in this land, as many are suspicious of his motives and his prior association with the Army of the Ten Thousand Fangs. There has been one, a human of the Khem people, who has been willing to assist him, perhaps out of pity, perhaps because she realizes this one needed a friend. Her name is Iset, and she runs the inn this one has been dwelling since his exile began.

2) This one was not alone in his misgivings about his fellow officers. Miyamoto Tomotoki is a soldier, and a very good one. His squad served under this one's guidance, and this one often consulted with him on matters of strategy. This one hopes to get in contact with Tomotoki again, as he may prove a valuable ally in sending word to the Emperor.

3) Li Feng Mai, the August Caller of Supernatural Beasts and Monsters, is the overseer of the activities of the Army of Ten Thousand Fangs in this region. He is an insufferable egotist, and is responsible for much of the shocking butchery and enslavement this one is so against. It is he that this one wrote most strongly of in his missive, and this one would like to avoid his attentions if possible.

Description, Mannerisms, Quirks:

1) This one, humble as he is, tends to refer to himself in the third person, as a demonstration of his humilty and piety to The Way.

2) This one dresses in a fine yellow robes made of silk, enchanted to provide him some protection against attack. He also has aquired a blue coat with a high collar patterned with stars that allows him to step between worlds briefly and out of danger. His hair is patterned in the traditional stlye, worn long and braided, and his bead and mustache follow suit. He has allowed his fingernails to grow to a prodigious length.

3) This one is convinced that his culture is excellent and most worthy of consideration, though there are a few barbarian practices that intrigue him. He often wonders why the native people reject his empire's clearly superior ways, but he is learning to keep his opninons to himself on these matters.

Design notes
I'm taking a brief break from DMing, handing the reins over to another one of my players for the next few weeks. I get to be a player again! It's still set in my world, but in a part of it I haven't done a lot of detail work on besides the basics, so I get to explore my own world a bit. It's quite exciting and rather creativity inducing.

I've established that the hobgoblins of my world have a Chinese Fantasy Counterpart Culture, so I thought it would be fun to play a character from it. Of course, that makes me a member of the villains of this one-shot game, which makes things interesting.
56816218 wrote:
What I find most frustrating about 4E is that I can see it includes the D&D game I've always wanted to play, but the game is so lathered in tatical combat rules that I have thus far been unable to coax the game I want out.
When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray