My ideas for my future D&D character.

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Here are some of my ideas for heroes and villains I may use. Feel free to steal some ideas or give some comments(no criticism please). For the multiclass characters, the first class listed is the base class and the second is with multiclass feats.

Ideas for next D&D character:

Jack of Knives - Human Rogue/Ranger - Never willingly uses any weapon except daggers or knives. He wishes to become the greatest thief who ever lived. Was orphaned at a young age by a city guardsman who mistook his father to be a serial murderer, and so has no respect for those given authoritative power, but those who've properly earned their power he doesn't mind tipping his hat to. Not leaning towards good or evil, he does what he thinks will benefit him the most, but is smart enough to look forward, not always living in the moment like other thieves.

Sanesh Dakkar - Dragonborne Fighter/Paladin or Paladin/Fighter. - His father a great war captain, he wishes to show himself as an honourable warrior. While his father was at war, his mother was nearly beaten to death by bandits, so he has a great dislike for criminals of all sorts. Because he wasn't strong enough to protect her, he now strives to protect others, especially those who cannot defend themselves. His combined skill of weapons and channelling divine energy, make him a valuable ally.

Milian "The Handsom" Tryon - Half-elf Warlord - A warrior who dabbles in the arts of poetry, music and painting. He is one of the last members of a noble family that had their lands taken from them by their rivals, but has no wish to reclaim the land as he much prefers the life of a wanderer. He wishes to experience as much as he can in his lifetime, though mainly the good things. He has a weakness for the ladies and a soft spot for children.

Lysia - Elf Wizard - A scholar and scientist, she's frequently seen writing notes and examining just about everything. A well rounded education has brought her extensive knowledge in many fields, which she is glad to point out. Though quite the looker, she always forgets this fact preferring her studies over the advances of males(and females).

Ideas for future D&D villains:

Shevra - Eladrin Wizard/Fey-Pact Warlock - Deadly and seductive, she is a witch that revels in destruction. When she used her power to de-throne and replace a king, her sister stopped her rule and put a curse on her so that she would age on the outside as quickly as humans do. Fearing the loss of her beauty, she struck a deal with a powerful fey being that was imprisoned long ago. She now works to set him free for without his power she will lose that which she cherishes the most.

Xanos - Human or Tiefling Infernal-Pact Warlock/Fighter - Once a petty mercenary name Pasa Siln, he joined a devil cult and using his wits managed to take it over. When a group of holy warriors on a quest to rid the world of evil attacked his temple, most of his fellow cultists were killed, and he was left broken, beaten and poor. The devil he worshipped then came to him, fixed his body and gave to him an amulet of great and sinister power. His new mission is to seek other items of power as well as other beings who also wish to bring order to the world with an adamantine fist.

Zor, Rem & Kal - Human Paladin/Star-Pact Warlock - Once mighty champions of justice they have been reborn as twisted incarnations of evil. Their new god and ruler, The Nameless One, has set them on the mission of preparing for its arrival. Many new worshippers of the Nameless One flock to the banner of the Dark Star Knights as their evil spreads throughout the world.

Tanthrum - Half-elf Rogue/Wizard - A sneaky genius that wishes to find ancient power and use it to his own gain. He wears a mask for reasons unknown. Employs various shadow beings as his minions.

Klabok - Hobgoblin Fighter - A strict and cunning military leader. He has many goblinoids at his command as well as other nasty creatures. His life's mission is to conquer all he can.

Wort - Dwarf Fighter/Ranger - Pit-fighter, big-game hunter and general low-life. Though he doesn't act it most of the time, he also quite the criminal mastermind. Preferring working with his bare hands, he designed armour and a lethal fighting style to meet his needs. He hates to lose so much that he makes a point of tracking down and killing those who've beaten him. Frequently teams with other nasty people in order to get ahead.