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Ok, so I posted this sorta in the old forums, but I figured I'd try again.

Our DM has informed us we'll be starting in a tribal area.

So, my first character is gonna be a tiefling warlock with the following background.

Karock Venganza was found by the members of a tribe of men in the wild plains. They were mystified by his otherworldly appearance. He resembled the local shaman of the plains, who was also a tiefling. He proclaimed him to be special and charged the villagers with his upbringing. They were to bring him back to the shaman as soon as he reached pubescence.

So they did so. He was treated like royalty... or as much so as is possible in a small tribe. He grew to be proud and disdainful of humans and thought himself much superior. When he was a young adult, he was brought to the shaman. There the shaman instructed him about how to draw upon otherworldly powers by forming a pact with some entity. In particular, he taught him of his own demonic heritage. Soon enough, Karock was ready, and he made contact with an entity and was granted the power of the warlock, through infernal magic. Through his time learning from him, the shaman because the first friend Karock had ever had.

After about a year of teaching, a tribe of orcs that frequently terrorize the plains ambushed the pair in the night and killed the shaman. Karock, however managed to escape. He was furious with the orcs. He vowed to get stronger and to make them pay. He set of back to the village to get supplies to make his journey to more inhabited lands in which to gain power.


So there you go. A revenge fueled tiefling warlock that doesn't know most tieflings are feared by ordinary people. He's under the impression that his heritage makes him practically royalty. He's really sort of a jackass, who doesn't care about people unless they do something to make it worth his while.


Suggestions? Comments? Cheesy?
*shrugs* Sounds fine to me, seems like you're already set.
Posted this on another guys request for help, alter it as you see fit...

They were dead. They were all dead. In the night the kobolds came. They killed his father and his sister. They killed everyone in the town. I survived because I hid in the secret passage under the house where mother kept her books. She had been a warlock, father had said. I was reading her books when the attack came, and I stayed there, amidst the books and symbols, until the screaming stopped, unable to move. Powerless to stop what was happening. Now its over, I stand amidst the dead, cursing my weakness.

If only I had the power to stop them. If only there was a way.

Wait....the books....

For days I hid in the ruins, eating the remains of the food in the celler, while performing the ritual to call He Who Moves As The Wind. A force of Fey my mother contacted so long ago. He helped her, maybe he can help me too....

I perform the ritual. Nothing is happening.....Wait, what is that a basement?

"Hello young one....I've been waiting for you."
Sorta cool, but not the pact or personality I want for my character. Thanks though!
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