Help Required to Flesh out Warlock (Star)/Rogue

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I have been toying with a character concept, but need help fleshing it out some more:

What I have so far:

Sex: Female
Base Class: Warlock (Star) - Multiclass: Rogue
Items/Weapons: Very basic, no magical items. Weapons consist of pairs of daggers, a revolver, a shotgun (this is in a later-era game) and a short sword (possibly longsword if it is a light blade).

Physical Description and Background:
This character has taken on a boyish appearance. Short cropped hair in dark colours and plain facial features are only made more unique by a half-Glasgow smile on her left cheek. She wears basic clothing; riding boots, leather pants, leather jerkin, riding cloak, etc.

Her background so far is that the masters of fate and destiny the Stars (this is running off current assumption/if not houseruled version of Stars Pact) had set in motion her uncovering of the Pact preordained for her.

Through a series of events she gains this Pact not out of her own will and at the cost to herself and those around her (within this is where she gains the Glasgow smile). Wishing to retreat from this Fate and what it had already placed upon her she changed.

She took up a new name, a new sex, a new life. She hides all aspects of her previous life and doesn't bring up her memories. She is generally a hot-headed but jovial person. Though she can be tough and brutish at times, to mask her previous personality.

What I need help with:

Name: Something masculine but easily forgettable.
Race: Physical appearance isn't that important more the feel of the race.
Background Info: I need help figuring out what exactly were the circumstances that led up to the Pact being formed. So what events did the Stars set in motion and how did the Glasgow-smile come to be?

Any help be greatly appreciated

Is this gonna be in a high magic, or low magic setting? Also with respect to non-humans; will they be common or uncommon/rare/nonexistant?

The "Star Pact" always conjured up an H.P. Lovecraft inspired setting in my mind. Do you want real world names or high fantasy-sounding ones?

Is the glasgow smile actually cut into her face? Is it just a superficial scar?
It is a mix, generally magic is rare. But those that do have it, can use it to the full potential that D&D 4e has it set too.

If I can make an analogy their somewhat like minority groups in turn of the century New York or London. Diverse, and somewhat large but segregated and in their own communities within larger Human communities.

Name wise, I have always gone with real names, usually ones from Victorian period onward to Modern.

Well it was cut into her face, and has been sewn up/scarred over. Though it is noticeable, and can cause the occasional lisp, and odd expression.
Well as an homage to The Man Who Laughs, you can name her Gwynplaine... just a thought. Maybe even as a joke to herself.
Well would like a somewhat male/masculine name. Given that to try and escape her fate she has even changed mentally/out worldly physically her sex. So to everyone around her, she is male.
Name: I would go with one of those names that can go for either gender, like Alex, Aaron, Chris, Jakie, Jesse, Morgan (these are really hard to think of right now....). you could even go so far as to say her name was Alexandra and she changed it to Alexander or something like that. Brad or Edward would be good too .... For last name something that represents her would be fitting , such as Star for being a star pact warlock, or smiley for obvious reasons. Names like Thompson, Jackson, or Smith would meet your goals well imo(for first or last names).
Race: This character screams half-elf to me for some reason. The extra other class power would work out well since you are already planning to multi-class, Cha is good for both warlocks and rogue, the diplomacy bonus fits the fluff of starting over and avoiding talking of her past(diplomacy covers bluff now, right?) and would counter the reaction penalty for having a big visible scar on your face, if your dm does that sort of thing.
Background Info: For the star pact being formed, maybe she was tasked with, duped into, or had a vision like experience of, a vague task to form the pact, which she agreed to at the time. After the task was done she realized it was something kinda terrible and done to someone she loved or knew. In an attempt to right her wrong she ended up getting her scar and possibly killing or other wise doing further wrong to the target of the task, giving her a constant reminder that she is the servant of her pact now.
hah, all this brainstorming over your character has made me want to steal her for my own campaign...
I have been toying with a character concept, but need help fleshing it out some more:

Name: Something masculine but easily forgettable.

What about Josh?
Masculine but forgettable?

Tom Selleck, perhaps.
Rick Astley (don't ask!) because people automatically want to forget his name :D
Hmmm.... this seems familiar

Might as well go with Morgan