Halfling Warlord, with a twist.

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Ok so after viewing all the availible info on the warlord, as well as every one elses take on there Warlord characters, this is what I have come up with.

Please note, I came up with this concept before even our first glimpse of the warlord material. I think because of that, I have made alot of non-standard choices as far as why his powers work the way they do. This though, I think adds to the character a personality that will be memerable and fun to play.

So with out further ado, I present Rendall Fiddlesticks.

Rendall grew up in the standard of most halflings. Travaling the rivers and streams of the world, he learned much from the outsiders that would camp with the Halflings of his tribe for safty in the wilderness. In his youth he heard stories of vast expanses of unknown land, un imaginable treasure and great fame for those who would be lucky enough to find it. Even as he grew up, Rendall was never able to get rid of the fantastic imiages that the wanders had engrained in his head. Soon, even his nomadic life style was not enough to slate his hunger for adventure, excitement, and the unyeilding pull of wanderlust that tugged at his heart.

It should be said as well, a few key notes on Rendall, as he is most unlike the rest of his bretheren. At a young age, it was obvious of the poor halflings fault. A condidtion known as "Wanderers Feet" (or attention Deficite Disorder in out time) effected the halfling in ways that non would have expected. He learned fast, and almost anything he tried, he succeded at. The downside was indeed his in ability to focus on anything for any extended amount of time. He also seemed to be able to do things faster, as if the whole world was moving at a slightly slower pace then him.

When he finnaly left the clan of his homeland, his insesent speeches and constant talk had lured many of his bretheren to come with him. In his years hopping from one proffesion to another, the only talent he seemed to retain was his ability deal with people. The rag tag band of halflings was at his command, and he lead them to great things... or so he thought. After comming across a band of orcs and goblins that where inhabiting a cave the halflings were exploring, his band was decimated. A few survived, but they were scattered to the winds. Even Rendalls heightened sense of the battlefield and quick thinking were not enough to overcome the forces inside the cave.

Now, lost and without friends in a lonely world, Rendall must find a new way to complete his life's long quest for adventure and excitement in the world he had only heard through the words of strangers in his youth.


So despite grevious spelling errors left and right, what do you guys think?
I think it's a wonderful, not too typical backstory for a character. Nice job.
I like the way you've written a major failure into your character's backstory. In my experience, few players are willing to take that risk.

The fact that he's led a group of loyal followers to their death would probably really affect him. . . how is up to you. He could be driven to avenge their deaths. Or perhaps atone for his failings. Or maybe he's in denial. . . . all good possibilities.

One interesting angle to consider is whether the story of how he lead a group of followers to their death has gotten out into the wider world. If not, he has a big secret to keep. If so, he may have to deal with the consequences as part of the campaign. Bereaved relatives seeking him out, demanding restitution, etc. . .
I think it's a pretty good backstory as well and leaves openings for your DM to expand on though RP. Did one of his friends escape and now hold a grudge against him? Were that band of orcs and goblins part of a bigger picture? Do the families of those left at home blame you for what happened? Great lead offs for some additional depth in rp.
I only wish that they had the Bard class available, with his ADD and his history of going from profession to profession, he would be a perfect candidate. And, as I have said in another post, they were the first "warlord" class in my book.
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