A 15 LVL Fighter Wight

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I have a 15 LVL Fighter CE Wight here are his stats:

STR 23
DEX 17
CON 15
INT 13
WIS 16
CHR 13

He is a human he is more of a powerful brute that used 2 short swords .. i have not played him to much as an undead yet. there is sooo many option out there and i cant narrow it down. What i would like help with is on what direction should i start going any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks. PS the only i cant create any undead yet.
You'll have to give people more to work with here in the Character Development forum. What options and directions are you considering? (Note that this is a roleplaying development forum and not a build assistance forum.)

Also, this is the 4e version of the forum. By the type of stats given, I'm guessing that this is a 3.5 build.
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