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Hey guys,

Lengthy backstory for Makaan (my upcoming Living Forgotten Realms character) and Kayda (girlfriend's upcoming LFR character). Thoughts? Comments? Queries? Suggestions? Criticisms?


Makaan died before he hatched.

Stillborn eggs happen sometimes. It was fertilized in the beginning but, at some point, the unborn hatchling had died before it was old enough to emerge and begin life. The egg was the sole spawn of two famous warriors of Tymanther, both highly decorated and heroes of the land. On separate, equally heroic occasions they had saved the nation, both of them, but the thing about being a great hero is that it doesn't leave much time for other things. Both had finally set down their spears for good, purchased a home with their vast wealth and (rapidly approaching the age of infertility) were blessed with one single egg before their laying time was up.

So, the unborn child had so much potential ahead of it- with parents such as this it was destined for greatness by virtue of its genetic makeup. The moment it was laid, the proud parents were told that their child had automatically reserved a spot at the most prestigious warrior school in Tymanther- an honour few have ever received.

The days towards the egg's expected hatching crept closer and closer, then woefully further and further away. Late hatchers were an ill omen- it implied that the dragonborn inside was too weak to even break out of its shell, something the martially-focused meritocracy of Tymanther could hardly endure .The days turned into weeks. Old friends and comrades of the heroes held out hope, but one by one their encouragement, friendship and praise turned to comfort, condolences and pity. The heroes consulted a cleric who confirmed the tragic news- the egg was stillborn.

Devastated and desperate, the heroes begged the cleric return their child to the land of the living. Normally such a thing would be heinous- the child was too weak to even escape its own egg. In the strength-focused meritocracy of Tymanther, there were few shames greater than this.

But the heroes had significant sway over the nobles of Tymanther and their wish was grudgingly granted. Makaan was returned to life, eventually coming to term and hatching on his own power, albeit barely. Rumours persisted that the heroes had bathed the egg in a mild acid, weakening the shell so that the child could hatch on its own, but such was the fame of the heroes that these rumours were (mostly) suppressed except in whispered, malicious gossip.

But Makaan had clearly suffered for his ordeal. Significantly smaller and weaker than all of that year's hatchlings, his form was stunted and weak. His scales were a uniform jet black, another ill omen and a trait common amongst dragonborn inclined towards magery; a profession considered by most dragonborn to be cowardly and weak.

Despite access to the best schooling his parents fame could buy, Makaan suffered through his early years. Viciously tormented by his classmates and peers, he earned the malicious nickname "Mageling" after being defeated in a practice duel by a wyrmling five years his junior.

Makaan's parents constantly urged him to look to other dragonborn for guidance, such as the famous Kayda. Kayda was the rising star of the academy- she was truly gifted in the art of war, being able to sense the "flow" of a duel and control it, defeating her opponents with skill at arms, courage, strength and a passion for righteousness.

However, Kayda had come from a highly disadvantaged background- the child of a farmer and a wizard of no particular skill who lived a menial existence on a farm outside of Tymanther. They simply could not afford the weapons, armour and tuition that the academy required; but her skill was such that the academy had taken her under its wing, providing much of her equipment themselves under various grants and scholarships. Woe betide the dragonborn who mocked her old, dented breastplate or assessed her fighting prowess by her chipped, dented greatsword- for even against their dwarven-crafted steel she would triumph.

But Makaan didn't met Kayda until the beginning of his penultimate year at the warrior academy. During a rest period a trio of his peers grabbed him, dragged him by his feet outside the college grounds and buried him up to his neck in sand. Fortunately, Kayda had seen the trio dragging Makaan away from the assembly hall and followed at a distance. When she saw the injustice they had laid upon the sable dragonborn she flew into an anger, defeating all three of them completely unarmed.

Kayda would be Makaan's defender, savior and protector during his final year at the warrior's college. Whenever anyone spoke ill of him Kayda was there, her blade at the ready, to answer any challenges. So it was that Makaan's final year was mostly free of abuse, but even with those distractions out of the way, and Kayda acting as a private tutor, he simply couldn't keep pace with the brutal pace the classwork took.

Eventually the fame of his parents couldn't carry him anymore. Makaan's gradings for his penultimate year was a shopping list of failures. He was horribly unfit, his technique was terrible, his general health was poor, he suffered severe allergies to common substances and was barely strong enough to heft even one-handed weapons. In disgust, his teachers transferred him to the wizards school, a disgrace in the eyes of the warrior-culture of Tymanther. His parents were aghast, practically disowning him.

Makaan didn't see Kayda for a year due to the transfer, but at the wizard's school Makaan finally found acceptance. Intellectually gifted and bearing the sable scales, Makaan took to wizardry like a dwarf to ale. He soon outstripped many of his peers, mastering more and more complicated spells and rituals, often out of sheer love for the art. Wizardry in Tymanther had a reputation as the last bastion of hope for failure children, but here Makaan let himself shine. His physical failings were of no consequence and in his spellbook he found power and respect.

When he finally graduated from the wizards school (in a tiny, humble ceremony instead of the grand parade from the warrior's academy), Makaan was informed that his parents had found out about Kayda's friendship and had contacted her parents. Essentially, Makaan and Kayda were two halves of the same whole- Makaan's family were socially advantaged but saddled with a "useless child", while Kayda's family were socially disadvantaged but blessed with a prodigy. Together, they made the best of it and arranged for Kayda and Makaan to wed.

Now adults and graduates, Makaan and Kayda have a freshly laid egg between them and seek their fortunes as adventurers both within Tymanther and without, working together, their complimentary skills serving them well in these dangerous times. They take the as-yet unnamed egg with them on their travels, taking turns to nurture it and care for it, ensuring that it sees as much of the world as possible before hatching.
I have to hand it to you thats a really well thought out and put together back story.

I like it have a cookie
Nice puggle! Well thought out!

It seems you have everything covered, strengths, weaknesses and hooks, bu what about sworn enemies?

Surely, the other warriors whom dwarfed in comparison to Kayda would hold a grudge, and would percive her as weak for pairing with a weakling such as Makaan.

Perhaps there is still bad blood between Makaan and his parents. Though I would think he would always have a home with Kayda's parents, seeing as how her father is a wizard himself.

Lot's to play off of here. Would make a good set up for a all dragonborn campaign.
Surely, the other warriors whom dwarfed in comparison to Kayda would hold a grudge, and would percive her as weak for pairing with a weakling such as Makaan.

Alternately, the opposite could be true. She might be still treated as a person of obvious talent, but Makaan could be further looked down upon as not "good enough" for her. There could be other, failed suitors who think of him as having stolen her. Anything from the creepy stalker to the chased-after jock whose ego can't handle being rejected by the girl "he deserved" for some weakling loser. Maybe someone who doesn't know her well personally who thinks that they can win her by just showing her what a loser her husband is -- anything from subtle and underhanded tricks to outright challenges of might.
Hey guys,

I really like all the feedback I'm getting- I'll talk with Kayda's player tonight and see what we can come up with. I can post it back here if you'd like, or edit the original post to reflect the changes. (Reflection: I might make a new post, so as not to confuse new readers.)

Thanks everyone!


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