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The old character sheets were pretty good, but this new one (with the circle in the middle) is confusing, and the box sizes aren't prioritized properly. The Icons become confusing when they are put there instead of words, and the 'spells' box is tiny!
I'm not up to making my own character sheet, but so far I think we need a sheet that has everything except class-specific things like spells and fighter maneuvers on the first page. Then there is other, optional pages for class-specific things! 
for example (in no particular order)
PAGE 1: The Base Character sheet
Lore, HP, AC, Racial traits, Class features, Background, Weapon/spell attacks*, Expertise die, Ability Scores, other stats, possibly money/inventory.
*this is one box
PAGE 2: Spellcasting
Spell list, prepared spells, magic ability, spell slots (total and used), save DC.

There is probably going to be stuff I forget, remind me and I'll fix it 
If you make this character sheet, you're my best friend forever! 

My 4e homebrew: The Buckler (small, offensively-used shield) The Ballista (giant, ground-mounted crossbow)

Some playtesters' alternatives are available on this thread.

Mine has the base sheet on one page, a page for inventory and a page for magic.
Horrible, just plain horrible. This was the contest winner? Who judged this?
Our group is using Lord_Kyrion's sheet design atm, very functional so far
Updated my character sheet for the August Playtest Packet
Updated my character sheet for the August Playtest Packet

Pretty snazzy. Was this not entered? (not exactly this obviously, but a version at least)
Updated my character sheet for the August Playtest Packet

Pretty snazzy. Was this not entered? (not exactly this obviously, but a version at least)

Thanks and yeah, my original version was one of the top ten. This is about version 4. I keep meaning to make it a form fillable PDF but the updates to the packets keep changing stuff. BTW, I appreciate input anyone has. I've incorporated several suggestions so far.
Also... question about my character sheet: Has anyone noticed that the logo I designed and put on here at the top left corner of page one is a play off of the original D&D Logo but in a shape and crop that gives it a semblance of a "5" (For 5th)?

Just curious... maybe it was too subtle. 
I have to say that I really dislike this character sheet. No offence to the designer, though. I applaud that he went for an interesting and unconvential design. However, I think it was messy, the icons were much more confusing than simply adding small text headings, the use of space was not optimal, and the whole art style (this is more subjective, ofc) wasn't very good. I really disliked the 'Next' logo with the whole clipart style sword etc.

Personally, what I look for in a character sheet is perfectly implemented in Mad Irishman's sheets. They're neat, stylish, all-encompassing, and when they use illustrations or borders, they use them with style and restraint.

Oh, by the way. Please please PLEASE don't design character sheets with thick black borders! They don't make the sheet look any better and they cause us to have to change our toner cartridges more often.

Simplicity, straight lines, clear sections, minimal use of graphics (the D&D logo and a shield-shaped AC field are awesome but nothing too much), ink/toner optimisation (no big areas of filled dark colours for no reason), and clear notation for sections. I'd go with those principles.
I would have to agree.  Our group was shocked at the chosen character sheet.  We'll never use it.  It certainly caught our attention and was visually appealing, but the pros ended there for us.  I hate the idea of using pictures instead of words.  There were certain icons that we disputed over trying to figure out what they even meant.  The potions section looks like it's some sort of tournament bracket...  I dunno, but all the fanciness of the sheet really does take away from the usefulness of it. 

I also wanted to toss out this tidbit to hopefully help people.  Form fillable pdf's aren't as necessary as they once were.  Please check out the FREE version of this program: PDF XChange Viewer
It has a "typewriter" function that allows you to easily add text to any PDF.  ALSO, you can OCR the pdfs, which will allow you to correctly copy / paste from them.  As they are now, it's all jacked up.  We have created all of our character sheets like this and it works very well.  You can size all of your text to fit into the tiny lines that most sheets give you
omg i have been using PDF Xchange for a long time but i never knew that
this gives me new motivation to design a sheet of my own.

i would point out thought that it also has OUTSTANDING printing options.
seriously, i convert all my pictures to pdf just for the printing options in this program.

check out the Homebrew Campaign Setting i'm working on, my customised character sheet for the final package, and a numbered index for all the bestiaries.

Good to see someone else is familiar with it.  It's been a life saver for me.  I got my company to invest in professional versions (much cheaper than acrobat pro...).  It just takes a little patience choosing the best font type / size for each area   One neat trick that i've learned is that if i open up two character sheets, I can click to select a text box I entered on one.  Then if I cntrl +c (copy) it, then switch sheets and ctrl + v (paste) it, it'll be pasted in the exact spot on the new sheet.  It made it very easy for transferring identical information (such as similar races), or even copying the box just to edit it and keep the same formatting
mmm maybe i will just fill in one and use it as a template.

check out the Homebrew Campaign Setting i'm working on, my customised character sheet for the final package, and a numbered index for all the bestiaries.

A few of my players are using Foxit, and it has a similar ability, though I don't use it myself. I've always been partial to paper and pencil.
The new character sheet is difficult to read and aesthetically unappealing.  I see no reason to depart from the style used in the 3e and 4e default character sheets.
Posting another revision of my character sheet this morning before I head to GenCon.
Cool work on alternative character sheets!

What I really do not get, is that everyone keeps organising information the way it is presented in the books: Class features, Racial features, etc.

What I would be looking for in a sheet is a way to organise information based on usability. What I imagine is a sheet with areas looking something like this:

Gain advantage (highest of 2d20) on:
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}

Suffer disadvantage (lowest of 2d20) on:
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}

Add Expertise die (+1d?) when:
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}
{Check type}      {Source (race/class/...)}

Immune to:


That way I can easily find the information I need, without having to go through all my notes and finding that specific bonus I am sure I have and will save my character's life, but I cannot find right now.

Is this weird? Am I using character sheets in a way no one can relate to?

I'm really interested in your thoughts about this!
Our group loves the new one with but a few suggestions which people have eluded to above.
The box sizes for some things is a bit frustrating, in particular the coinage and also the HP tracker.  All of our sheets will see a track down the left column outside the border... 
I have my complaints about this character sheet, but on the whole, I really like it. Definitely some tweaks I would make to it (like having enough room to put words into the boxes and moving information that isn't relevant to all characters to the second or a third page) but the overall design of it pleases me. I like the circle. Having all of your character's information in the center kinda gives me a feeling of this truly being your character at the core, and all the numbers being extra stuff. 
Also... question about my character sheet: Has anyone noticed that the logo I designed and put on here at the top left corner of page one is a play off of the original D&D Logo but in a shape and crop that gives it a semblance of a "5" (For 5th)?

Just curious... maybe it was too subtle. 

I did indeed notice the semblance between the logo and a 5.  That is primarily because I am an English major and I try to interpret EVERYTHING.


This is for the character sheet that came with version 082013 (circle in the middle).

I'd also like to point out that it does a horrible job of helping you figure out your attack bonuses. I just created a level one character and noticed that there is a damage field, but not enough room to put all the relevent information in it. Do I put my dice number and type here (1d8), or the bonuses from strength, class, feat, etc (+4). Additionally, I'm using a battle axe, which has a different crit die from its normal damage die (1d12). There is nowhere to put that information either. In the end I just used the attack & damage fields for bonuses and added the die types to the description, but I found this confusing and extremely annoying.

That being said, I very much liked the pdf with the writable fields. It made creating a character sheet much easier and straight forward.

Additional Suggestions:

  • More text space is always good. Reduce the size of some of the icons, like the dna next to race, so the text fields can be bigger. I don't care about the icon, but text space is at a premium

  • Bring back showing bonuses by type (abil,feat,enh,misc,misc) of the original 4e character sheet. Being able to see where all my bonuses come from is extremely useful and helps me to figure out what needs to be changed when I level up. It also helps with character creation because it reminds you where to look for possible bonuses. Please do this for weapons and AC especially.

  • Have two columns for treasure. Most loot has a small description, so you can easily fit two columns in there

  • Remove jems and art objects. Just merge this into treasure

  • Experience, and next level are usually fairly small numbers. Those fields are way too big for what they are used for. Move something else here and stick exp fields somewhere smaller.

  • Next to Trade Lore add a field and room to write what type of Trade. Same with Artisan, Cultural and similar Lore types.

  • The initiative field is way bigger than it needs to be. It's one number, but is the same size as the languages field.

  • I don't use spells as a fighter. Perhaps spells could be moved to its own page so non-magical players don't need to use it. That would also give magic users more room to write down spell info, which looks pretty cramped to me. This also frees up a lot of room on the first page for other things.

  • Maybe have a section for magical items. They take lot more space to write up. I guess we could just put this on a separate piece of paper instead, but it would be nice if it was included in the character sheet.

Posting another revision of my character sheet this morning before I head to GenCon.

Since you asked for feedback, you shall get it!

I brought a selection of sheets to the most recent session of D&D Encounters. One of the guys at my table actually gave me feedback on your sheet which I thought I'd share; it is his preferred sheet out of the bunch available from the previous sheet thread @Lord_Kyrion linked above.

  • The Header Block: "Specialty" is no longerr a thing with this packet, and the space for "Religion" is too small. Maybe put "Religion" where "Specialty" is, move "Size" over, and double the size of the "Race" area?

  • Checks and Lore Block: There's no longer a need to have the checks on the sheet, since there are no skills, and recall lore checks aren't used as often as other abilities. My player thought the Racial and Class Features sections could go on the front of the sheet, and the Lore block could go on the back where one of those sections were. He wasn't sure what to do about spacing here. I thought you could get rid of the checks, move Proficiencies to the front, add a Languages section there (you don't have any specified, which means it's going to be the most common use of the blank area on the back, I expect), and expand the Portrait area on the back.

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TiaNadiezja wrote:
Do you think maybe they intentionally picked a bad one just to get people talking about what they want, in words and rationales, from a character sheet? The rationales part is why just showing a bunch of home-made sheets wouldn't work, and besides, more people dislike the character sheet than have the technical savvy or time to devise their own.
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Hmm... Maybe that's true. Either way think your suggestion of putting rationale alongside what you do and don't like will yield better results than just saying "I don't like it!". Either way, if we yell loud enough they are bound to listen right?

That being said, I figured I'd add the rationale that is missing from some of my previous complaints above.

  • Remove jems and art objects section and merge it into treasure. In every campaign I've ever played noone has cared about the separation of these two. So, I don't really see the point of having them separated out.

  • I'd also like to point out that they way they setup the lore types on the character sheet doesn't really leave room to grow or houserule. I know wizards will want to add on something to this list one day (they always do), so change the layout now so that will be easy for us going forward. At the very least, leave some room for us to write our own lore in. D&D is all about making each adventure your own, so leave room on the character sheet for the house rules that every campaign has at some point.


On the "fillable' character sheets, how do you change fonts or letter size?


I know I'm repeating what others have said, but I'm also very unhappy with the current charater sheet. I applaud the attempt to break with convention, but some of the conventions exist for good reasons.

  • Weapon Attacks and Spell Attacks should be combined into a single list. Most characters will never have four on each list, while many characters will always have one list empty. Eight rows of "attacks" would be much more useful. Also, the "type" column is missing from spells, where it is certainly still relevant.
  • The icons in circles have got to go. A strand of DNA? In a fantasy game? Nope. Also, they take up valuable real estate.
  • The tiny portrait box is another waste of space. Most players don't have character art, but it's too small for a decent piece of art, even if you have one.
  • Hit Points and AC should be near one another, not on opposite sides of the sheet.
  • The “Spells” section is too small for spellcasters, and too prominent for non-spellcasters. It belongs on the second page.
  • Coinage, Treasure, Gems & Art – these things belong together, not on different pages.
  • A character’s name belongs at the top of the character sheet. This allows the sheet to be readily identifiable at a glance.
  • Space for ammo, two potions, and one light source is too specific. Also, the circular layout of the check-boxes isn’t intuitive to use.


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