8/6/2013 SF: "A Little Help From My Friends"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Great article. It was a real treat to see the great writers from the old days come back. The only thing that could have been better would be a multiplayer match between them all. I understand that this would be logistically impossible, but how cool would it be to see Anthony's rattlesnake style warn everyone away, Adam pound the board like a gorilla, Kelly bring his fun flair to the table, and The Ferret use his crafty negotiation skills.

I was waiting for a chance to tell these stories, so here they go.

The first year I was playing this game, way back during Onslaught block, I read about Anthony's rattlesnake theory. I loved it, and decided to put [CARD]Windborn Muse[/CARD] in my white deck. The first game I tried it in was an 11-player free-for-all, and I played it on turn 4 and wasn't attacked by anyone the entire game (I didn't win, but was so impressed with the card I made a black/white deck with a bunch of rattlesnake stuff, including the excellent [CARD]Wall of Souls[/CARD], which won a bunch of games. Anthony's style works.

One of my favorite deck is my basilisk deck. It has a bunch of basilisks, which had deathtouch before deathtouch was cool. I couldn't afford any tournament-level creature search, so I bought the dollar-rare [CARD]Weird Harvest[/CARD] to search for my guys. And interestingly enough...everyone else loved it. Players would keep me around just so I could get off a giant [CARD]Weird Harvest[/CARD] so we could smash each other with all our best big dudes. Kelly's style works.

The greatest game of multiplayer Magic I ever played was after an unhinged draft, where we played an eight-player game of Mafia Magic, a format I invented myself that plays very similarly to the party game Werewolf (aka Mafia). I was a citizen, and I was one of the final 3 players. I was 100% convinced that the opponent to my left was in the mafia, so I sent everything I had at him-including a [CARD]Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug[/CARD] from my hand with super-haste. Except I was playing Green-White, with the slug as a splash, making it an all-out kamikaze blast. The defending player was completely shocked at the attack, and said "wait, that means you can't be mafia..." while the other remaining player completed his thought with "no he's not. I am." Oops. The player I had attaked became the champion of the townsfolk, carrying the hope of those not selected to be mafia members. Fortunately, he had a ton of life from a [CARD]Bosom Buddy[/CARD]/Longest-name-ever-elemental combo, so he won, saving me from being the goat.

Two months ago, I was in a six-player game playing my U/B commander deck, even though we weren't playing commander. The other players at the table were Goblins, Dragons, [CARD]Tidewater Minion[/CARD]/[CARD]Ceaseless Searblades[/CARD] combo, [CARD]Mana Flare[/CARD]/[CARD]Blaze[/CARD] combo, and a terrifyingly efficient Simic deck. Several turns into the match, the Simic player had eight creatures who all had 10+ power, but couldn't attack with half of them until next turn. The Dragon player was complaining about mana flood, and I had no significanct board presence. I was holding [CARD]Consult the Necrosages[/CARD] and little else. The Dragon play was very obviously frustrated, as he had double [CARD]Dragonspeaker Shaman[/CARD] and more than enough mana to play everything he could draw, but didn't have any dragons yet.

"I REALLY wish I had more cards right now."
"If you did, would you attack the Simic guy?"
"[CARD]Consult the Necrosages[/CARD] on you, draw two cards."

He drew two.
He got [CARD]Broodmate Dragon[/CARD] and [CARD]Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund[/CARD]
He attacked and killed Simic guy.
Then the Goblin player decided the Dragon player was too strong and killed him with double [CARD]Goblin War Strike[/CARD].
That made [CARD]Blaze[/CARD] combo guy nervous enough to send a 25-point [CARD]Blaze[/CARD] at Goblin Guy. Elemental Combo guy was suddenly worried about [CARD]Blaze[/CARD] combo guy, so he sent an infinite/infinite [CARD]Ceaseless Searblades[/CARD] at him.

Within two times around the table, it had come down to just me and Elemental Combo guy.
"[CARD]Doom Blade[/CARD] the Searblades."
"[CARD]Rend Flesh[/CARD] the Searblades."
"[CARD]Wings of Velis Vel[/CARD]"
"Let it resolve, [CARD]Nameless Inversion[/CARD] the Searblades"
and then I beat him.
The plan worked to perfection. They fell like dominoes.
The Ferret's style works.

I've had great multiplayer experiences as a result of all four of these writers. Thanks for helping us enjoy the game we love a little more.
The rattlesnake ?

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 Players usually like when this dies. Every gets 2 more basic lands into play
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Very interesting article.

I'd forgotten how much The Ferrett focused on the "serious" part of this column's name, and how little on the "fun" part. God, I despise that guy.    
Huh. Whereas I lean definitely to Johnny/Timmy, I love to see everyone's deck do their thing, but I do like to come out on top... and I love the politicking, playing-the-player shenanigans. I loved Ferrett's stint on dailymtg.

Awesome idea for an article, Bruce; definite thumbs up  
I didn't get to read Anthony Alongi until shortly after he had left the column, but he was (and still is) one of the best casual magic writers around.