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Hey, so I am new to 4e having played 3.5 a few years ago.  The campaign I played in before was a more hack-and-slash campaign due to a large number of party members that role-playing was minimized by the DM.  My new DM would like to have his players role-play more, but I am unsure on an idea how to play my character based on its stats, also they are rolled stats not using an array or points system so please don't just tell me the stats themselves are wrong.

The character is an Elf Avenger of Corellon that is using a polearm for a polearm momentum build.
Str: 14
Con: 15
Dex: 18
Int: 8
Wis: 18
Cha: 8

My main problem is how I should go about how my character interacts with others having a low intelligence and charisma.  I think it is mostly the conflict of low int and high wis that confuses me most.  I feel like my character would be more of a loner type, but when conversation does happen I just don't know how I should play it how the character might.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks.
In general, I don't like letting ability scores decide character personality in 4e. Ability scores are distributed to enable the character build you want, which has very little to do with how the character is portrayed in conversations.

I mean, I think it's absurd that all sorcerers should be masters of rethoric and born leaders, and that all monks should be barely literate elementary school dropouts.

As for your character, you probably shouldn't play her off as the life of the party or a universal genius, but other than that, do whatever you want. You've already got the 'loner' angle going, so maybe she's the kind that endures company rather than enjoys it. Maybe she always wants to get to the point of a conversation rather than exchange pleasantries.

You can make a thing out of it. Whenever you talk to an NPC, always open with "Tell me everything you know about the mansion" or "How much for these boots?" or whatever. Then when you want to finish the conversation, ask "Anything else?" and if they don't have any more information to offer, state that you turn on your heel and walk away. As contrast, whenever you talk to a PC or an NPC you're invested in, be much more polite and willing to compromise.

Or something like that. I don't know, I like playing characters that are a bit more diplomatic, myself.

     A score of 8 in an ability doesn't make you stupid, weak or socially disfunctional - the character is simply at the low end of average.
    With those scores, the character is more of a physical person rather than a thinker and a planner, probably keenly aware of what's going on around them but usually acting on instinct and emotion - reacting quickly and going with the flow rather than planning. Despite their physical conditioning, their force of personality is merely average - they may be a great technical wrestler but they'll never be a headlining suiperstar. The character's lack of notable personal charisma is arguably of great benefit in his chosen profession, allowing him to remain beyond notice while carrying out the wishes of Corellon and the Church.
   As an avenger of Corellon he's probably used to standing in the shadows observing the enemies of his faith and the elven people. Avengers are by nature the "fix-it men" of their faith. He's most likely comfortable playing second fiddle to those in the spotlight, following orders and remaining behind the scenes. He's probably highly dedicated to mastering the art of fighting with his polearm and considers himself a martial artist - as a follower of Corellon he sees the inherent beauty of his art and the sweeping arcs of the polearm. Worshipping the god of magic, the arts, and in some ways a god of truth and knowledge, he's probably a quietly confident yet humble man who understands his strengths and weaknesses, and aside from carrying a polearm rather than a staff might be mistaken for a wizard or scholar. There's probably something of a Jedi feel to him.

 Alternately, you could turn it around and play him as an arrogant, supremely confident egotist, absolutely convinced of the inherent superiority of his religion and his race. He's probably endlessly seeking opportunities to demonstrate his mastery of the polearm and is a bit of a loudmouth. His high wisdom manifests itself as a sort of intuitive cunning which allows him to think he's smarter than he actually is.


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Thank you both for some suggestions on how to approach playing my character, I think I have a good backstory for him and now will be able to play it fully.
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