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This is one of those times where I am aware that the correct answer is, "Whatever fits the needs of your campaign," but I'm more curious about the canon answer. In the D&D world(s), are creatures like devils simply returned to their home plane when "slain" on the mortal plane? What about other planes? Do they only die if killed on their native plane? Obviously this doesn't seem to apply to mortals, as humans die just fine in the Shadowfell, for example. So that in turn makes me wonder: if devils are returned to their native plane upon death, does this logic extend to all beings classified as immortal? I am also interested in whether any of these answers change in the Forgotten Realms, as opposed to the vague default setting.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere this was covered back in 3rd Edition, but I don't remember the answer (never really used demons or devils in my campaigns) and I don't know if I have ever seen it addressed in 4th Edition. If it were anywhere, I would imagine it would be covered in the Manual of the Planes; sadly, I don't have that book.
Edition specific. Some editions had hard rules for things like this (3.5), while others did not (4e). So if the edition you're playing does not have any core or supplementary rules to go off of, it's DM fiat really.

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    I've personally always felt that only the most powerful immortal beings get "banished" back to their home plane relatively unslain (which may or may not be a good thing) when killed in the regular campaign world, while those of lesser stature tend to get their "souls/spirits/energy/whatever" thrown back into the cosmic soup and recycled into new beings who have no connection to the previous incarnation - Devas and Rakshasas being among the exceptions, of course.

    I'd probably say that an immortal sent by a more powerful being or summoned by someone on this side probably has a better chance of being sent back or returning to their own plane than a being who came to the mortal plane on their own.


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