Encounters program, played a 5th level fighter with the new packet. Nice!

I quite like how big the effects are - instead of piddling around with a few points like with deep wound, now the fighter has big effects, like attacking twice. Or getting back half their HP. I took the knights path and yes, that was really good to actually defend someone (the monster decided to hit me instead of the other person! OMG, I defended! Yes!)

I actually really like that - and the leveling table is filled out...that's nice to look forward to!

Just big, defining effects. Seems good. Had a look at the rogue (didn't playtest) - the flanking style rules for it seem nice as well.

Looks good!

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Only got words in my copy.


This isn't a session report so I'll move it along to Playtest Packet Discussion where it's a better fit.




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What were you looking for? I said I defended another character and took the attack instead of them. Also I rolled to hit alot? Is there a format for playtest results that I'm not aware of, or is it individual subjective evaluation that gets a thread shifted?

I think it was the second last encounter, tougher than most, so I ended up using my fighters second wind ability (when I had been knocked back out of fighting range (since standing uses all your movement now, being knocked back even just five feet makes a melee fighter either not fight at all or crawl, fight at disadvantage and give advantage to the enemy - ie, not fight at all))

"In the game there is magic" - Orethalion


Only got words in my copy.

Noon if its any consolation I wouldn't have read it in the session reports and I really liked what you said
I DID raise an eyebrow when reading the topic wondering why you had written it in the wrong forum, but I see it wasnt you. Oh well, all iswell that ends well.