Legends of Shadowfall

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Hello, I am getting back into Dungeons and Dragons after about a 15 year gap so I decided to make my own campaign setting. This is still a wip but i would appreciate critiques and feedback from the community. My game world includes just one region so far. you can download my campaign guide pdf here: www.3dcanada.ca/images/Shadowfall Campaign Guide.pdf

Thanks in advance.
I love the story of the plague-ridden King of Shadowfall turning to necromancy and lichdome to save himself, with the side-effect that anyone who died of the plague became undead in his service.  Epic ;).

I also really like the maps.  Very nice!

Random thoughts:  Has the plague faded, or is it still going strong?

The elves being immune to the plague could give them a considerable 'edge' (politically, militarily, economically) within the setting.

And some quick questions:  What version of D&D is the setting designed for?  

As a player, I'd be interested to know what races and classes are available.  Dwarves and elves were mentioned.  How aobut halflings?  Anything speical we should know about magic?

Great work.  Thanks for sharing.
/\ Art
thanks for your comments. i guess the plague could still exist somewhere in the borderlands maybe hiding in some tomb. always leaves room for another zombie apocolipse. i havent yet put any rules mechanics in there so for now it could potentially be used in any d&d version. I'd like to develop it for d&d next when it comes out. I plan on expanding this work when i start playing a few adventures.

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