Naming suggestions

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It's not easy to come up with a character name that not only fits your character's persona, but makes sense in the campaign world. In the World of Arcus, each race stays largely to itself and therefore has very distinct naming traditions. To help you come up with names that are suitable for your chosen race, I've provided some suggestions below:

Human - Their society most commonly resembles that of medieval Europe so any medieval name from England, France, Germany or Spain would do. Unless you have a suitable background (ex. knight, noble, or priest) please avoide using any prefixes like Sir, Lord or Father.

Dwarves - Dwarves in Arcus are an ancient and proud race and you won't find any of them with names like Alebelly or Bronzebottom. Instead you should draw your inspiration from the dwarven names of the Tolkien universe.

Elves - Like the dwarves, the elves are ancient beyond reckoning and were once masters of magic of learning. Their civilization collapsed, however, and those who are left are but shadows of the ancient race. To capture the feeling of that bygone age, all elves in my campaign will have Latin names of the ancient empires of Rome and Byzantium.

Halflings - A race on the edge of survival, downtrodden and persecuted. There names are folksy and often change as they come of age to reflect their life to that point. This is wide open territory but I'll suggest some classic American folk heroes to guide your inspiration.

Gnomes - Never a populous species, little is known of their origins, but their survival in the current world is tenuous at best. They are sought out for their knowledge but do not give of it freely and thus often end up enslaved or bullied into complicity. I have chosen to use Inca names for the gnomes in my campaign.

Half Elves - Outcasts from both Elven and Human societies, they are tolerated as visitors but certainly not welcomed with open arms. Half-elves typically adopt both a human name and an elven name and switch back and forth depending on which community they are in.

So feel free to come up with your own character names, but I do ask that you at least attempt to stick to the naming conventions I've outlined above. If I see any elven wizards named "Barney Freebunkle" you know who's going to be the first to die Laughing