Need ideas to make a standard civilian uprising more interesting.

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Avoiding mind control, I'm thinking ideals conpromised...power struggle, maybe just ideals worn over time...i can't sem to put anything together.  Any ideas?
What about a group of, I guess you could call them separatists(militia) that try to cause an uprising by lying to the populace about something going on in the city(Taxes, slavery, deficits, unlawful execution, food/water shortage, economy, poverty, corrupt hierarchy, etc.) Anything of the nature would probably work seeing as the militia could outfit the civilians with weapons and armor and you could have for example, different civilians that are stronger than the rest that control the smaller groups that you have to take down in order to get to the militia leaders to quell the uprising. You could have the players do Dex checks to sneak around the city and when they get caught they have to fight civilians and make their way to strongholds around the city to take out the civilian leaders to take control of that section of the city until the entire city is back under the control of the cities leaders, then after the city is safe have the party go after the leaders of the separatist movement which you could make the leader of them the boss encounter for the adventure.
Some L.A. gangs have tried to declare their turf "off-limts" and attack postmen,cops,bus drivers etc? Maybe a man the barricades type scenario? 
 A horse deposits 20 pounds of dung a day. Poor neighborhoods don't see many members of the Dung-Sweepers union. The Dung-Sweepers start a dispute where poor people build an impassable mountain of horse dung in their neighborhood street. Rich people on horseback are pelted with dung?

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

 How does the uprising tie in to the game? What side is the party on?

  I had an idea one time about a town under seige by bandits. The Free Company protecting the town declared martial law.The bandits were members of the Free Company in disguise and all the skirmishes were fake.

  Maybe something similar like a conspiracy by the local government to incite the civilians to riot-the afore mentioned uprising-justifying some action or other by the government. "We need more men,more weapons" etc. The leaders use this as an excuse to tighten their grip on the poulace.

  Maybe an opposite reaction,a passive response to the catalyst. Just some ideas. Happy gaming,M
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