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Ok. I like coming to this page on Mondays and Tuesdays. Those are two days out of the week. I like reading Mike Mearls' column, and James Wyatt's column. I also used to like Chris Perkins' column, but that's done. Jon Schindehette's column is interesting what he's discussing art for the new edition. What I don't need or want to read about is &$!@ing D&D KRE-Os, D&D comics, video games, board games or the other products of "the brand." Look, I realize there's a huge corporation behind D&D, but, they are not, IMO, pursuing a particularly effectual strategy. I want The Game not The Brand. Most people here would rather be reading, hearing and seeing The Game. The Games is what matters most, not Euro-style board games, or graphic novelizations. Game not ready? No problem! Keep selling the PDFs (thank you!!), keep doing the reprints, and for all that is holy, PLEASE KEEP MAKING DUNGEON COMMAND PACKS! I don't even like the damned game, but I bought four of the sets--just for the minis! You see what I'm getting at here? Your company's market strategy is arcane and, some would say, completely ignorant of your target audience! D&D legos don't make me excited. New game books, new minis, new maps, new adventures are what I, and, I believe, many others want to see. The Brand is The GAME. Please don't try to placate your customers by offering products that are related, tangentially, to what we want. Give us the Real Deal or things we can use WITH it!!! I've defended your company in conversations for years, but I can no longer do so. You are simply ignoring customers wishes with every new product announcement. I'll admit, I don't have a business degree and a long job title, but I know a piece of **** when I see it.

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I agree with all you've said.

I'll just raise the point though, that some of the board games have been excellent. And these likely would not have reached such a wide audience had they not used the D&D brand to catapult attention upon them.

But still, enough is enough. They should focus on the game, so that they don't have to rely on embarassing branding gimicks in order to milk the IP for sufficient return on investment.
Anything that makes D&D more profitable and broadens the audience should be fully supported and endorsed.

Remember, D&D is still under threat of being boxed by Hasbro. These other initiatives have all be undertaken to make D&D more valuable.
I don't mean to be nasty here, BUT...

Does anyone here have actual PROOF that Hasbro has threatened to shelf D&D?  

Just roll some dice.



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Just to add my two cents here...

There has been a huge push to build the D&D brand.  Hasbro has a magic number for their brands.  Generally, $100M is that number and they give X amount of time to hit it.  Under that number and you basically get very little of Hasbro's attention and as a brand you are always a liability.   When Hasbro aquired WotC, WotC was a $100M, whereas D&D was more like $30M, by itself.  Then some legalese kicked in as a part of the acquisition, and things like MtG and D&D had to become $100M brands or else.  D&D 4E was an attempt at the $100M mark, the thinking was three pronged:  New Rulebooks, Subscription Service, and Digital Conversion.  Only 2 of those three came to fruition.  The VTT never really got out of it's embryonic stage.  So I would like to keep D&D around.  I'm fine paying the subscription service to help them out.  I like my books in both dead-tree and PDF format.  I like some of their digital tools, like the Compendium and Character Builder.

So...NEXT is a transmedia brand push to make the $100M mark again...Support your flavor of D&D, be that RPG, be that miniature based, or novels, or video games, or in the mobile market.  If Hasbo gets behind the brand and gives them the funding and marketing presence we would all like to see, then we can enjoy another 40 years of D&D...

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