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So in the lands of the North (Alaska-type land), where they see little time without snow.  a tribe of humans lives in a vast forest dominated by Elves that are not your typical Tolkien-esque creatures.

First off, Elves aren't born; they are made: they like to steal a human baby and raise it until it's time to work the ritual on it to make it become an Elf.

Elves eat human-flesh; no, they're not undead:  they just need human essence to live and work their magics.  They are also quite attractive.

Elves have pointed ears, sharp teeth for tearing flesh and a  slender, yet powerful frame.  The are pale with silver hair.

Elves are not weak; they are stronger than a man and faster and tougher; they also can live for up to a thousand years.  The older they get, the stronger they get.

The Elves have numerous spells and cantrips they can devise.

The Elves have a kingdom, a king and minions; they live in the forest and hunt humans: they can't kill all the humans or they will lose their food-source. 

They take twice as much damage from fire.

The Order of the Wolf

Men, that can become a wolf-man, protect the humans here from the Elves.

The Wolf-Man can equal the power of an Elf in combat.

The Wolf-Men are made as they have a ritual for that.

Usually are drawn from Knights.

They have spells, but not nearly as many or as powerful and the Elves'.

Elves often carry a silver-sword to deal with these things.

The Clerics of the South

Human religious-leaders from the South claim they can save the North from the Elves if they only accept their religion and let them lead them.

Their magic is faith-magic and it can be as powerful as the Elves', but it takes more time and ritual. 

Human Wizards and Village Witches

Human Wizards could care-less about the Elves, wolfmen etc. and usually stay out of the North.  Village Witches are quite common in the North and their power is not close to a young Elf, but sometimes they can excell.

People that live here:

Are a hardly bunch: summers are short but sweet with lots of food being produced to last the long winter.

They live in high-walls and they have a sort of Kingdom that becomes less powerful as you move East away from the warm currents.


Are rare and far-between: it takes a magic-user to create a monster and well, they're few up here.  Sure there are rumors of dwarves in the mountains, goblins, demons etc, but there's nothing scarier than a hungry Elf.

The Undead of the South

Far south there are undead there; they are just as powerful and ancient as some of the Elves and the Elves don't like them very much. 

Plot ideas

PCs must prove themselves to the Order of the Wolf before they will grant them a ritual.

PCs come from the South and try to convince their God will protect the North from the Elves.

The Elves start eating whole communities in order to move South.

The human kingdom secretly allies themselves with the Elves to rid themselves of the Brotherhood of the Wolf for more power (don't think it will work out like that).
Famous Athasian last words: "Hey, you're wrong. I know elves, I've played AD&D for eight years. They're noble, sylvan creatures who will honor their word." In the desert, everything's further than it looks.
Are you just throwing this out, or are you looking for comments/suggestions, or...?
I once had a race called the Criccolee. Spread the wertewolf virus among themselves and killed any elf who couldn't be infected. All Cricolee were sorcerors and obsessed with rapier duelling. Had an island-fortress devoted to a goddess called Cricolee who had an avatar who lived amongst them.Would send out emissaries to other elf tribes searching for young and foolish elves. Had an ongoing war with an island of elvish necromancers. The necromantic elves would flip a coin,heads you were trained as a necromancer,tails you were turned into an Awakened,Animated skeleton.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

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