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This thread is where we will post all of our out of character conversations that don't belong in the IC thread.
In general, this is where you can say whatever you want about anything. It's the place to post all your wild rants and rambling monologues and generally talk smack.

NOTE: try to keep it as clean as possible. If there's too much over the top insanity it might attract the attention of the WotC moderators. They usually don't mess with private groups, but it's best not to tempt fate.
Just a reminder to everyone that I'd like to have character rosters completed by Aug. 14th with DM's first IC post on the 17th. I've got a wait list so if your character is not ready by then be prepared to lose your spot to some on the list Laughing

Also please check out the character forum for some important info about languages.
We're 36 hours from the first DM story post. Please finish off your characters ASAP and post their final versions in the roster.

I'll be explaining a lot of the 5th edition rules as we play through it and please feel free to ask any questions you might have by posting them here in this thread. I prefer that you post major rules questions as opposed to emailing them to me as it allows everyone to see the questions and the answers.
Hi guys, the first IC story post from the DM is going to have to wait until tomorrow. Rebecca and I are having a hall of a time with Nicolas tonight. Circus Maximus. Sorry about this!

Thanks to everyone or getting your chacters posted in time for tonight. I know you are all really busy so taking this time is greatly appreciated.

Game on! The  first DM post is up which means the game has officially begun. There are some mechanical issues with characters that need to be sorted out so don't be surprised if I ask you to adjust your character slightly.

Before  making your first post, please read the forum "Play by post format and instructions". There's lots of info there and you'll see a link to an example of how to play.

Have fun and if you have any questions please post them in "OOC General".
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