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So, say I play a character of a class that uses one of the three basic implements: Wand, Staff, or Orb. And say my preferred, storebought implement goes missing for whatever reason. Can I pick up a superficially similar object (say, a broom for a staff, or a twig for a wand, or a round stone for an orb) and use it as an implement? 

Would such an item work as well as a normal implement, or might it be similar to the improvised weapon rules?

There are no rules for improvised implements, but you don't need an implement to use an implement power, you would just not get any feat or enhancement or superior implement bonuses.
Oh, so if I was an orb user, and I had Orb Expertise, I would just not get the +1 bonus per tier to my orb attacks?

Well, you also wouldn't get the Enhancement. Which is a bigger deal. Basically being deprived of your magic items in 4e screws you so hard as to make the game nigh unplayable (with obvious exceptions like Inherent Bonuses or the DM specifically designing encounters around it).
The hexblade is the only class I know of that has a power that needs an implement in hand to use.
And that is the core defineing power of the class. 
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Im not sure a broom, or crystal ball could be considered an "improvised implement".  Simply because an implement has to help focus the magical or divine energies, in a way that aids the attacker.  Holding a broom is not the same as holding a staff.  

This is just my opinion.

But if the DM was like, "you are all escaped prisoners, look around the room and arm yourselves" it could slide I guess.

The big factor between improvised weapons (sharpened spoon, thick table leg,etc) and being able to improvise an implement is that implements are not required to make implement keyword attacks (unless it specifically requires a certain type).  Generally a unarned wizard > unarmed rogue since wizard still has the full power set of abilites at his disposal. 
Well, to be fair, "weapons" are not required to make weapon keyword attacks either.  You can simply punch or kick or whatever.  However, "Unarmed attack" is techically considered an improvised weapon.  So any power with the weapon keyword can be done ... WITH YOUR FISTS!!!

Unarmed attack
Improvised one-handed melee weapon
Cost: — gp Damage: 1d4 Weight: — lb. Group: Unarmed

(When you punch, kick, elbow, knee, or even head butt an opponent, you’re making an unarmed strike. A simple unarmed attack is treated as an improvised weapon. Creatures that have natural weapons such as claws or bite attacks are proficient with those natural weapons.).

OD&D, 1E and 2E challenged the player. 3E challenged the character, not the player. Now 4E takes it a step further by challenging a GROUP OF PLAYERS to work together as a TEAM. That's why I love 4E.

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"Challenge" is overrated.  "Immersion" is usually just a more pretentious way of saying "having fun playing D&D."

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Except for some sneaky, backstabby types whose class attack powers can only be used with light blades and handcrossbows.

True they can make melee basic attacks but forcing them to do that is a super class killing nerf by the DM. 
The sea looks at the stabillity of the mountian and sighs. The mountian watches the freedom of the sea and cries.
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