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If I keep a portable hole in a belt pouch, can I store more things in it that what a regular pouch would?
If I keep a portable hole in a belt pouch, can I store more things in it that what a regular pouch would?

Only if you had a "True Portable hole" (which is different from a PHB p.254 portable hole). And even then you would have to remove the Portable Hole from the pouch (and lay it out) to retrieve things from it.

... unless maybe you're storing it in a 3.5 bag of holding ;) 
WTH is a true portable hole (I just have the phb one)? 
So the Portable Hole in the PHB is literally just a hole that you can use to get through walls and things.  It has no capacity for storing items (like the Portable Hole in prior editions of D&D).  If you actually tried to line the inside surface of your belt pouch with it, then anything you put in your pouch would just fall out, as the bottom of the pouch is now a hole.

The True Portable Hole was added in the book Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium, and it has the great storage capacity that the prior edition portable hole was known for, but as a trade off it only does that, and doesn't let you make new doorways.  Luckily, its less expensive as its only a level 15 item

True Portable Hole

True Portable HoleLevel 15 Uncommon

This slip of black cloth lets you safely store items in a hidden space when you unfold it.

Wondrous Item        25,000 gp


A true portable hole weighs 1 pound and is 6 inches in diameter in its closed state. It can be enlarged to 6 feet in diameter or shrunk to its smaller size by folding it as one folds a sheet of cloth. When spread upon any surface, a true portable hole transforms into the mouth of an extradimensional space 10 feet deep, into which items can be placed for storage. When the hole is picked up from the surface, the entrance disappears and anything inside the space remains there. The hole cannot be closed if any creatures are within it.
    The items that can be placed within the portable hole are limited only by volume—up to a maximum of 6 feet by 6 feet by 10 feet—not by weight.

Not useful for retreiving items in mid-combat, but great for carrying out big piles of treasure, or large objects.

In 4e, there is no rule preventing putting a portable hole in bag of holding or vice versa as there was in prior editions, but many groups may still play that as a house rule.
Neat! Thanks!
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