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So I know there are rules for playing Conquerer in the Explorer's Handbook... but those are using skill checks in-game. Has anyone tried to design the game of Conquerer using real-world rules? I've been thinking of doing this myself since one of my players is really interested in it, but I don't really know what I'd do. Anyone have suggestions?
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I've always saw Conquerer as Eberron's version of Chess. I'd start there.

Perhaps a variation on chess where you start your pieces in a corner, instead of along a side?

Change the way certain pieces move, or remove some from the game?

Change the win condition? Perhaps you win when you get your King to the other side of the board ("conquering" it), rather than defeating your opponent's King.
Planes Wanderer
The Five Nations book calls it a chess-like board game, so that would be the place to start. You could just use the rules for chess with the pieces changed to be more in line with a fantasy world, or you could use any one of the many variant forms of chess. You could use Japanese Shogi, Chinese Xiangqi, or one of the 3 or 4 player variants. You could also look into the rules for Star Wars Holochess or Star Trek's 3D chess, as I'm sure fans have made rules for those as well. I think making it a table top miniatures game would be a fairly amusing option as well, but only if your table could handle the self-referential humor. 
You could also re-skin Jetan, the Barsoomian 'chess' game from ERB's John Carter of Mars.
If you're at all familiar with it, you could play it like the popular UK game Mornington Crescent.

Alternatively you could play it like the more widely known but less tactically intricate game "Risk" but based on regions of Khorvaire. 
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