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Todays random card is...

Dance of Many

This card is really cool.  It's a 2 mana clone.  Sure you have to continue to pay 2 mana but I still think that's one heck of a deal.

Also I dig the art even if I have no idea what those things are.

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I remember Dance of Many!  What a great card it was.

Even now, kitchen table decks, and perhaps Commander decks, can use it to advantage.

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With Opalescence it can copy itself! and the token can copy the original... etc.

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I love this card.  It got a slot in a deck I built the day before yesterday (which was all about cloning)

As for the Opalescence trick... Better have Mass hysteria or a similar in play.

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I find the design of the card very unappealing. I'd like a lot more if it was just a Clone with an upkeep cost, similar to Phantasmal Image.
dance of many is solid, more so with all the ETB/LTB effects on creatures now days and populate. for a 2 mana cost there is allot of fun to be had.

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