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So I have been away from magic since around the Alliance series and I see there have been A LOT of changes since then.  I have been looking at cards online, doing research and such and I have a fun, simple deck idea that keeps coming into my mind.  A mostly artifact deck with low/no casting costs.  There are several artifact creatures with 0 casting cost: ornithopter, hornet, memnite, phyrexian walker and I am sure there are otheres.  I have also seen cards, and I forget the name of it that each turn will add a +1/+1 counter to all artifact creatures.  I think a guy could build a simple deck with lots of cheap/free creatures that get stronger each turn.  Would this be practical? 
Your base idea could work, as you can thinnk of it like a weeniew swarm style deck.

You could also very easily turn it into a combo deck. Just add Glimpse of Nature and either use a Storm card kill condition like Grapeshot or Tendrils of Agony or something that gives them all haste and a power boost. 
My Trade Thread Control capabilities are in all the colors. The difference is in the way they say no.
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