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Hey, lately i have been creating some new gear to help out the players in tricky situations. I also have been playing with items for the fun of it and put my own spin on my world. Your welcome to try any of the items i post here, and also post your own if you want to share them.

Weapon Harness - For characters who carry lots and lots of different weapons for varoius reasons. The harness straps onto the adventuring pack of the players, weighing only the same as the contents of the bag, no matter know many weapons you store in it. The weapon harness can easily hold 10 weapons, unless you have something like a Fullblade in it. Feel free to change this as needed. Lets say your fighter is a Hammer user. They can easily pack two differnt War Hammers and lots of throwing hammers. I tentaivly priced this harness at 1000 GP.  

Amber-Burst Staff

A wonderful oak staff that glows slightly with 4 amber crystals. Its power can amplfy you spells.

Weapon or implement usage Lv 1 (all levels and bonus')

Critical: 1d6 per plus

Properties: 1/encounter, 4/day. Minor action- Spend the power in one of the crystals on the staff. Turn one of your single target spells into a area burst or close burst attack. These charges restore after an extended rest.   

Upgradeable- at the apporate levels, you can use Craft Magic Item ritual to turn this staff from its current level to your level. subtractthe current level cost from the new level and spend the remaining GP to do this.

The purpose of this staf is to allow Warlocks and simlar non-controller spell casters to take the role of a controller in terms of taking out lots of small enemies. Not having a controller can cripple a party, so maybe this will help. Price it based on the magic item table in the player handbook.     

I'll post more later. 
Is the weapon harness magical? Like a bag of holding or something? If not I don't understand ho you can hang ten weapons off of it but have it weigh no more than a regular backpack full of gear. It would add the weight of each weapon to the pack making it extremely heavy and cumbersome to carry. Not to mention most likely giving penalties to stealth if the weapons are not secured properly for silence, and acrobatics.


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

The harness can is magical, but it works like this. The pack is in the cener of the harness. Weapons go through the straps on the harness, but are held off from the actaully frame of the harness by the pack. The pack is used as a support cusion for the weapons, allowing you normal movement. Think of it like a backpack used for hiking, it allows to carry lots of gear onthe frame.. The wieght issue is solved by the magic. I had this made and then enchanted by a group of leather workers, one mintaur and one elf.

Besides, where do hereoes carry their sheaf of javelins anyways?  
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