[4E] Looking for stats for the Drow Clerics snake headed whip

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can anyone tell me, why i can't find any stats for the snake headed whip (scourge of fangs) for 4E? Did they left this weapon out in this edition? Would be a shame if those "nice" female drow clerics got their toy taken away.
The most obvious answer is that if you're thinking of a weapon that only NPCs will use, you can make up an attack using the monster creation rules.  Or just reflavor one of the attack entries for the Drow in the MM.

If you want it to be a weapon that PCs find as part of a treasure/post fight, just have them find it.  It shouldn't be too hard to translate a magic item into 4E. 

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1) Start with a whip (from the Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium book), a triple-headed flail, or a scourge (both from Adventurer's Vault).

2) Give it an appropriate enchantment. I suggest Spiderkissed Weapon (from Dragon 367).

3) Profit.

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If you have access to LFR adventures I can say we just fought Eclavadra who was using one of those. The adventure is Epic 3-3 and is called "The Tangled Skein of Destiny". You want to look near the back of the adventure in the encounter at the Black Gate.
now i want to quest for that whip!

and kill drow clerics.  
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