Could a black and red tokens deck work?

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Was just looking through some of the new M14 cards and wondering if a black and red tokens could be competitive in standard.  Some of the cards I was thinking of building around are Liliana's Reaver, young pyromancer, molten birth, vile rebirth, and then red removal spells like dreadbore, shock, etc. to get the pyromancer going.  

I wasn't sure if tokens alone would be enough so was considering adding a sac outlet (blood bairn or desecration demon) to use with skirsdag high priest, at least until he rotates out.  Any suggestions for cards that would fit the token theme?  Or at the least that would give me a good engine for the priest?
Why a B/R token deck?  It doesn't feel like it would do much of use.  In general, green and white are the colors that focus on tokens, and without at least one of those colors, it seems pointless to use tokens when you have much better options in black and red.
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