Dragons!... help speed this deck up please!

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ok.. I dont expect to win any tournaments with this deck, but i would like to try!
Ill list the dragons I own and hopefully you guys can give me some input. Im at a loss..
I want it to stay standard legal after sept.. so all m14 and rtr block only please..

I own:
2x scourge of valkas
4x dragon egg
4x dragon hatchling
1x niv-mizzet, dracogenius
4x hypersonic dragon
3x utvara hellkite
2x hellkite tyrant
1x shivan dragon

I also plan to use :
4x warden of evos isle

and I have 4 dragonshift if i want to put in some smaller creatures and turn them into dragons at some point..
I would like the deck to get out some dragons, then hit them with the scourge of valkas and   utvara hellkite for some tokens..

my mana curve is terrible and I have no steam vents


focus on counterspells early game maybe? try and control the board while building mana?
drawing cards? i have 4x quicken 
or shock to try and keep thier creatures killed off while building my dragon army?
any other ideas? 
I'd leave out Dragonshift personally.  It won't do much good if your focus is on creatures bigger than what they'd turn into.  Quicken feels wrong here too, as does Dragon Egg.

As far as stalling goes, blue offers a number of options.  Cyclonic Rift is a nice, cheap spell that can be overloaded later in the game.  Mizzium Mortars is good for the same reason.  Spell Rupture might be a good counterspell for this deck, considering the big creatures you're playing, although it takes a bit of fussing to make it work.

Actually, you might try getting rid of blue in favor of green.   Cards like Elvish Mystic and Verdant Haven allow mana-ramping, getting your big creatures out sooner.  You might also try all three colors to get the best of both worlds, but to do that, you'd NEED the dual lands.  And possibly Chromatic Lantern.
red/green may be good.. I suppose I should take some of these dragons out as well, swap in a few smaller dudes.
RG with Burning Tree Emissary, Zhur Ta Ancient, Ogre Battle Driver makes your dragons scary if only you can get an additional battle phase
Play RUG! control the board with blue, ramp with green and smash face with red. obviously that explination is a little rudamentary but, you get the idea.