Sliver Deck, I need some advice for this deck.

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Hey guys, this is my sliver deck so far.

Now, I have all of these cards that I think would be good.

[DECK]4x Naturalize
4x Plummet
4x Thunder Strike
3x Windstorm
2x Giant Growth
3x Chandra's Outrage
2x Flames of the Firebrand
2x Volcanic Geyser[/DECK]

I am open to suggestions of what to add, I am on a budget and I dont want to spend to much more, I made the deck with all the cards I got out of a booster box and a fat pack.

That being said, is there anything cheap that I could add, in terms of slivers or instants. Do I need more removal? Any cards from other standard legal sets i should use?

I would appreciate any help as I want to take this to a local shops standard gameday to have some fun.


Maybe it's just me, but if I were to make a sliver deck, I'd leave out white in favor of green and red.  And definitely add Thorncaster Sliver.  Also, Shiv's Embrace doesn't feel quite right here.
The problem with sliver decks is that a board wipe means you lose. You might want to invest in some Boros Charms or Mending Touch so you can avoid them.

If I were going to go slivers, I would probably go blue and green. With cards like Abundant Growth and the Manaweft slivers you can effectively use all sliver colors without having to put much, if any, of their necessary mana into your deck. You also get the awesome Galerider Sliver, and you can use counterspells to avoid things like Terminus.
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