[Bakersfield, CA] 8-10-13 Grand Prix Trial Oakland

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Magic Grand Prix Trial - for Oakland - at the Clarion Hotel Bakersfield, CA
Great practice for Grand Prix Trial Oakland - running as same format!!
Saturday August 10th

Registration - 9:00am Start Time 10:00am

Entry fee - $25.00 Swiss Format - Sealed Deck M14 x6 booster M14
Cut to Top 8 Draft M14

There will be a deck swap for the sealed event if you do not know whatthis is please inquire before participating

Rounds Dependent on entries - Cut to Top 8 Draft
Prizes - 1st place 2 Round Bye Grand Prix Oakland

Total prize pool is based on number of entrants x2 booster packsSpecific prize pool determined once entries are calculated. Top 8 minimum will receive prizes

For More Info CLICK HERE