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Hi, i am working on a campaign setting to house the flying ships i want to have in my campaign.

heres what i have so far:

the shattered lands:

The shattered lands are the result of a massive cataclysm.
nothing is known about the cataclysm or the time before it and as far as the locals are concearned
this is the way it has always been.
The land is broken up into various landmasses which float magically in the air inside of what ammounts
to a massive bowl of rock.


as you can see i could use some help naming things...



the shattered lands were created in a massive discharge of magical energy, and as a result magic
is unpredictable in this place.
wild and dead magic areas appear on the land and disappear seemingly at random. the problem is tied to
the land masses and does not affect ships and their crew in the void.
it also seems to get worse as one travels inland and towards any significant mountain range.

all arcane magic has a % chance of failing depending on location.



travel between the land masses occurs mostly via sky ships or teleportation.
both options are expensive and have their risks.



most areas depend on mainly agriculture but the 2 sky ports are home to a sort of whaling industry;
sky ships sail the void hunting species A which aside from food also yields product B which is instrumental
in creating products A, B and C.
the dwarves mine miniral X which is instrumental in the production of product C which is instrumental
in the construction of sky ships.


thats it for the moment.

any feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc. would be welcome.
like i said i especially could use some help naming things.


check out the Homebrew Campaign Setting i'm working on, my customised character sheet for the final package, and a numbered index for all the bestiaries.

I'd suggest you leafe through one of the monster manuals or the compendium, there are a bunch of flying monsters in there of various levels which you could use to with minor modifications (if any) to create a sort of air-borne ecosystem. Stirges, spiretop drakes, bats and the like could comprise the lower level of the food chain, with larger and more deadly creatures filling out the top (coatls, wyverns etc.).

Most of these creatures have a distinctive enough anatomy that creating unique products from them shouldn't be a problem. For instance, the feathers from a coatl could be sewn together to make sales or a wyverns venom might be one of the base ingredients for fuel, while the bones of a drake would be light weight but strong enough to be ideal material for the contruction of the ships, with better ships having a higher percentage of drake bone. You can recycle this for all of the other parts of a "boat", the sales of the "duke's" boat might be made from coatl feathers, less expensive models could use wyvern wing membrane, and the rigging of a cheaper ship could be composed of mundane plants, and that of a great war ship could be made from the fibers of a rare plant which floats in the centre of the bowl.
You could even use this as part of the motivation for your PCs, they might start off with a small relatively flimsy boat with little to no unique comoenents (it would be mostly ocmposed of mundane wood) and they could go hunting to improve their vehicle or at the request of their patron. 

If there are any areas in particular that you want a unique or orginal name for, I'd suggest posting those specifically instead of a map where everything needs to be named. However, if I were you I wouldn't worry too much about everything having an intimidating or arcane name. Looking at history, places where generally named with a mix of adjectives and nouns, such as the black forest, the great wall of china etc. Use a similar technique or your map, it'll save you a lot of time. For instance, those two large lakes could be referred to collectively as "The Eyes of Fiorina", with one being the "Upper eye" and the other the "lower eye". Similarily a particularly dense wood might have a name like "gloom hollow".

You could also play arond with the different languages. There are a bunch of fantasy trnaslators on the web, take for instance, the elvish word for gloom and forest is "vcees ameew" respectively ( play iwth that to get Vee-Amw which could be a humanized word for one of the forests.

efor the monster i intend to to exactly that, only i will change it around a bit for flavor etc.
i might even make flying versions of land creatures. maybe even land creatures based on sea creatures,
like a flying bulette :P
i will check out the monsters you mentioned.
and you are right that what i need there is more then a monster, but a small ecosystem.

as for names, i will be looking at as many different sources as i can, just to get the kind of veriety
you get from things being named by different people at different times.
so any and all suggesting of anything are welcome.
i myself tend to steal a lot of names.
for instance: Fellcrust, Furboot are mutations of Fallcrest from Nenthir vale, Burrfoot from the kender from Dragonlance
and of course Blingdenstone (already funy without warping it :P) from the drizzt series.
Tikal and Pikal are actually TIKAL and PIKAL from Sasha Shulgin. a set of books about psychoactive
substances. (Triptamines I Know And Love and Penethlamines I Know And Love)

i like your suggestion of 'the eyes of Fiorina', though more as the meaning of a fancy sounding word
then used in english.
i will play with language a bit there i think.

check out the Homebrew Campaign Setting i'm working on, my customised character sheet for the final package, and a numbered index for all the bestiaries.

Spelljammer .org had deckplans for their flying ships and some flying monsters like Scavvers, a sort of flying shark.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

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