Can you power swap a Battlemind >1 level at-will via Novice Power?

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Is there anyway to Power Swap for Intellect Snap or other such Battlemind at-wills is what I'm asking basically.
No because Novice Power doesn't let you swap at-will powers, only encounter powers. 

PHB 209 Novice Power: You can swap one encounter attack power you know for one encounter attack power of the same level or lower from the class you multiclassed into.

Yes you can.  The feat is not novice power though.  It is Psionic Dabbler(PHB3 pg 194).  You gain the PP to use it at full power and you can only use it once per encounter.  Conversely, there is a feat where you can give up an at will, and power points, to gain an encounter.  It is listed on the same page.
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