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My friend and I have been playing D&D for a few months now and we are looking for some more people to play a game with. I taught myself by listening to the various official and unofficial podcasts out there and reading the books and then hooked my friend into trying and now we are running a two man game with me as the DM over skype and While fun, it gets kind of tough not having other people to play off of and I myself am looking to get to play from the PC side of the game for a change. We only know 4e so the game would have to be that, but otherwise we are open to any kind of story or setting. We are both mature and like to take the RP side of it seriously, but are open to a laid back less serious game if that's what you want to host.

I'm in Atlantic Time, New Brunswick Canada, and he is central time, Texas USA. I'm open any day of the week except Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays until after 8pm my time, and any time of the day is fine on the others. He is open to any time of the week but would prefer it to be after 6pm-7pm his time.

So if you are a DM looking for two more for a game let me know. As a last resort I will DM if we can find a couple more people to join in, but I would much rather get to play as a PC for a change and will take a DM first and foremost. Best way to get a hold of me is to message on skype, username crusader8463, or post in here.

What age are you aiming at?
I was able to find a group so this thread can be locked or whatever. Sorry Fuzzy.
Its cool.
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