Dungeon Master Cheat Sheet

Thanks Alan, this is really handy!
Weapon properties, at least which ones are finnesse and heavy.
@Kyrlon - I removed them specifically

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Best Basic OSR Clone, SimpleDnD

Yeah I wouldn't mind the weapon properties.  Some of the more active (as opposed to passive always-on) type combat feats and class abilities might be useful as well.
I don't miss them, but if you want to put the weapon properties in, you could shorten bludgeoning to b, piercing to p and slashing to s.
Grapple and Knock down should both be STR v STR/DEX (defender's choice).

Ready can be used for any sort of trigger, such as "the wizard touches his nose." Doesn't have to be an attack.

Also, take a look at this DM screen; it has 4 pages instead of 1, but covers a lot more ground:
THIS is great!  Thanks for the cheat sheet!!

D&D Home Page - What Monster Are You? - D&D Compendium

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