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I have a player that is going to be a halfling and the parties only leader. The party is level 7 and consists of:

Human blaster wizard
Dragonborn dragon sorcerer
Dwarf sword and board fighter
Longtooth spiked chain ranger.

Only other requirement is that have to be relatively easy to play (minimal interrupts)

My first thought was skald.

Any other ideas?
Biggest question is how familiar with 4e is the player?
They are pretty familiar with heroic tier, but no one in the party, including myself, are experts.
Valor Bard seems a good choice.
Not answering your question, but: Any chance of convincing the dwarf's player to switch to a hammer and board build? Far, far better for a dwarf in the long run.
I think the more important thing would be to ask the player what kind of halfling he'd like to play and match the class to that. You could build almost any leader to be easy and straightforward, except perhaps for a runepriest or maybe prescient bard.

A class like warlord is known for its interrupts, but has a deep enough power selection that you could make one without them. The templar builds are also pretty straightforward if you're also looking for something easy to build.
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