3.5 Need some feedback on the properties of a weapon made from a red dragons tooth

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Ok so I'm in a debate with my Dm that my dragoncraft greatsword is unable to be destoryed by lava (I myself am immune because I am pyrocaustic half dragon). I stated that a red dragons teeth don't melt out of it's mouth when it enters lava so why should my sword?
And I know the dms word is reality, but I still apappreciate some feedback, also I'm playing a pyrocaustic half dragon so I myself am immune to all fire based damage
I don't recall the immunity being specifically stated for dragoncraft weapons (thought the Draconomicon does note that dragonhide armour is immune to the appropriate damage type); I would have simply assumed it, unless dead red dragons normally melt in lava in your DM's campaign.

I guess there could be some parts of the weapon that weren't made out of dragon bits (like leather binding on the handle, inlaid gemstones, metal pins securing the tang of the blade to the hilt, and so on), but that would depend on the exact workmanship.  For some weapons, destroying those could be enough to effectively destroy it as a functional weapon even if the dragon bits remained unharmed (so you might have just the sword blade left).

What was your DM's reasoning?

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