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hey all im looking for some help with magic item ideas. basically i have unlimited funds due to my DM letting me get a monopoly on magical item creation in his world, and i can craft any custom item i want as long as its via the crafting rules. any source is kosher, including epic handbook, just no psionics. technically we play pathfinder ruleset but all 3.5 is useable, and since were all level 21+ pathfinder doesnt really have content for that yet.

  a little backround, the DM often lets us get too strong/gives us too much so he starts pulling things out of his ass... +40 to enemy resists, immune to all spell effects, always crits, ect...  so me and my roommate act as the ppl who face those encounters since most of the rest of the party is not of the min/max play style. hes a 22 lvl multiclass archer im a 21 lvl cleric 1 lvl story fluff class, and we have pretty much all the standard equipment we can get... at this point we just keep adding on ioun stones for temp hitpoints. so the question is, what are some good ideas for custom / estoteric magic items? ive gone through alot of the content but im sure im missing all sorts of cool ****, and theres plenty of interesting mixes for effective magical items. also since this is PF ruleset i can just increase the DC to cover for spells i dont have, so anythings on the table....aside from that i cant craft golems since thats a lost art in this world, and wish is a lost spell.. so anything else =P
I have very little familiarity with Pathfinder, so I'll only address 3.5 material.  

Here are some preexisting items that come to mind when you say "unlimited funds:"

  • You can add the blindsighted ability (Underdark, p68) to a weapon to gain blindsight out to 30 feet when you hold it.  Putting it on a gauntlet you wear should count as holding it all the time.  

  • A Hathran mask of true seeing (Unapproachable East, p57) would be handy, even though you can already cast the spell.  

  • You could wear a ring of solar wings (Book of Exalted Deeds, p115) for a 150-foot fly speed and a pectoral of maneuverability (Draconomicon, p83) to increase your maneuverability to perfect.  

  • There's the good old gemstone of heavy fortification (Draconomicon, p83) to get immunity to crits and such without a slot.  

  • A ring of death ward (Dragon 342, p68) or soulfire armor (Book of Exalted Deeds, p112) gets you immunity to death effects.  

  • Proof against transmutation (Complete Arcane, p142) armor for immunity to form-altering effects.  

  • A starmantle cloak (Book of Exalted Deeds, p116) gives you a ref save for half damage against weapon attacks.  

  • You've already got freedom of movement and mind blank, right?  

  • You may as well have a ring of universal energy immunity.  

If you can get items that continuously duplicate any spell you like, that's a lot of options.  

Delay death (Spell Compendium, p63) prevents you from dying no matter how negative your hit points go.  Stone body (Spell Compendium, p207) gives you the ability to be healed to full HP by a transmute mud to rock spell.  It also gives you some nice immunities.  If you can sweet-talk your DM into an item that automatically casts transmute mud to rock on you at the start of your turn, you wouldn't have to worry much about damage.  It'd be better still if it cast the spell whenever your HP dropped below 1 or, really pushing your luck, every time you take damage.  

You can round out your immunities with favor of the martyr (Spell Compendium, p89), death ward, and sheltered vitality (Spell Compendium, p188).  Favor of the martyr looks like a promising combination with delay death, but what it says it does is keep you conscious from -1 to -9 HP, so it doesn't work at the arbitrarily negative hit points allowed by delay death by RAW. 
sweet thx, some nice stuff there. especially the gemstone of heavy fortification, the dm likes using the critnomicon.. all sorts of instant death crits in there. the starmantle cloak... im almost going to feel cheap with that on >=D. and the delay death spell is going to be rather over powered due to some house rules and items i have.
 theres so much stuff in the 3.5 content keeping track of it all is pretty much impossible (at least with my memory) so it's always fun to get input with ppls ideas
that and ive gotten somewhat lazy because im using herolab for tracking everything.. so i keep forgetting content that isnt in there >.<
Just note with the gemstone of fortification that implanting it on someone who isn't a true dragon requires (at least) a limited wish; I don't know if that's a lost bit of magic for you like the full wish spell.  I've had one myself on one of my more freakish characters.

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