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I read the book. Have the stuff. I'd like to see some people playing the game though, to really see some execution of dming a game of Gamma World. Anyone got a good video? I searched youtube for a couple minutes, but didn't come up with anything. 

 I want a system where players don't have to pick between mechanics and roleplaying. I hope 5E fails asap so a better system can be made asap.

I can't believe what they did to the forums and website. The sterile lack of color is rather depressing and navigation is hard.

I can be contacted here.



My friends and I used to do a pod cast (This Quest Sucks).  I ran a Gamma World game set in an American 50s-era, Gamma Terra setting. The game ended and I stopped posting pod casts, but maybe I can send you something if you want.  Send me a message.

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