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Hi folks,

My DM told me that for a summon that has the "weapon" keyword (like the Animate Arbalester for the Artificer), it uses the attack bonnus of the weapon thrown and not my own attack bonus.

I was wondering if anyone here could clarify this, cause I do not think it is true for 1 simple reason : if this is true, it means that all "weapon" summons need twice the ressources to be used efficiently since the summoner needs 2 (or more) enchanted weapon of his level to be efficient as for the "implement" summons need only 1 weapon (1 implement) to be good.

Any thought about that dear community? 
From what I can find, there are only two summoning powers with the Weapon keyword, Animate Arbalester (crossbow) and Dancing Weapon (any melee).

  The "attack bonus" will always be your own.  The question really is which "enhancement bonus" applies to the attack bonus?  Is it the enhancement of the weapon thrown to become the summon, or the enhancement bonus of the weapon you are holding after it is summoned?
  The powers unfortunately don't state one way or the other, but they probably should.  It seems the RAI is that the enhancement bonus of the weapon thrown when using the power is the one that applies to its attacks (which is how your DM reads it), and any applicable feats you have for weapon attacks would also apply; however, nothing in the power explicitly says that.

  What the power does say is that there is Requirement: you are holding a {Required weapon type}  and you throw a weapon of the required type which becomes the summon.  They don't have to be the same one.

So you seem to have two options:
1)  Throw the weapon which will become the summon.  This means you may have to use another weapon or implement for your other powers, so you should plan accordingly.
2) Hold two weapons of the required type, and throw one of them to be come the summon, but you get to use the enhancement bonuses of the other which you keep holding.  This appears to work by RAW but seems a bit wonky.

(made some minor edits)
RAW Summons keep using whichever Weapon or Implement you were holding when you Summoned them. Because it ties into the Accessory keyword which specifies "use" and you only do that during the initial cast.

It does seem kind of odd that if the Implement were destroyed you'd still get the Enhancement bonus for the summon, but summons in general were not well thought out.
Well for both of the two powers in question, the weapon which you throw (and animate, as a summon....) the weapon returns to hand when it reaches 0 hp, so in neither case is the weapon being destroyed. 
  What's ambiguous in the wording of the power is whether or not the weapon you throw to be animated has to be the same weapon which you are using to meet the keyword of the power and which then applies to the damage, bonuses, etc.

  As written, Animate Arbalester appears to allow a character that is holding a +3 Mindiron Superior Crossbow and a mundane Hand Crossbow to toss the hand crossbow to be animated, but base all the damage and attack rolls of the power upon the +3 Superior Crossbow, and also continue using the superior crossbow for other attacks.
No, no, that was an example of how it didn't matter what happened to the Accessory after you used the power. Becuse of the way the Accessory keyword works.
This is particularly unfortunate for Wizards, who would like to Summon via a Tome and then attack with something else in most cases, but whatever Accessory you use to summon the Summon is the one it uses for attack/damage/properties, because only the initial use of a power counts as "using" it and the Accessory keyword is tied into "using" a power.
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